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Cotswold Morris Dance

Adderbury Morris Men

Furnishes history, background, dances, and activities related to Morris dancing, Rapper Sword dancing, and Mumming.

The Adderbury Village Morris Men

Proffers historical information about the Morris team, events list, and contact details.

The Adelaide Morris Men

Details about the South Australian team include history and list of current dancers.

Aldbury Morris Men

Includes practice information, Morris music, and the history of Morris dancing.

The Ancient Men

Displays list of official tours by the men’s side from Oxford University, with history and various photos included.

Ann Arbor Morris

Details about Morris dancing, performance photos, FAQs, and membership information.

Belles and Arrows

Showcases performances anchored on Cotswold and Border styles of Morris dancing.

Berkeley Morris

Details about Morris dancing, with events list, various photos, and other related facts about this mixed side troupe based in California.

Berkshire Bedlam Morris

Explore data about the team, future events, history and repertoire.

The Black Horse Morris

Mixed side based in Barcelona, Spain, with contact information and various photos.

Black Joak Morris

Details about the dance group, various performance photos, and contact information.

Bourne River Morris Men

Details history, practice sessions, joining, program information, pictures and videos, events, and contacts. Winton, Bournemouth.

Brighton Morris Men

Team of male Morris dancers based around the south coast of England. Includes photo gallery and contact details.

Bristol Morris Men

Morris men-only side founded in 1951, offers background, Cotswold repertoire, location, and performance information.

Cambridge Morris Men

Provides descriptions and basic figures of Cotswold Morris dance, historical information about the group, and tour dates.

Cardiff Ladies Morris

Morris side composed of women based in Cardiff, South Wales. With tour dates, locations, and contact details.

Cardiff Morris

Presents historical information about the Morris troupe, details on dance traditions and styles, events list, and photos.

Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men

Male side from Central Essex that performs on pub gardens and car parks across United Kingdom and overseas.

Chip Off The Old

Displays historical information about the ladies Cotswold Morris from Derby. With various photos and links to other related pages.

Chipping Campden Morris Men

Morris side based in Gloucestershire, with history, various photos, and contact information.

Cotswold Morris Dance Detailed Notes

Includes downloadable notes for a number of Cotswold Morris dances.

Cotswold Morris Dancing Cheat Sheet

Compiles set of instructions on various Cotswold Morris dances.

Dogrose Morris

Contains information about this energetic Morris team with links to a show review with photos.

Dr Turberville's Morris

Relates information on the Cotswold Morris side from Crewkerne, Somerset, UK with history, repertoire, program, gallery, and links.

Ducklington Dances: Boys Of The Bunch

Collection of links to various notations of dances performed by the Ducklington Morris.

Earl of Stamford Morris

Features a mixed Morris side dancing in the Cotswold Morris tradition based in Moore, Cheshire, UK.

East Kent Morris Men

Provides information about the Morris men, list of current programs, various photos, and links.

Ebor Morris

Compiles events list, team photos, current dance repertoire, and links to other related pages.

Ellington Morris

Morris and sword dance team present background information about morris dancing, plus photo galleries and team history.

England's Glory Ladies Morris

English Morris ladies side in Cheltenham, UK tells history, dances and tunes, with calendar, links, gallery, and map.

English Folk Dance and Song Society

With a goal of benefiting the local hospital, the center aims to practice the music, song and dance of traditional English folk.

English Miscellany

Performs wide range of dance forms reflecting England’s tradition of folk dance and music.

Foresters Morris Men

Pools in history of the Morris dancing club, events list, and various photos.

Full Moon Morris

Proffers history of the Morris dancing side, various performance photos, events list, and links.

Golden Star Morris

Highlights a mixed Cotswold style Morris dance side based in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom.

Grand Union Morris

Details about the Cotswold Morris team, list of dances, history, and various photos.

Great Western Morris

Adverts dancing program, photos, members, repertoire and related links.

Green Mountain Morris

Proffers facts about the Morris team, with movie clips, photos, and list of past performances.

Green Oak Morris Men

Traditional Morris and Sword men's side contains history, dances, past and present members, pictures, and musicians. Doncaster, UK.

Greensleeves Morris Men

Features a team based in South West, London that performs the traditional dances of England.

Ha'penny Morris

Information includes history of the Morris team, list of past performances, contact details, and various photos.

The Hartley Morris Men

Morris side dancing in the West Kent area. Includes events guide and a history of the Stansted Morris Men.

Hedgemonkey Morris

Contemporary Morris side, based on the traditions of Ascott-Under-Wychwood. Includes history of the group and Morris, gallery, gig guide, and contacts. Adelaide, Australia.

Hereburgh Morris

Mixed Cotswold Morris team based in Harbury, England. With dance repertoire and various photos.

Icknield Way Morris Men

Introduces the team; dance performance, traditions, event diary, bookings and related links.

Isca Morrismen

Presents facts about the traditional Morris dancers based in South Wales.

The Kennet Morris Men

Proffers facts about the Morris side, with dance repertoire, various photos, and list of past summer program.

Kesteven Morris

Lincolnshire Morris dancers that perform molly rapper sword and North West processional dances.

The King's Morris

North Norfolk mens team offers their history, a variety of photos, and contact information.

Kirtlington Morris

Morris side that performs variety of handkerchief and stick dances as well as solo jigs.

Kits Coty Morris

Cotswold Morris dancers from Maidstone established in 1977. With list of past program and contact information.

Lagabag Morris

Provides information about the group; its photos, writings, performance calendar, and contact details.

