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Experimental Theater Companies

20 Cent Fiction

Presents a student-run production company based at Umass Darthmouth.

Asteroid B612 Theater Company

Collection of individuals who believes that theater as the oldest art form can touch audience in a singular way.

Axis Company

Produced an eclectic series of original and published plays with state of the art technological components that enhance the internal meaning of the material.

Blast Theory

Internationally renowned as the most adventurous artists’ group using interactive media.

Border Crossings

Creates new intercultural and multi-media theater in response to the entertainment needs of the contemporary global world.

The Builders Association

New York-based performance and media company that exploits the richness of contemporary technologies to extend the boundaries of theater.

C&T – It Stands For More Than Theatre

UK-based theater company working in educational and community settings, and combining new technology and participation.

Caden Manson Big Art Group

New York City performance company founded in 1999 that creates culturally transgressing and challenging new works.


Constantly evolving ensemble of performers and collaborators engaged in a range of work from entirely devised to theatrical adaptations and revivals of classic texts.

Creation Production

Founded in 1977 and aims to generate innovative forms of theater through experiments with language, new music, theater, and explorations of political issues.

Curios Theatre Branch

Founded in 1988 and is one of Chicago's all-original theater company.


Established in 1986 by John W. Wilson. Presents list of forthcoming shows, merchandise, and links to other relevant sites.

Dixon Place

Non-profit organization that provides a venue for literary and performing artists to present new works in live performances.

Djalma Butoh Company

Contains biography, various photos, and contact details.

Elevator Repair Service

Theater ensemble that performs shows on New York’s downtown since 1991. With news, list of shows, and contact details.


Provides a home for artists to create multi-disciplinary works. With history, list of past and current productions, reviews, and contact details.

Fevered Sleep

Established in 1996, performs visual theater, installation, and site specific performance. With list of past and current projects and contact details.

Fisher Ensemble

Displays list of past projects, upcoming events, show reviews, and contact details.

Fool's Gold Theater Company

Theater company established in the year 2000, that sought to move from traditional texts of performance with original dramatization of the unsung and unusual literary classics.

Forced Entertainment

Features a company composed of six artists from Sheffield, United Kingdom. Provides contemporary experiences and creates intimate encounters with audiences.

Gertrude Stein Repertory Theater

Theater company that adapts digital puppetry as their new approach in representing characters on stage.

GreyZelda Theater Group

Theatrical group that combines traditional methods of realism with various blends in directing, acting, and performance techniques.

Horse Trade Theater Group

Theater company that performs live entertainment since 1998, with varied program of performance series, readings, and workshops.

Hotel Pro Forma

Shares projects, calendar, history, location, facilities, and newsletter.

Independent Eye

Theater arts ensemble based in Northern California that offers perspectives on commonly-shared human experience both in public radio or live stage performance.

Intersection for the Arts

Highlights a non-profit organization that performs experimental works in the fields of music, literature, and visual arts. With history, calendar of events, and contact details.

Irondale Ensemble Project

Presents an experimental ensemble established in 1983, that aims to utilize theater as a central aspect of daily life. With list of current projects and contact details.

Izumi Ashizawa Performance

Highlights a performance with activities that includes theater productions, sculptures, installations, and musical recitals. With list of upcoming events.

La MaMa Theater

Non-profit corporation that provides opportunities for new playwrights, directors, and performers with educational internship program.

Laboratory Theater

Presents information about an experimental theater ensemble based in Brooklyn. With list of shows and contact details.

Les Freres Corbusier

Displays reviews and featured articles, details on upcoming show, and ticket information.

Lucky Pierre

Provides information on current projects, contact details, and links to other sites.

Mabou Mines

Resource for the company's history, list of past and current productions, awards, and contact details.

Manbites Dog Theater

Highlights a professional non-profit theater company established in 1987, in Durham. With list of current productions and contact details.

The Mill Theater

Supports all theater that is divergent from the traditional American Realism. With biography and contact details.


Provides details on upcoming shows and various photos.

New World Performance Laboratory

Aims to create theater events and pedagogical programs. With company biographies, current reviews, and list of past productions.

New York City Players

Displays tour news, information about the theater company, list of shows, and contact details.

Oblivion Productions

Propels human evolution by refining the consciousness. Features historical overview, video clips, and contact details.

Off Leash Area: Contemporary Performance Works

Contemporary performance company established in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Provides list of past and upcoming productions.

One Light Theater

Provides company history, reviews, and discussion forums.

One Yellow Rabbit

Canada-based company provides ticket information and performance schedule.

Ontological-Hysteric Theater

Theater established in 1968 that aims to produce works that balance primitive and minimal style with complex and theatrical themes. With schedule of shows and ticket information.

ParaTheatrical ReSearch

Dedicated to a ritual technology of self-initiation that combines physical theater, dance, and voice.

Peace Theater

Features an Iranian theater group established in 1998, with list of upcoming productions and various photos.

Performance Space 122 - NYC

Multi-disciplinary arts center that aims to present artistic creations from a diversity of cultures and points of view. With calendar of events and contact details.

Rachel Rosenthal Company

Provides information about an interdisciplinary performer that develops revolutionary performance technique. With details on her teaching methods.

Radio Hole

Information includes performance history, list of past and upcoming shows, and contact details.

Reverend Billy's Church of Stop Shopping

Non-profit organization that preach for local economies and independent shops. With details on their campaigns and upcoming events.

The Riot Group

Nonprofit organization features performances focused on contemporary theater. News and reviews included.

SITI Company

Highlights an ensemble-based theater company that aims to train young theater artists and commitment to international collaboration. With history, calendar of events, and training schedule.

Small Wooden Shoe Theatrical Society

Theater company based in Toronto with work that engage in historical, social, and political aspect while maintaining entertainment as vital components.

Soho Repertory Theater

Includes facts about play development workshops, rentals and internship offered, and contact particulars.

Soho Think Tank

Includes production history, company news, and performance schedule.

Stolen Chair Theater Company

Non-profit laboratory theater that aims to create imaginative new work and adaptations of classical texts. With news and details on upcoming events.

Target Margin Theater

Includes information about the company, calendar of events, list of special events, and contact details.

Temporary Distortion

Features a performance group with works that focus on stillness, minimalism, and meditative style of theater performance. With history, list of current shows, and contact details.

Uninvited Guests

Theater group established in 1998, based in Bristol, England that offers intensive workshops. With contact details, tour dates, and project overview.

Urban Research Theater

Details information about an ongoing project of expeditions and work sessions in New York City.

Wooster Group

Contains history of the theater group, images of past productions, and information on internship program offered.


Provides information about the company, list of forthcoming shows, reviews, and booking details.


Group of artists and scientists teaching about science through theatre, film, and media. Describes projects, vision, process, and markets.

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