Stage Lighting and Electrics Designers in the Best of the Web Directory

Stage Lighting and Electrics Designers

  • Alistair Grant

    UK-based lighting designer presents biography, portfolio, and contact information.

  • Andrew J. Hungerford

    Contains overview on this lightning designer, writer, and performer.

  • Blue Hill Design

    Provides lighting design and production services for special events, corporate meetings, and theater.

  • Brian Sidney Bembridge

    Scenic and lighting designer based in Chicago.

  • Broken Jar Productions

    Full service design and installation firm specializing in stage lighting, video systems, and projection.

  • Clyve, Scott

    Presents different areas wherein the designer specializes. Also includes contact details and various photos.

  • Crick, Steve

    Proffers the designer’s selected design credits, contact details, and photos from various projects.

  • Danielle Besson

    West London based lighting designer with more than 20 years experience.

  • Ernest Iannaccone

    Specializes in lighting, set, and sound designs. With production listings and videography.

  • Feldman Designs

    Displays contact details and various images.

  • Fluid Lighting

    Design firm that specializes in collaborating with clients who care about artistic integrity, visual clarity, and lighting designs.

  • Godtar - Kaiser, Charles R.

    Highlights an entity that serves educational theater community and Christian houses of worships, with Kaiser’s resume pages.

  • Gooch, Robert

    Compiles various production photos, recent designs, and contact details.

  • Hamburger, Susan

    Displays lighting design portfolio, resume, and contact details.

  • Hamrick, Joshua P.

    Compiles theatrical production experiences, resume, lighting design portfolio, and contact details.

  • Hartley, Bryan

    Pools in list of previous and current lighting design clients, articles, resume, and contact information.

  • Hennessy, Sean

    Displays detailed lighting design portfolio, list of recent and upcoming projects, and downloadable resume.

  • Hillmar, Gregg

    Provides personal information about the designer, list of current and recent projects, and contact details.

  • Hugh Conacher Lighting Design

    Overview on the designer specializing in performing arts, films, and videos.

  • Indigo Design

    Compiles show credits, design gallery, and contact information.

  • James Clotfelter Lighting Design

    Information including resume, portfolio, contact, and links to site of other lighting designers.

  • Jason A. Badger

    Lighting programmer with years of experience providing service to the theatrical community.

  • Jeffry E. Salzberg

    Providing lighting designs for dance, theater, opera, and puppetry across the US.

  • Jim Hultquist

    Posts designer's resume along with gallery of light and photography works.

  • John Lasiter

    Showcasing image gallery of scenery and lightning design works.

  • Jon Ares Set & Lighting

    Portfolio award-winning set and lighting designer Jon Ares of Portland, Oregon.

  • Jon Bonner Designs

    Contains biography, resume, and contact information. Also display photos and clips of theater shows that were serviced by the company.

  • Keenan, Lee

    Presents news and information about the designer’s scenic and lighting projects, with resume, contact details, and links to other relevant sites.

  • Lander, David

    Compiles the designer’s varied projects along with photos.

  • Lightheart

    Presents various photos and list of past lighting design projects.

  • Mark Butts Lighting Services

    Information about the lighting designer including projects, services offered, and contact details. Also show pictures of past projects.

  • Mark Jonathan Lighting Design

    Theater and Lighting designer specializing in opera, drama, dance, and musicals.

  • Markus Farncombe-Fischer

    Information on the cast lighting designer including reviews on works.

  • Meadow, Aaron

    Contains the designer’s resume, contact information, video clips, and photos from various projects.

  • Mehta, Prema

    Includes the designer’s profile, lighting design biography, reviews, and images from various projects.

  • Mendelowitz, Kade

    Presents information about lighting design, the designer’s biography, and list of awards.

  • Michael Beyer

    Contains portfolio, resume, photo gallery, and contact information.

  • Miller, David

    Provides facts about the designer, list of projects and shows.

  • Moity, Gilbert

    Compiles various lighting design projects, contact details, and photos.

  • Mongold, Mark

    Displays the designer's various design projects.

  • Number Nine

    Details information about a lighting design and consulting firm, with photos from various projects.

  • Ordower, Daniel

    Compiles the designer’s biography, contact details, and photos from various projects.

  • Oz Light

    Includes list of past projects, contact details, lighting design directory, and various images.

  • Palazzo, Paul

    Highlights lighting design professionals under the leadership of Paul Palazzo. With projects that specialize on exhibitions, architecture, and theater.

  • Poulis, Randy - Lightworkz

    Lighting designer based in Victoria, British Columbia. Includes the designer’s portfolio and resume.

  • Retsky, Jon

    Freelance lighting designer that conducted various productions of dance, theater, and opera throughout Bay area and Los Angeles.

  • Sarah Hughey Lighting Design

    The portfolio with blog of the Chicago based lighting designer, Sarah Hughey.

  • Schlick, John

    Gallery of photos that shows the concert lighting designer’s works. Includes resume and links to other relevant sites.

  • Skjaerven, Torkel

    Compilation of the designer’s works, with resume and contact details included.

  • Sonia Pasqual

    Contains various photos, list of the designer’s forthcoming projects, resume, and contact details.

  • Steve Della Pietra

    Site provides designer portfolio including related articles and links.

  • Tevelow, Benjamin C.

    Portfolio of Benjamin C. Tevelow with resume and photos from various projects.

  • Veitch, Matthew

    Details about the lighting designer’s achievements in technical theater, with contact information and various photos.

  • Weiner, David

    Compilation of photos from David Weiner’s various design projects, with resume and contact details.

  • Wilder, Andrew

    Details about the lighting designer’s achievements in theater design projects and photography.

  • William Gallegos

    Freelance lighting designer offers services for various performing arts productions.

  • Woods, Steve

    Gallery of photos from the lighting designer’s various projects with resume included.

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