Leicester Morris Men

Abstract of the team; tours list, history and contact information.

London Pride Morris Men

Morris club that fosters Cotswold traditions based in Central London.

Long Man Morris Men

Compiles dancing repertoire, show archive, photos, and other related information about this ring side from Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Mad Jacks Morris

Contains historical information about the Morris team, list of past program, various photos, and links.

Malmesbury Morris

Performs traditional Morris dancing at local events. Includes event dates and images plus details of dance workshops.

Mayflower Morris Men

Dedicated to maintaining the Morris traditions through programs which includes fetes, charity events, and pub stops.

Mersey Morris Men

Performs Cotswold, Rapper, and Molly dances. Gives history, dance information, locations, calendar, and contacts. Merseyside, UK.

Minnesota Traditional Morris

English folk dance team established in 1974. Focuses on Cotswold Morris dances performed with violin and melodeon.

Morris in the Maze

Pools in historical information about the Morris dancers, various photos, and links to other related pages.

Morris Offspring

Highlights a mixed Morris side based in Surrey. With dance repertoire, events list, and various photos.

The MossyBack Morris Men

Focuses on performances adapted from the villages in the Cotswold area of England.

Northampton Morris Men

Highlights a Morris side established in 1949, performs Cotswold dances reflecting the Badby tradition.

Offley Morris Men

Official site relates history of the side, facts on Morris and joining a side, events, pictures, and contacts. North Hertfordshire, UK.

Oojah Kappivvy

Provides historical information about the women’s Morris side, list of current programs, various performance photos, and links.

The Outside Capering Crew

Dedicated to providing structured street shows which include varied hour-long performance and spot for ceilidh and barn dances.

Oxford City Morris Men

Morris group that perform on fetes, festivals, and summer evenings in Oxford.

Oyster Morris

Mixed team performs various Cotswold style dances and combines traditional and original music.

Packington Morris Men

Mens Cotswold Morris side from Packington, Leicestershire, UK shares history, events, membership, booking, links, and contact details.

Peterborough Morris

Includes information about this men’s side based in Cambridgeshire.

Pilgrim Morris Men

Discusses background and schedule, with pictures, downloads, FAQs, and contacts. Guildford, Surrey, UK.

Plymouth Morris Men

Non-commercial heritage organization in Plymouth, Devon, UK. Covers background, history, schedule, videos, festival information, and galleries.

Ragged and Old

Highlights a Morris dancing side based in Stroud Gloucestershire, UK. With various performance photos and location map presented.

Ravensbourne Morris Men

Group programme, history, traditions, photos, and related links.

Red Herring Morris

Includes the dancer's repertoire, team history, various performance photos, and links to other related pages.

Renegade Rose Morris

Morris side that performs traditional Cotswold dances reflecting England and America’s culture.

Ripley Morris Men

Presents the band and its members, affiliates, performances and images.

Solway Morris

Mixed sides dance team from Cumbria. Gives a history of this dance, tour dates, and photos.

Sompting Village Morris

West Sussex, England dance team. Includes photo gallery and links to 2007 Festival of Dance.

Spring Grove Morris Men

Performs Cotswold Morris traditional dances adapted from several English villages. Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, UK.

St Albans Morris Men

Contains historical information about the Morris team, dance repertoire, gallery of photos, and links.

Stafford Morris Men

Details on services offered by the Morris men with events list, gallery of photos, news, and links included.

Stroud Morris Dancers

Navigate on group history, workshops, overseas tours and programme.

Tarka Morris Men

Morris dancing side established in 1991, based in Bideford, North Devon. With photo gallery and links to other related pages.

Thames Valley International (TVI)

Cotswold Morris team founded in 1981 and based in London, Ontario, Canada. Gives history, inventing dances, style evolution, and images.

Thames Valley Morris Men

Morris side, performing traditional Oddington in and around Surrey, UK. Offers history, kit, traditions, events, gallery, links, and notes.

Thaxted Morris Men

Includes history of these Morris men, photos, and other related facts about the Thaxted town.

The Toronto Morris Men

Group of Morris men that performs at various fairs throughout Toronto and Southern, Ontario.

Towersey Morris

Details about this Morris side based in Oxfordshire, England. With various photos and membership information.

Trigg Morris Men

The team wears costumes reflecting their rural background with Celtic designs. Includes future gigs, and photo gallery.

The Utrecht Morris Team

Offers information on this male dance group from the city of Utrecht in Netherlands.

Vancouver Morris Men

Displays photos and information about this Morris side based in Vancouver. With list of upcoming public performances and contact details.

Wantsum Morris Men

Showcases team history, photos, videos contact details and links.

Weald of Kent Morris

Displays list of current dancing program and other related facts about this Cotswold Morris side based in Goudhurst.

Wessex Morris Men

All-male Morris side founded in 1957 based in Cerne Abbas, Dorset. With tour photos and contact information.

The Westerly Morris Men

A traditional English men's Morris dancing team based in Westerly, Rhode Island.

Whitchurch Morris Men

Delivers particulars about the group; its characters, history and event list.

Wickham Morris

Contains history, gallery of photos, repertory of dances, events list, and links to other related pages.

Winchester Morris Men

Aims to preserve the tradition of Morris dancing through preserving dance related documents and historical research.

Yateley Morris Men

Dance team who have been performing for 30 years. Mens only team who include the Yateley Horse.

Yorkshire Coast Morris

Comes with team history, members list, charity connection, events and photo library.

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