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This category is created to hold links to sites about individual actors and actresses throughout the years who act or acted in any medium, including movies, theater, television, or other media.
  • Adams, Jane - IMDb

    Page in IMDb informing about the filmography of the actress and showing photographs of her.

  • Appleby, Shiri - IMDb

    IMDb portion contains filmography and biography of the actress.

  • Arquette, Patricia - IMDb

    Offers a comprehensive filmography, biographical information, and a message board.

  • Bachchan, Abhishek - Internet Movie Database

    Portion devoted to the Bollywood actor provides biography and pictures as well as an extensive filmography.

  • Bakula, Scott - IMDb

    Provides Scott Bakula’s biography, images, and filmography.

  • Basinger, Kim - IMDb

    Includes a biography, filmography, and personal message board.

  • Bening, Annette - IMDb

    Presents a biography, trivia, filmography and message board.

  • Benson, Robby

    Official site of Robby Benson, Broadway, film and television actor and director. Robby_Benson

  • Bosworth, Kate -

    Biography, news, feature articles, fun facts, and images of the champion equestrian who debuted as an actress with Robert Redford's The Horse Whisperer.

  • Burns, Edward

    Official information for the actor, film producer, writer, and director who is currently married and living in New York. edward_burns

  • Caesar, Sid - IMDb

    IMDb portion dedicated to the actor showing his pictures and a roster of films that the comedian has performed in.

  • Caffey, David

    Provides news archives, pictures, and career profile of the actor. David_Caffey

  • Caleodis, George Pete

    Features the improv and stand-up comedian with resumes, pictures, demo reels, and episodes in Podcast.

  • Calio, Wendy

    Actress's official site covers background, resume, and photographs.

  • Campbell, Debbie

    Provides resume, photographs, reels and biography of the actress.

  • Canary, David - IMDb

    Presents facts about David Canary and also details films and shows that the actor has starred in.

  • Cannon, Dyan - IMDb

    IMDb section dedicated to the actress presents several pictures of the blonde actress.

  • Carney, Art - Lauded 'Honeymooners' Actor, Dies

    The New York Times obituary for Carney, who died on November 2003 in a convalescent home in Connecticut.

  • Caron, Leslie - IMDb

    Presents facts, photos, and filmography of Leslie Caron.

  • Carson, Jack

    Tribute site profiling the life and work of actor Jack Carson.

  • Caruso, David - IMDb

    Presents bio data of the actor with career highlights, photo shots, and filmography.

  • Cassidy, Patrick - IMDb

    Presents a roster of links of films that the actor has starred in that also doubles as a list of links leading to in-depth information about them.

  • Cates, Dean

    Contains biography, media clips, and photos of the actor.

  • Cauffiel, Jessica - IMDb

    Presents facts, photos, and filmography about actress Jessica Cauffiel who starred as an assassin in the action-comedy D.E.B.S.

  • Chamberlin, Beth

    IMDb portion of the site contains an extensive filmography of the actress.

  • Chambers, Justin - IMDb

    Contains filmography and pictures of the actor who starred in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.

  • Chan Hiu Tung, Daniel

    IMDb portion focusing on the performer details Daniel Chan’s filmography.

  • Chapman, Ben

    Official home page of Ben Chapman, the actor who played the Gillman in Creature From the Black Lagoon.

  • Chappelle, David - IMDb

    Features a filmography, biography, and a collection of photos.

  • Chase, Charlie

    Resource on the early film comedian Charley Chase, featuring articles on his life and work, and filmography.

  • Chenoweth, Kristin - IMDb

    Presents a lengthy filmography of the multi-talented performer who can sing and act well.

  • Chow, Yun-Fat - IMDb

    Presents the actor’s filmography, pictures, and facts.

  • Clark, Chelsea

    Experienced and camera ready SAG/AFTRA NYC actress and voiceover artist, now appearing on stage and film.

  • Clayburgh, Jill - IMDb

    IMDb portion focusing on Jill Clayburgh presents several facts about the actress, pictures, and a lengthy filmography.

