United States Regional and Civic Ballet Companies in the Best of the Web Directory

United States Regional and Civic Ballet Companies

Alabama Dance Theatre

Adverts company dancers, school, sponsors, outreach and updates.

Alaska Dance Theater

Presents facts about the company, with list of upcoming shows and links to other related information.

Appalachian Ballet Company

The resident dance company of the Clayton Center for the Arts.

Arts Ballet Theater of Florida

Displays facts about the company, with educational programs offered to public schools that develop a new audience-generated cultural standard.

Atlantic Coast Academy of Dance

Highlights a company that encourages children to gain interest in classical ballet. Presents class descriptions, application details, and schedule of classes.

Ballet Chicago

Presents background of the company, school, summer program, and contact information.

Ballet New England

Pre-professional fine art school of dance that provides outreach programs throughout New England.

Ballet North

Specializes in creative ballet classes and training for all ages. With news and video clips. Located in Gladstone, Missouri.

Ballet Theater of New Mexico

Displays facts about the company, performance history, schedule of shows, ticket information, and contact details.

Ballet Yuma

Provides performance venues for gifted dancers and strives to maintain a standard of excellence.

Ballethnic Dance Company

Seeks to involve the youth and the financially disadvantaged in appreciating the art form through instilling an interest in the culture of dance.

Bossov Ballet Theatre

Includes staff, success stories, summer program, upcoming shows, repertoire, and reviews.

Brandywine Ballet Company

Aims to be the leader in the regional community through training ballet dancers in partnership with professional dancers and choreographers. With photos from various productions and contact details.

Canyon Concert Ballet

Non-profit organization that offers classes and performance opportunities in Northern Colorado community. Includes news, contact details, and various photos.

Chesapeake Ballet Company

Seeks to provide a performance outlet for the area's children and young adults in professionally-staged productions.

Children's Ballet Theater of Greater Lansing

Non-profit company that provides youth-oriented ballet performance in Michigan community. With calendar of events, ticket information, and picture gallery.

City Ballet of Cleveland

A pre-professional company dedicated to classical ballet in Northeast Ohio.

Classics Dance Theater

Dance theater established in 1998 that maintains apprenticeship program for young dancers to have professional experience at their young age. With list of past productions and details on outreach programs.

Columbus Youth Ballet

Non-profit performing ballet company that focuses on providing performances for the community of Ohio. With details on workshops offered and photo gallery.

Company of Dance Arts

Non-profit corporation established in 1985 that provides young dancers with performance opportunities to meet professional standards in artistic development. With ticket information and contact details.

Decker School of Ballet

Shares information on Irine Fokine, the company, school, and instructors.

The Fairfax Ballet and The Russell School of Ballet

Displays information about a non-profit organization that gives performing opportunities for young dancers. With rehearsal schedule, list of upcoming events, and various photos.

Fort Lauderdale Ballet Classique

Highlights a ballet company established in 1962, based in South Florida. Compiles news, production photos, and message board.

Gainesville Ballet Theatre, Inc.

Features this resident company of Joni Messler Studio of Dance; includes season details, vision and sponsors.

Gary Geis Dance Company

Features a company that focuses on giving dance education in Springfield, Ohio community. Contains calendar of events, contact list, and photo gallery.

Greensboro Ballet

Non-profit ballet school that provides dance education to children of all ages. Contains list of current productions and contact details.

Gwinnett Ballet Theater

Non-profit organization that provides training and performing experience to local dancers for future career. With details on current production and contact information.

Lafayette Ballet Company and School

Specializing in pre-professional training for the serious student.

Lexington Ballet Company

Presents classical and new ballet repertoire in Lexington and central Kentucky.

Mid-Atlantic Ballet

Non-profit cultural organization that offers dance education, ballet training, and performance opportunity to the Delaware community.

Mobile Ballet

Presents an overview of the company, list of past and current seasons, ticket information, and details on dance training offered.

Montana Ballet Company

Ballet company and academy.

Mystic Ballet

Non-profit educational institution that provides classical and contemporary performances for Southern New England community.

Neglia Ballet

Ballet theater that aims to preserve the creativity and tradition of ballet through performance and advanced theater instruction.

New England Ballet Company

Ballet company established in 1990, by Kenneth Hopkins. Provides performing opportunities and arts education to dancers of all ages.

New Haven Ballet

Displays list of past and current productions, performance news, admission details, and various production photos.

North Arkansas Dance Theater

Displays various production photos, contact details, and other related information about the group.

The Nouveau Chamber Ballet

Pools in news updates about the dance theater, schedule of classes, production photos, and other related information.

Nutmeg Ballet

Details about the dance theater, which provides training program and performance curriculum to young talented students.

Orangeburg Civic Ballet

Provides an overview of the South Carolina dance theater, along with ticket information, audition details, and various photos.

Orlando Ballet

Serve as the source of Russian method ballet education and performances. Includes list of past and current productions, and various production photos.

Pacific School of Dance

Highlights a dance theater that provides ballet training along with jazz and modern. Includes schedule of classes and calendar of events.

Peoria Ballet

Promotes the appreciation of dance as a cultural art form with distinctive emphasis on ballet.

The Portland Ballet

Ballet company founded in 1985, based in Portland Maine. Contains list of past performances, class schedules, and contact details.

Rhode Island's Ballet Theater

Classical ballet company that provides professional training and focus on jazz, modern, and contemporary dance forms.

The Roxey Ballet

Contains information about the professional dance company, and the school of dance in Lambertville, New Jersey.

Salt Creek Ballet

Ballet company established in 1985, provides performance opportunities for young dancers in west-suburban community.

Santa Clarita Ballet Company

Produces original and classic works for ballet at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center.

Scranton Civic Ballet Company

Northeast Pennsylvania youth ballet company and dance school.

Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet

Provides information about the dance company along with audition details, schedule of shows, and ticket reservations.

Sierra Vista Ballet

Details about a dance studio that produces special effect devices to further enhance their shows.

SONdance.org: Christian School of Ballet

Non-profit organization established in 1988, aims to give glory to God through worship dance.

South Dayton Dance Theater

Offers data about the dance company, performances, announcements, and contact details.

Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater

Dance theater that offers training and stress understanding on the inherent traditions behind each dance forms.

Southwest Virginia Ballet

Ballet company that strives to present affordable productions while promoting cultural enrichment and awareness of the art of dance.

The State Ballet of Rhode Island

A non-profit, regional, semi-professional ballet company.

The Toledo Ballet Association

Aims to maintain the art of dance through community education, studio instruction, and major performances.

Youth American Ballet Company

A pre-professional ballet program promoting classical ballet training, positive reinforcement, and valuable performance opportunities.

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