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Middle Eastern Dance Teachers and Performers in California

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Those who teach and perform middle eastern dance in California are the focus of this category.
  • Adam Basma Middle Eastern Dance

    Aims to bring the traditional art of Middle Eastern dancing to the American public.

  • Adriana's Voluptuary Mystic Eastern Dance

    Includes schedule of belly dance classes, various photos, and links to other dance related sites.

  • Amy Luna

    Dancer and choreographer, founder and artistic director of Shuvani and Lunatique, performer of Romani Gypsy Trail dances and bellydancer. With gallery, classes in Berkeley, California, booking details and a shop.

  • Arabesque Belly Dance

    Facts about the dancer, including choreography, performances, class schedule and locations, events, photographs, and contact details. Pacifica and San Francisco, California.

  • Aswandancers.org

    Showcases a dance company based in San Francisco that performs Middle Eastern dances.

  • Belly Dance with Aisha Ali

    Proffers details about an expert on the belly dances of the Middle East and North Africa. With documentary audio and video materials.

  • Belly Dancing By Zamoras

    Provides dance classes in belly dancing for the Fresno Clovis area.

  • The Bellytwins

    Fosters Middle Eastern dances along with instructional videos, DVDs, and accessories.

  • Beyond Belly Dance

    Features teacher profile, classes, upcoming events, bookings and boutique.

  • Catharae

    Aims to provide belly dancing instructions to beginners in Upland, California.

  • DancingRahana.com

    Provides belly dance costumes and accessories for dancers and enthusiasts.

  • Desert Dance Festival

    Features the forthcoming dance festival organized by the international belly dance performer Dunia.

  • Desert Sin

    Dance company based in North America that combines Middle Eastern dance origins with other forms of steps.

  • Dhyanis

    Offers background on dancer and instructor, with class schedule and locations, gallery, and contact information. Novato, California.

  • Elanah

    Contains information about the belly dance performer based in Southern, California.

  • Enheduanna

    Displays various photos and information about the belly dance performer that interprets Arabic music.

  • Experimental Middle Eastern Dance

    Check for mission statement, videos, current project, auditions, articles, reviews and photo gallery. Encino, California.

  • Fahtiem's Bellydance Magic

    Compiles various photos, collection of Middle Eastern dance music CDs, and other related information about the belly dance instructor.

  • Jody - Oriental Dance Artist

    Details about the belly dance artist that focuses on Tunisian folkloric.

  • Kamala - Middle Eastern BellyDancer

    Oriental dance artist that offers classes for beginners and intermediate levels.

  • Kleopatra

    Details about the oriental belly dancer, with list of projects and photos.

  • Lilla

    Proffers facts about the belly dance artist, schedule of classes, list of forthcoming performances, video clips, and photos.

  • Linda Kitiara

    Gypsy and Middle Eastern dancer, shares gallery, background, classes, video, schedule, and news. San Diego, California.

  • Lotus Flower

    Compiles information about the performer, class schedule, booking, performance clips, and past events.

  • Magical Motion

    Presents videos, boutique, classes, related articles, and more.

  • Mara's Bellydance Home Page

    Features a performing belly dance artist that offers classes for all levels in Orange County area.

  • Marguerite

    Belly dance artist that performs on corporate events and offers classes in the San Francisco Bay area.

  • Meera

    Highlights a performing artist of Middle Eastern dancing that provides entertainment for corporate events, concerts, and trade shows.

  • Mesmera

    Menu of information include belly dance classes, travel retreats, calendar of events, photos, and links.

  • Michelle Joyce

    Features a professional belly dance artist based in San Francisco Bay area. With booking information, video clips, and photo gallery.

  • Monica

    Includes information about the oriental dance artist, list of forthcoming events and performances, schedule of classes, and various photos.

  • Mystic Sun Studio

    Details about the belly dance artist, Azar, schedule of classes in Folsom, California, FAQs, and various images.

  • Namah Ensemble.com

    Non-profit company that fosters Persian cultural heritage through innovative dance movements.

  • New Moon Belly Dance Ensemble

    Contains information about the belly dance troupe, list of forthcoming performances, schedule, and various photos.

  • Sedona

    Explore belly dance facts, photo gallery, performances, events, booking and resources.

  • Shahira

    Details about a professional belly dancer, who performs in the Southern California area.

  • Shareen el Safy

    Ballet artist that focuses on techniques based on teaching, research, and performing experience of the Oriental dance.

  • Shoshanna

    Displays schedule of forthcoming events, various performance photos, and information about the Middle Eastern dance artist based in Northern California.

  • Siwa

    Folkloric dancer displays a schedule of classes in Capitola, performances, biography, troupes, and costuming.

  • Snake's Kin Studio

    Features a Middle Eastern instructor famous for her snake dance style.

  • Soraya Middle Eastern Dance Productions

    Fosters Egyptian belly dancing known as Raqs Sharqi, with details on types of classes offered, photo album, and video clips.

  • Stasha Mania

    Browse through belly dance products and services. Comes with details on performances and photo galleries.

  • Suhaila Salimpour

    Shares school, workshop, and certification information, with performance details, newsletter, and online classes. Albany, California.

  • Suhaila Salimpour

    History of the Salimpours and Bal Anat, information on the Suhaila Dance Company, the school in Albany, California, international workshops, certification in the Suhaila format, and online classes.

  • Talia

    Shows biographical information about the belly dance artist, class schedule, various photos, and links to other related pages.

  • Zaheea

    Contains various performance photos, schedule of events, video clips, and other related information about the belly dance artist based in Sacramento, California.

  • Zorba

    Source of information for male belly dance artists, along with photos, various articles, online diary, and links.

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