  • Cleare, LaQuita

    TV and film actress presents her resume, news, biography and photo gallery.

  • Cliche, Karen - IMDb

    Presents several facts and pictures about the sexy actress-model.

  • Coralina

    Compiles portfolio of the actress with personal biodata, photos, and contact details.

  • Costa, Edoardo

    News about Edoardo Costa, the Italian actor, entrepreneur and former international model. edoardocosta1

  • Cram, Paul

    Includes biography, reel, news, and contact details. paulcramactor

  • Cruz, Melanie

    Official website with links to her online theatrical reel, voice over reel, resume, pictures and contact information.

  • Cuddire, Michael

    Actor provides video and voice demos, gallery, contact information and resume.

  • Culp, Steven

    Information, news, pictures, articles, media about Steven Culp. SConTV_com

  • Cummins, Martin - IMDb

    Presents facts and filmography of the Martin Cummins.

  • Cuoco, Kaley - IMDb

    IMDb portion dedicated to sexy Kaley Cuoco containing pictures, facts, and filmography of the actress.

  • Currie, Ashley Diane

    Official site with biography, photos, and contact. TheArtWarrior

  • Dafoe, Willem - IMDb

    Includes a biography, filmography, and message board.

  • Daly, Michael Kevin

    Musician and actor with a passion for photography and songwriting.

  • David Tennant

    View downloadable materials related to the actor like pictures, wallpapers, interviews, and more. Plus list of actor’s films.

  • Duel, Pete

    Memorial site with gallery, biography, filmography and remembrances. peteduel

  • Duty, Kenton

    Official Website of Kenton Duty, actor, musician and star of Shake It Up on The Disney Channel. kentonjduty

  • Duvall, Robert - IMDb

    Provides a biography, a list of film and TV credits and a message board.

  • Eckhart, Aaron - IMDb

    Provides a filmography, messageboard, trivia and details of award nominations.

  • Egan, Chris - IMDb

    Provides photos, filmography, and trivia.

  • Ehle, Jennifer - IMDb

    Provides birthdate of Jennifer Ehle, pictures, and filmography of the actress.

  • Ford, Harrison - IMDb

    Features biographical information and a comprehensive filmography.

  • Fuller, Lili

    Official website for actress and choreographer Lili Fuller.

  • Ganyo, Scott

    Official site of Scott Ganyo with information on Scott's career as an actor and producer as well as his work as a technologist.

  • Ghaffari, Vida

    Presents the actresses resume, news, photo gallery, reels and press coverage.

  • Greig, Tamsin - IMDb

    Features short biographical details, filmography, and related facts about the artist.

  • Hawn, Goldie - IMDb

    Furnishes biography, filmography, awards, and trivia.

  • Hoffman, Dustin - IMDb

    Offers a biography, filmography and trivia.

  • Hoffman, Philip Seymour - IMDb

    Provides an image gallery, biography and list of film and TV credits.

  • IMDb - Tommy Lentsch

    Presents the TV, Film and Commercial roles Tommy Lentsch has performed in, as well as photos. tommylentsch

  • IMDb: Kirstie Alley

    Includes a biography, filmography, and photo galleries.

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Official website presents the biography of the singer-actress including a media gallery, message boards, and merchandise items.

  • The John/Andrew Bucket Brigade

    Provides myriad newsletters about the Mississippi-raised actor.

  • Kato, Sergio

    Brazilian actor presents his resume and biography. SergioKatofilm

  • Keira

    Provides a biography and filmography of Keira Knightley with archived articles and quick facts.

  • Kirkland, Sally

    Official site with biography, her artwork, articles and interviews.

  • Law, Jude - IMDb

    Presents a biography, details of awards, trivia, image gallery and filmography.

  • Leah Thompson

    Official website for this young female actress, singer, and YouTube sensation. LeahCatThompson

  • Leigh, Vivien - IMDb

    Provides a filmography, biography, trivia and messageboard.

