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Theater Directories


One-stop directory of professionals creating and working in the field of musical theater.

AmericanTheater Web

Provides access to American theaters, shows, and current news.

Applied and Interactive Theater Guide

Resource for artists who use theater techniques for more than arts or entertainment, as well as those who incorporate contemporary theater styles in their presentations.

Artslynx International Theater Resources

Compiles links to various theater topics.

AWOL's Thousands of Acting Links

Resource for information about actors, theaters, casting, and other related services.

Canadian Theater Directory

Aims to support professional live theater and provides quality theater plays to enrich Canadian cultural life.


Provides directory of links to African arts and culture, entertainment, business, and sports websites.

ClickAfrique - African Theater

Provides resource information about theater on African countries. With links to arts, culture, and entertainment.

Curtain Rising

Dedicated to serving the theater arts community through a searchable database of shows.

Electronic Text Archives and Plays Online

Offers free service for playwrights and play readers.

Encyclopedia of Canadian Theater

Aims to keep on-going and accessible information about Canadian actors, playwrights, theater organizations, and institutions.

EntsWeb Directory

Directory of theater things such as plays and musicals, theater guides, opera, ballet, dance and theater supplies, sound, scenery, props and sets, and other theater related subjects.

Federation of Scottish Theatre

Scottish theater portal with searchable directory.

International Theater Resource from Artslynx

Resource for theater educator and students, which contains theater topics such as acting, children’s theater, costume design, directing, drama therapy, and other related topics.

Internet Broadway Databas

Offers a database of shows and historical information about theaters and various statistics related to Broadway.

The Internet Theater Database

Searchable archive of theatrical shows compiled by theater fans.

IOn Vegas

Guide to theater performances, shows, special engagements, events, and tickets in Las Vegas.

Justin’s Theater Link

Contains thousands of categorized links drama and theater websites from all over the world.

On the Move

Dedicated to international mobility opportunities and information in theatre, dance, music, and other contemporary performing art disciplines.

Singapore Theater Guide

Highlights international and local production news, events, and affiliated links to other related information.

International resource for theater management and technical theater information.

Stage Door

Presents a central internet location dedicated to promote attendance at live professional and quality amateur theater in Southwestern Ontario and Toronto.

Theatre History on the Web

Resource for theater historians and students providing information on theater history.

Compiles top 20 directory, definition of terms, and other related information about a theater.

World Theaters

Provides an alphabetical listing of theater sites.

WWW Virtual Library for Theater and Drama

Resource of theater information for professionals, amateurs, academics, and students of all ages.

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