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Experimental Theater Companies

  • 20 Cent Fiction

    Presents a student-run production company based at Umass Darthmouth.

  • Asteroid B612 Theater Company

    Collection of individuals who believes that theater as the oldest art form can touch audience in a singular way.

  • Axis Company

    Produced an eclectic series of original and published plays with state of the art technological components that enhance the internal meaning of the material.

  • Blast Theory

    Internationally renowned as the most adventurous artists’ group using interactive media.

  • Border Crossings

    Creates new intercultural and multi-media theater in response to the entertainment needs of the contemporary global world.

  • The Builders Association

    New York-based performance and media company that exploits the richness of contemporary technologies to extend the boundaries of theater.

  • C&T – It Stands For More Than Theatre

    UK-based theater company working in educational and community settings, and combining new technology and participation.

  • Caden Manson Big Art Group

    New York City performance company founded in 1999 that creates culturally transgressing and challenging new works.

  • Complicite

    Constantly evolving ensemble of performers and collaborators engaged in a range of work from entirely devised to theatrical adaptations and revivals of classic texts.

  • Creation Production

    Founded in 1977 and aims to generate innovative forms of theater through experiments with language, new music, theater, and explorations of political issues.

  • Curios Theatre Branch

    Founded in 1988 and is one of Chicago's all-original theater company.

  • DADAnewyork

    Established in 1986 by John W. Wilson. Presents list of forthcoming shows, merchandise, and links to other relevant sites.

  • Dixon Place

    Non-profit organization that provides a venue for literary and performing artists to present new works in live performances.

  • Djalma Butoh Company

    Contains biography, various photos, and contact details.

  • EXITheatre

    Provides a home for artists to create multi-disciplinary works. With history, list of past and current productions, reviews, and contact details.

  • Fevered Sleep

    Established in 1996, performs visual theater, installation, and site specific performance. With list of past and current projects and contact details.

  • Fisher Ensemble

    Displays list of past projects, upcoming events, show reviews, and contact details.

  • Forced Entertainment

    Features a company composed of six artists from Sheffield, United Kingdom. Provides contemporary experiences and creates intimate encounters with audiences.

  • Gertrude Stein Repertory Theater

    Theater company that adapts digital puppetry as their new approach in representing characters on stage.

  • Horse Trade Theater Group

    Theater company that performs live entertainment since 1998, with varied program of performance series, readings, and workshops.

  • Hotel Pro Forma

    Shares projects, calendar, history, location, facilities, and newsletter.

  • Independent Eye

    Theater arts ensemble based in Northern California that offers perspectives on commonly-shared human experience both in public radio or live stage performance.

  • Industrial Theater Company

    Resource for the company’s list of past and upcoming productions, information on services offered, and contact details.

  • Intersection for the Arts

    Highlights a non-profit organization that performs experimental works in the fields of music, literature, and visual arts. With history, calendar of events, and contact details.

  • Irondale Ensemble Project

    Presents an experimental ensemble established in 1983, that aims to utilize theater as a central aspect of daily life. With list of current projects and contact details.

  • Izumi Ashizawa Performance

    Highlights a performance with activities that includes theater productions, sculptures, installations, and musical recitals. With list of upcoming events.

  • La MaMa Theater

    Non-profit corporation that provides opportunities for new playwrights, directors, and performers with educational internship program.

  • Les Freres Corbusier

    Displays reviews and featured articles, details on upcoming show, and ticket information.

  • Lucky Pierre

    Provides information on current projects, contact details, and links to other sites.

  • Mabou Mines

    Resource for the company's history, list of past and current productions, awards, and contact details.

  • Manbites Dog Theater

    Highlights a professional non-profit theater company established in 1987, in Durham. With list of current productions and contact details.

  • The Mill Theater

    Supports all theater that is divergent from the traditional American Realism. With biography and contact details.

  • Neo-Futurists

    Provides details on upcoming shows and various photos.

  • New World Performance Laboratory

    Aims to create theater events and pedagogical programs. With company biographies, current reviews, and list of past productions.

  • New York City Players

    Displays tour news, information about the theater company, list of shows, and contact details.

  • Oblivion Productions

    Propels human evolution by refining the consciousness. Features historical overview, video clips, and contact details.

  • Off Leash Area: Contemporary Performance Works

    Contemporary performance company established in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Provides list of past and upcoming productions.

  • One Yellow Rabbit

    Canada-based company provides ticket information and performance schedule.

  • Ontological-Hysteric Theater

    Theater established in 1968 that aims to produce works that balance primitive and minimal style with complex and theatrical themes. With schedule of shows and ticket information.

  • ParaTheatrical ReSearch

    Dedicated to a ritual technology of self-initiation that combines physical theater, dance, and voice.

  • Peace Theater

    Features an Iranian theater group established in 1998, with list of upcoming productions and various photos.

  • Performance Space 122 - NYC

    Multi-disciplinary arts center that aims to present artistic creations from a diversity of cultures and points of view. With calendar of events and contact details.

  • Rachel Rosenthal Company

    Provides information about an interdisciplinary performer that develops revolutionary performance technique. With details on her teaching methods.

  • Radio Hole

    Information includes performance history, list of past and upcoming shows, and contact details.

  • Reverend Billy's Church of Stop Shopping

    Non-profit organization that preach for local economies and independent shops. With details on their campaigns and upcoming events.

  • The Riot Group

    Nonprofit organization features performances focused on contemporary theater. News and reviews included.

  • SITI Company

    Highlights an ensemble-based theater company that aims to train young theater artists and commitment to international collaboration. With history, calendar of events, and training schedule.

  • Small Wooden Shoe Theatrical Society

    Theater company based in Toronto with work that engage in historical, social, and political aspect while maintaining entertainment as vital components.

  • Soho Repertory Theater

    Includes facts about play development workshops, rentals and internship offered, and contact particulars.

  • Soho Think Tank

    Includes production history, company news, and performance schedule.

  • Stolen Chair Theater Company

    Non-profit laboratory theater that aims to create imaginative new work and adaptations of classical texts. With news and details on upcoming events.

  • Temporary Distortion

    Features a performance group with works that focus on stillness, minimalism, and meditative style of theater performance. With history, list of current shows, and contact details.

  • Theater in Decay

    Provides details on upcoming production, reviews for the shows, booking information and links to other relevant pages.

  • Undermain Theatre

    Lists details on upcoming performances featuring new and experimental works.

  • Uninvited Guests

    Theater group established in 1998, based in Bristol, England that offers intensive workshops. With contact details, tour dates, and project overview.

  • Urban Research Theater

    Details information about an ongoing project of expeditions and work sessions in New York City.

  • Via Theater

    Compiles the director’s various projects and accomplishments both in theater and film.

  • Wooster Group

    Contains history of the theater group, images of past productions, and information on internship program offered.

  • Woven

    Provides information about the company, list of forthcoming shows, reviews, and booking details.

  • Xunesis

    Group of artists and scientists teaching about science through theatre, film, and media. Describes projects, vision, process, and markets.

  • Y Espacio Creativo Artes

    Displays company news, list of upcoming productions, past commissions and premieres, and contact details.

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