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United States Irish Dance Schools

Aniar Academy of Irish Dance

Displays information about the school and includes details on the types of classes offered with various photos.

Bell School of Irish Dance

School of Irish dance situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Offers dance classes for students of all ages preserving an ancient cultural tradition of the art.

Bracken School of Irish Dance

Contains information about the school of Irish dance, with details on upcoming events, types of classes offered, and links.

Broesler School of Irish Dance

Includes facts about the Irish dance school, with FAQs and links to other relevant sites.

Butler Academy of Irish Dance

Academy of Irish dance based in Dublin. Compiles news, calendar of events, and various photos.

Cashel Dennehy School of Irish Dance

Offers Irish step lessons to all abilities, ages five and older. Includes background, history, locations, teachers, winterfeis, and events. Hartland, Madison, and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Celtic Academy

Adverts the institute; Celtic movements, and feis results. Comes with calendar of events and image gallery.

Celtic Gold Academy of Irish Dance

Compiles facts about the Irish dance academy, plus contacts, schedule of classes, and links provided.

Claddagh Dance Company

Irish dancing school based in Southern California, provides mix solo and group dances and crosses all ethnicities.

Cleary Irish Dance

Displays latest updates and news about the Irish dance academy, with class information, school location, and various performance photos.

Culkin Adult Irish Dancers

Pools in latest news, school and event information, links, and various photos.

Drake School of Irish Dance

Displays various performance photos and contact information.

Emerald School of Irish Dance

Details facts about the Irish dance school, with schedule of classes, various performance photos, and links.

Evolution Dance

Provides information on dance programs offered, schedule of classes, and links to other relevant sites.

Flying Irish Academy

Irish academy that teaches traditional and modern step dance and the circus arts.

Gallagher School of Irish Dancing

Provides dance instructions for both competitive and non-competitive classes.

Gray School of Irish Dance, LLC

Publishes faculty data, registration, news, calendar, and links. With feis details and annual recital.

Greenway Academy of Irish Dance

School of Irish dance that tours throughout North America and Canada for competitions and performances.

Hansen Keohane : Irish Dance

Dance academy offers news and events, bookings and performances, and competitions.

Heritage Irish Stepdancers

Aims to provide positive learning atmosphere for dancers of all ages with emphasis on small class size and achieving personal goals.

Hibernia School of Irish Dance

Furnishes background; class locations, attire, and forms; news; and contacts. Plano and Greenville, Texas.

Hunt School of Irish Dance

Offers TCRG certified program to ages 4-18. Includes instructors, locations, class times, contacts, and parents home page. Crofton and Gambrills, Maryland.

Inishfree School of Irish Dance

Dedicated in promoting Irish culture through dance competition and performance. .

Irish Dance Center

Provides basic techniques on the traditional Irish step dancing.

Lynn Academy of Irish Dance

Comes with Irish dancing history, class data, performance booking, schedules and links.

The Maple School of Irish Dancing

Details about an academy of Irish dancers that perform in charitable organizations and Celtic theater.

McDade School of Irish Dance

Includes history of the institution, and data about instructors, locations, enrollment, and news.

McElligott School of Irish Dance

Group of dancers that performs in various governmental dignitaries and other events.

McGrath Academy of Irish Dance

Aims to teach traditional Irish dance to all ages and levels in northern Virginia.

McNulty School of Irish Dance

Offers Irish dance lessons; with booking information, class schedules, and Irish links.

McTeggart Irish Dancers of Louisiana

Irish dance school that provides weekly lessons for beginners and various performances.

McTeggart Irish Dancers of Oklahoma

Non-profit organization that provides dance and music classes, performances, and competitions to develop Irish culture in Oklahoma.

The Murray School Of Irish Dancing

Provides dance classes for students of all ages and performance levels with emphasis on Irish culture, music, and dance.

Nashville Irish Step Dancers

Features an Irish step dance school with repertoire of traditional dances that include jigs, reels, and hornpipes.

O'Donovan School of Irish Dance

Details about an Irish dance school that performs on festivals, competitions, parties, and other special functions.

The O'Neill-James School of Irish Dancing

Irish dancing school based in Washington, DC that performs before the Presidents of Ireland and the United States.

O'Rourke Irish Dancers

Aims to develop student’s potential in dancing and promotes Irish culture.

O'Rourke Tighe School of Irish Dance

Tells about founder and instructor, Carmel O'Rourke Tighe; with class and Feis information. Richmond and Charlottesville, Virginia.

O'Shea-Chaplin Academy of Irish Dance

Performs throughout United States and combines traditional and contemporary Irish dances.

Peter Smith School

Pools in details about an Irish dance school founded by Peter Smith that trains children and young adults for championship titles.

Petri School of Irish Dancing

Provides classes for beginners at Petri Studios in East Northport and Franklin Square, New York.

Portland Irish Dance Academy

Academy of Irish dance that competes in Feisanna throughout Vancouver and San Diego.

The Reed School of Irish Dance

Introduces the institution, classes, upcoming events and bookings.

Ridgewood Irish Dance

Aims to nurture Irish dance culture in a non-competitive environment.

Rince na Chroi

Comes with particulars of the instructors, classes, performance schedule, and links.

Rinceoiri Don Spraoi Irish Step Dance School

Presents information about an Irish step dance school based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Rose Academy of Irish Dance

Browse through data about Irish dance. Classes, news, and feis information included.

Ryan-Kilcoyne School of Irish Dancing

Relates history, classes, Feis and results, album, links, news, and locations. Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Schade Academy of Irish Dance

Academy that provides training both traditional and contemporary forms of Irish dancing.

Scott-Ellis School of Irish Dance

Aims to develop Irish step dancing in the Middle Tennessee area through competitions.

Shelley School of Irish Dance

Dance school that promotes Irish dancing through performance opportunities and education in competitive solo.

Tir Na Greine

Highlights a dance school established in 1994, exists due to vast demand of the Irish communities across Florida.

Tony Comerford School of Irish Dance

Scroll over list of performances, competitions, results, links and members.

Trinity Academy of Irish Dance

Provides program that centers on the empowerment of each child through non-competitive teaching methods. Chicago, Illinois.

Walsh Kelley School of Irish Dancing

Compiles facts about Irish dancing and abstract of the school. Includes schedule and open feis.

Yeates Academy of Irish Dance and Molly Malone Irish Dancers

Dance school that has locations in Portland and Salem, Oregon, and California. Plus a dance troupe performing at local Irish feis.

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