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Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV Programs

  • A Universe of Science Fiction

    Source for information on various TV programs. Concentrates mainly on science fiction shows, but also provides data on cartoons, comics, gaming and the paranormal.

  • Ancient Aliens

    Series that explores alien encounters, ancient alien theory, and evidence of ancient aliens in literature and the Bible.

  • Caprica

    Futurist show follows two families as they clash in the burgeoning technology of artificial intelligence and robotics.

  • Deep South Paranormal

    Southern voodoo legends, haunted plantation houses, and swamp apparitions are investigated by this bayou-based team. syfy

  • Defiance

    Series and game is hosted on the SyFy Channel. The earth has changed and so have the rules in this place called Defiance. DefianceWorld

  • Game of Thrones

    HBO series created from the epic fantasy novels of George R. R. Martin. Find episode guides, videos, and photos.

  • Holly Lynn’s Hercules and Xena Playground

    Archive of “Hercules: the Legendary Journeys” home-made music videos. Also contains links to “Xena: Warrior Princess” resource pages.

  • Kryptonsite

    Source for Smallville news and information. Includes episode guides, interviews, spoilers, rumors, and forums.

  • Kyle XY

    Official site of ABC original series about a teenager with peculiarities: the absence of memories of his childhood and the lack of a belly button.

  • Madmarty in the Scifi Zone

    Presents pictures, games, downloads and other related details.

  • The Realm

    Home of Ally's Realm of Star Wars and Pitch Black, Pesky Garden Gnome's Home, Pitch Black Fan Fiction Archive and lyrics page.

  • Science Fiction TV Program Listings

    Program listings of the different science fiction programs to be found on television. Provides a channel-by-channel guide, streaming video, a sci-fi forum, and links to resources of Highlander and Babylon 5.

  • The Sci-fi Domain

    Presents forums, award, donation and related links.

  • Sci-fi HQ

    Shows database of information on Star Trek, Stargate SG-1, Andromeda and Star Wars.

  • The Scifi World

    Collection of science fiction resources, including images, interviews, wallpapers, avatars, and forum.


    Source for directory, episode guides and poll results.


    Provides television listing for science fiction programming.

  • Starman Home Page

    Archive of screen captures and stills taken from a variety of science fiction programs on television.


    Official program site presents news, cast profiles, episode guides, interviews, and other information.

  • Svengoolie

    Currently airing on ME-TV, originally broadcast in Chicagoland during the 1970s, Svengoolie is the frightful-looking host of science fiction and horror movies, and heightens the experience with bad jokes, parodies and commentaries.


    Official site of the former SciFi channel furnishes program schedule, shows, movies, apps, games, and forums.

  • Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide: Television

    Features information on a variety of international sci-fi and fantasy television shows. Includes alphabetical and chronological listings.

  • USA Today: Sci-fi's TV Future is Looking Bright

    Reviews 2004 shows and miniseries, with upcoming projects and popularity of the genre.

  • WHOlanta Convention

    Details of an annual Doctor Who event held in US.

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