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Computer Graphics Artists

Abbado, Adriano

Displays digital artwork creations of the artist Adriano Abbado.

Anderson, Lydell

3D artist features its creations of digital videos, 3D logos, and animations.

Astral Visuals

Astral Visuals, a software company presents its gallery of various visual effects.

Baldwin, Cliff

Features the artist’s new projects, sculptures, and curriculum vitae.

Barath, Judith

Array of digital art, oil paintings, flower art, and photography by Judith Barath are being displayed.

Barnett, Don

Offers illustrations by Don Barnett along with service details.

Barnhart, David

Displays artwork images of UFOs, space, universe, and planets by David Barnhart.

Beam, Jason

Features dark and gothic digital artwork creations by the so-called dark artist Jason Beam.

Becker, Scott

Features internet designs, illustrations, animations, and audio productions by multimedia artist Scott Becker.

Bernstein, Stacey

Displays digital galleries and internet projects along with resume of Stacey Bernstein.

Berti, Patricia Bartoli

Presents artist’s biography along with her gallery of digital art and computer graphics.

Betancourt, Michael

Offers artworks, current projects, and publications by Michael Betancourt.

Bohbot, Liliane

Liliane Bohbot’s portfolio of mixed-media, web designs, and graphic designs.

Braam, Hein

Gallery of the Hein Braam’s various graphic artworks.

Cannon, Gerald

Displays print and mixed-media creations along with works in progress.

Casselman, Fred

Earth Echo Galleries features collection of twelve diverse galleries by Fred Casselman.

Cherry, Dave

Offers samples 3D graphics, flash animations, and artworks by Dave Cherry.

Cole, David

David Cole’s gallery of photo manipulations in natural art media styles and digital paintings.

Creative Creatures

Offers limited edition digital fine art and prints. Also includes ordering information.

Daigrepont-Croft, Evelyn

Angel Art presents artist information and gallery of artworks of angels.

Daugherty, James Stanley

Features photo manipulations and digital arts by photographer and digital artist James Stanley Daugherty.

Dinsmore, Claire

Galleries and libraries of digital artwork creations by Claire Dinsmore.

Dose, Frances

Showcases art gallery of the artist, animator, illustrator, and coder Frances Dose.

Draves, Scott

Overview of digital art and photo manipulations by the artist along with exhibition highlights.

Dry, Tim

Features digital art and montage with artist’s biography.

Ferry, Scott

Portfolio of drawings, digital art, and writing by Scott Ferry.

Fioto, Fred

Compilation of digital photography, designs, and arts.

Fossil Design

Features graphics and web designs for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Foxanne Media

Provides details about the company current events, portfolio, and latest developments.

Frayed Logic Studios

Offers art gallery of pencils and inks, colors, alternative style, and comic sequentials plus details on upcoming and future projects.

Freer, Ursula

Displays nature, space journey, fantasy and dreams, geometrics, cityscapes, and abstract digital art.

Geist, Philipp

Gallery of video, painting, and photo creations by Philipp Geist with his biography provided.

Gooden, Patricia Dawson

Gallery of computer manipulated photography and arts.

Grannell, Craig

Snub Communications provides details on its web design and copywriting services along with recent activities.

Guhl, Beverly

Presents Beverly Guhl’s collection of photos, designs, and books.

Gurol, Suna

Selection of photography, digital art, and writings by Suna Gurol.

Hamlyn, Tom

Displays computer graphics, illustrations, art directions.

Hecker, Rob

Presents project samples and details on specific services he offers.

Holzman, Melanie

Features Melanie Holzman’s experiments in web art and personal profile.

Hyner, Matthew

Metagraphical Imaging presents 2D and 3D computer generated artworks.

Interactive Arts

Introduction to Troy Abbott and Enrique Gomez De Molina's design aesthetics of fantasy, and human and computer relationships.

Jacobs, Howard

Displays digital photographic artworks by Howard Jacobs.

Janee’s Gallery

Collections of fine art, photos and manipulations, and graphic art.

Johnston, Marius

Displays photo manipulations, scanner compositions, artworks, and overview of Marius Johnston’s works.

Jossa, Yuri

Features selections of digital photographs.

Koert van Mensvoort

Features the arist’s works, lateset creations, and personal information.

Kuik, Ted

Collection of music, watercolors, and computer artworks.

Kunstler, Massimo

Online portfolio of prints, movies, designs, and music by Massimo Kunstler featured through mksite Multimedia Solutions.

Landry, Matthew

Portfolio of web, multimedia, print, photography, video, and animation by Matthew Landry.

Lejeune, Lori

Studio Lejeune features digital art and interactive projects by Lori Lejeune.

Long, Daniel

Displays recent works of Daniel long with personal information also provided.

McMenemy, Sean

Presents motion graphics and 3D designs with contact information.

Means, Ken

Alien Art presents gallery of designs, digital photography, and fine art prints.

Mungur, Linesh

Offers wallpapers and winamp skins, flash animations, and source files.

Nalven, Joseph

Digital artist exhibits his gallery of digital fine art.

Neff, James

Displays sample images of digital artworks by James Neff.

Nendza, Robert

Provides images of original art along with information about the art and the artist.

Newman, Ziesche

Contains works of surrealisms and photography, projects, and artist’s resume.

Niedermeier, Georg

Displays 2D and 3D art creations.

Nishimura, Masayo

Features the 3D animation “Dream” with full details about the animation from creation to presentation.

Nunez, Alfredo Consalez

Displays gallery of digital photography by Alfredo Consalez Nunez.

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