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Stage Lighting and Electrics Designers

Alistair Grant

UK-based lighting designer presents biography, portfolio, and contact information.

Andrew J. Hungerford

Contains overview on this lightning designer, writer, and performer.

Blue Hill Design

Provides lighting design and production services for special events, corporate meetings, and theater.

Brian Sidney Bembridge

Scenic and lighting designer based in Chicago.

Broken Jar Productions

Full service design and installation firm specializing in stage lighting, video systems, and projection.

Clyve, Scott

Presents different areas wherein the designer specializes. Also includes contact details and various photos.

Cooke, Nick

Compiles various photos based on design projects, the designer’s curriculum vitae, and links to other relevant pages.

Crick, Steve

Proffers the designer’s selected design credits, contact details, and photos from various projects.

Danielle Besson

West London based lighting designer with more than 20 years experience.

Ernest Iannaccone

Specializes in lighting, set, and sound designs. With production listings and videography.

Eversfield, David

Presents photos from the designers various projects and contact details.

Feldman Designs

Displays contact details and various images.

Fluid Lighting

Design firm that specializes in collaborating with clients who care about artistic integrity, visual clarity, and lighting designs.

Godtar - Kaiser, Charles R.

Highlights an entity that serves educational theater community and Christian houses of worships, with Kaiser’s resume pages.

Gooch, Robert

Compiles various production photos, recent designs, and contact details.

Graham J. McLusky

Information about the lighting designer as well as details on services for theater and corporate events.

Hamburger, Susan

Displays lighting design portfolio, resume, and contact details.

Hamrick, Joshua P.

Compiles theatrical production experiences, resume, lighting design portfolio, and contact details.

Hartley, Bryan

Pools in list of previous and current lighting design clients, articles, resume, and contact information.

Hennessy, Sean

Displays detailed lighting design portfolio, list of recent and upcoming projects, and downloadable resume.

Hillmar, Gregg

Provides personal information about the designer, list of current and recent projects, and contact details.

Hugh Conacher Lighting Design

Overview on the designer specializing in performing arts, films, and videos.

Indigo Design

Compiles show credits, design gallery, and contact information.

James Clotfelter Lighting Design

Information including resume, portfolio, contact, and links to site of other lighting designers.

Jason A. Badger

Lighting programmer with years of experience providing service to the theatrical community.

Jeffry E. Salzberg

Providing lighting designs for dance, theater, opera, and puppetry across the US.

Jim Hultquist

Posts designer's resume along with gallery of light and photography works.

John Lasiter

Showcasing image gallery of scenery and lightning design works.

Jon Bonner Designs

Contains biography, resume, and contact information. Also display photos and clips of theater shows that were serviced by the company.

Keenan, Lee

Presents news and information about the designer’s scenic and lighting projects, with resume, contact details, and links to other relevant sites.

Lander, David

Compiles the designer’s varied projects along with photos.


Presents various photos and list of past lighting design projects.

Mark Butts Lighting Services

Information about the lighting designer including projects, services offered, and contact details. Also show pictures of past projects.

Mark Jonathan Lighting Design

Theater and Lighting designer specializing in opera, drama, dance, and musicals.

Markus Farncombe-Fischer

Information on the cast lighting designer including reviews on works.

Meadow, Aaron

Contains the designer’s resume, contact information, video clips, and photos from various projects.

Mehta, Prema

Includes the designer’s profile, lighting design biography, reviews, and images from various projects.

Mendelowitz, Kade

Presents information about lighting design, the designer’s biography, and list of awards.

Michael Beyer

Contains portfolio, resume, photo gallery, and contact information.

Michael Stiller Design

Details on provided lighting, environmental, and architectural designs.

Miller, David

Provides facts about the designer, list of projects and shows.

Mongold, Mark

Displays the designer's various design projects.

Number Nine

Details information about a lighting design and consulting firm, with photos from various projects.

Ordower, Daniel

Compiles the designer’s biography, contact details, and photos from various projects.

Oz Light

Includes list of past projects, contact details, lighting design directory, and various images.

Palazzo, Paul

Highlights lighting design professionals under the leadership of Paul Palazzo. With projects that specialize on exhibitions, architecture, and theater.

Poulis, Randy - Lightworkz

Lighting designer based in Victoria, British Columbia. Includes the designer’s portfolio and resume.

Sarah Hughey Lighting Design

The portfolio with blog of the Chicago based lighting designer, Sarah Hughey.

Schlick, John

Gallery of photos that shows the concert lighting designer’s works. Includes resume and links to other relevant sites.

Skjaerven, Torkel

Compilation of the designer’s works, with resume and contact details included.

Sonia Pasqual

Contains various photos, list of the designer’s forthcoming projects, resume, and contact details.

Steve Della Pietra

Site provides designer portfolio including related articles and links.

Tevelow, Benjamin C.

Portfolio of Benjamin C. Tevelow with resume and photos from various projects.

Tsutsui, Hideaki

Compilation of photos from the lighting designer’s various design works, along with resume and contact information.

Veitch, Matthew

Details about the lighting designer’s achievements in technical theater, with contact information and various photos.

Weiner, David

Compilation of photos from David Weiner’s various design projects, with resume and contact details.

Welch, Jacob M.

Shows the lighting designer’s resume, contact details, and photos from various design works.

Wilder, Andrew

Details about the lighting designer’s achievements in theater design projects and photography.

William Gallegos

Freelance lighting designer offers services for various performing arts productions.

Woods, Steve

Gallery of photos from the lighting designer’s various projects with resume included.

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