  • Lester, Kelly

    Provides a biography, resume, pictures and reels for the actress and singer. TheSingingCEO

  • Lester, Loren

    Los Angeles actor presents video, photos and resume. actorLL

  • Lopez, George

    TV actor and talk show host also doing movie voiceovers and stand-up comedy. Includes his profile, tour dates, photos and videos.

  • McCormack, Mary - IMDb

    Includes mini biography, filmography and messageboard.

  • Mercurio, Paul

    Well known Australian actor, TV presenter, and dancer who also was a judge on Dancing with the Stars in Ausralia and New Zealand.

  • Meske Deanna

    Presents demo reels, commercials, trailers, resume, and photos. DeannaMeske

  • Mokae, Zakes

    Theater and film actor with reviews and photos.

  • Mori, Barbara - IMDb

    Presents a biography, filmography and trivia.

  • Mumy, Bill

    Actor of "Lost in Space" fame. Highlights for his acting career, music, voice-overs, and films given.

  • Neeson, Liam - IMDb

    Features a comprehensive filmography, photo galleries, and a message board.

  • Nosuchinsky, Joeanne

    Actor, model, and co-host of Redeye with Greg Gutfeld. Wit, fun, talent, and beauty is what this New York beauty queen has to offer. Find a bio, resume, and blog. JoNosuchinsky

  • Ormond, Julia - IMDb

    Features a comprehensive filmography, biography, and personal message board.

  • Palacio, James

    New York actor presents resume, gallery and film reel.

  • Parrish, Janel

    Presents a biography, video, gallery and resume of the actress and singer-songwriter. JanelParrish

  • Patel, Dev

    Video of the interview with the actor on his role in 'The Last Airbender'.

  • Phillippe, Ryan - IMDb

    Provides a filmography, message board, and biography.

  • Pindar, Julian

    London and Los Angeles based actor who is a Film, TV and theatre actor.

  • Pleasence, Donald - The Man With The Hypnotic Eye

    Tribute site with interviews, biography and photo gallery.

  • Pulos, Jenni

    Actress, rapper, voice-over artist, and co-star of Bravo's TV series Flipping Out.

  • Raggi, Florencia

    Argentinian actress presents her biography, photo gallery and video.

  • Reid, Wallace

    Complete filmography of American actor Wallace Reid from 1910 to 1922.

  • Robert Downey Jr., Robert - IMDb

    Offers a brief biography, filmography plus message board facility.

  • Robles, Sergi

    Trained actor, singer and dancer presents his resume and photo gallery.

  • Ross, Rusty

    Presents resume, photos, reviews and news on the actor.

  • Ryan, Jeri - IMDb

    Features a comprehensive filmography, photo galleries, and a message board.

  • Saldana, Zoe - IMDb

    Presents a number of photographs, biography, trivia, awards and filmography.

  • Seagal, Steven

    Official website actor's biography as well as information on his films and music.

  • Searcy, Nick

    Consumate actor offers a look at his bio and credits, acting reels, and acting school shots. yesnicksearcy

  • Spacek, Sissy - IMDb

    Provides a biography of the Oscar winning actress plus filmography and image gallery.

  • Steel, J.A.

    Official site with biography, downloads and details of awards and performances.

  • Tishby, Noa

    Israeli actress, producer, model and singer, presents biography, photo gallery and video.

  • Tyler, Aisha

    African-American TV and movie actress and comedienne. Includes biography, credits, and tour schedule.

  • Vassileva, Lilia

    Actress Lilia Vassileva's resume, photo gallery, and video gallery.

  • Vedder, Kara

    Photo shots and resume of the actress and model. karavedder

  • Watson, Scott

    News and updates concerning the current and future projects of American actor/playwright Scott Watson as well as play samples, videos, and pictures.

  • Yotty, Beau

    Presents a biography, videos, details of projects and a photo gallery. BeauYotty

  • Zellweger, Renee - IMDb

    Features actress information and a comprehensive filmography.

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