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Minstrel Shows

  • Africans in America

    Presents a historical account of the origin of the minstrel character Jim Crow.

  • American Experience: Blackface Minstrelsy

    Information page about the history and legacy of the blackface minstrel show from the PBS website.

  • American Minstrel Show Collection

    Consists of advertisement material promoting minstrel performances from the 1850s through the 1920s.

  • Blackface Minstrelsy

    Show where white entertainers put on a blackface and imitated or caricatured slaves in the South and ex-slaves in the North.

  • Blackface Minstrelsy 1830-1852

    Contains gallery of images, minstrel songs, playbills, texts, cotemporary notices and reviews, articles and essays, newspaper advertisements, and literary minstrelsy.

  • Life Every Voice

    Exhibit at the University Virginia Library and is about the African-American struggle for equal rights.

  • The Minstrel Show

    Emerged from pre-industrial European traditions of masking and carnival.

  • Minstrel Shows

    Account of the history of minstrel musical shows by John Kenrick with show images.

  • November 1901: Minstrel Show in Los Angeles

    Account of the minstrel shows in the 1900’s in the Los Angelis Herald by George Garrigues.

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