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Actors Information and Resources

  • Adams, Jane - IMDb

    Page in IMDb informing about the filmography of the actress and showing photographs of her.

  • Alda, Alan - IMDb

    Find a photo gallery and filmography of actor, writer and director, Alan Alda.

  • Appleby, Shiri - IMDb

    IMDb portion contains filmography and biography of the actress.

  • Arquette, Patricia - IMDb

    Offers a comprehensive filmography, biographical information, and a message board.

  • Bachchan, Abhishek - Internet Movie Database

    Portion devoted to the Bollywood actor provides biography and pictures as well as an extensive filmography.

  • Bakula, Scott - IMDb

    Provides Scott Bakula’s biography, images, and filmography.

  • Basinger, Kim - IMDb

    Includes a biography, filmography, and personal message board.

  • Bening, Annette - IMDb

    Presents a biography, trivia, filmography and message board.

  • Benson, Robby

    Official site of Robby Benson, Broadway, film and television actor and director. Robby_Benson

  • Bosworth, Kate -

    Biography, news, feature articles, fun facts, and images of the champion equestrian who debuted as an actress with Robert Redford's The Horse Whisperer.

  • Burns, Edward

    Official information for the actor, film producer, writer, and director who is currently married and living in New York. edward_burns

  • Burton, Hilarie - Superior Pics

    Collection of pictures of the American actress with news and related links.

  • Caesar, Sid - IMDb

    IMDb portion dedicated to the actor showing his pictures and a roster of films that the comedian has performed in.

  • Caffey, David

    Provides news archives, pictures, and career profile of the actor. David_Caffey

  • Caleodis, George Pete

    Features the improv and stand-up comedian with resumes, pictures, demo reels, and episodes in Podcast.

  • Calio, Wendy

    Actress's official site covers background, resume, and photographs.

  • Campbell, Debbie

    Provides resume, photographs, reels and biography of the actress.

  • Canary, David - IMDb

    Presents facts about David Canary and also details films and shows that the actor has starred in.

  • Cannon, Dyan - IMDb

    IMDb section dedicated to the actress presents several pictures of the blonde actress.

  • Capshaw, Jessica - IMDb

    Shows several pictures and links to the films that Jessica Capshaw has starred in.

  • Cardelli, Linda - IMDb

    Includes biography, photo gallery, and filmography of the actress.

  • Carney, Art - Lauded 'Honeymooners' Actor, Dies

    The New York Times obituary for Carney, who died on November 2003 in a convalescent home in Connecticut.

  • Caron, Leslie - IMDb

    Presents facts, photos, and filmography of Leslie Caron.

  • Carson, Jack

    Tribute site profiling the life and work of actor Jack Carson.

  • Caruso, David - IMDb

    Presents bio data of the actor with career highlights, photo shots, and filmography.

  • Cassidy, Patrick - IMDb

    Presents a roster of links of films that the actor has starred in that also doubles as a list of links leading to in-depth information about them.

  • Cates, Dean

    Contains biography, media clips, and photos of the actor.

  • Cauffiel, Jessica - IMDb

    Presents facts, photos, and filmography about actress Jessica Cauffiel who starred as an assassin in the action-comedy D.E.B.S.

  • Chamberlin, Beth

    IMDb portion of the site contains an extensive filmography of the actress.

  • Chambers, Justin - IMDb

    Contains filmography and pictures of the actor who starred in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.

  • Chan Hiu Tung, Daniel

    IMDb portion focusing on the performer details Daniel Chan’s filmography.

  • Chapman, Ben

    Official home page of Ben Chapman, the actor who played the Gillman in Creature From the Black Lagoon.

  • Chappelle, David - IMDb

    Features a filmography, biography, and a collection of photos.

  • Chase, Charlie

    Resource on the early film comedian Charley Chase, featuring articles on his life and work, and filmography.

  • Chenoweth, Kristin - IMDb

    Presents a lengthy filmography of the multi-talented performer who can sing and act well.

  • Chow, Yun-Fat - IMDb

    Presents the actor’s filmography, pictures, and facts.

  • Christie, Julie - IMDb

    Presents the actress’ filmography and pictures of her.

  • Clark, Chelsea

    Experienced and camera ready SAG/AFTRA NYC actress and voiceover artist, now appearing on stage and film.

  • Clayburgh, Jill - IMDb

    IMDb portion focusing on Jill Clayburgh presents several facts about the actress, pictures, and a lengthy filmography.

  • Cleare, LaQuita

    TV and film actress presents her resume, news, biography and photo gallery.

  • Cliche, Karen - IMDb

    Presents several facts and pictures about the sexy actress-model.

  • Coralina

    Compiles portfolio of the actress with personal biodata, photos, and contact details.

  • Costa, Edoardo

    News about Edoardo Costa, the Italian actor, entrepreneur and former international model. edoardocosta1

  • Cram, Paul

    Includes biography, reel, news, and contact details. paulcramactor

  • Cruz, Melanie

    Official website with links to her online theatrical reel, voice over reel, resume, pictures and contact information.

  • Cuddire, Michael

    Actor provides video and voice demos, gallery, contact information and resume.

  • Culp, Steven

    Information, news, pictures, articles, media about Steven Culp. SConTV_com

  • Cummins, Martin - IMDb

    Presents facts and filmography of the Martin Cummins.

  • Cuoco, Kaley - IMDb

    IMDb portion dedicated to sexy Kaley Cuoco containing pictures, facts, and filmography of the actress.

  • Currie, Ashley Diane

    Official site with biography, photos, and contact. TheArtWarrior

  • Curry, Alana - IMDb

    Page focusing on the actress presents facts about her and a roster of films that she has performed in.

  • Dafoe, Willem - IMDb

    Includes a biography, filmography, and message board.

  • Daly, Michael Kevin

    Musician and actor with a passion for photography and songwriting.

  • David Tennant

    View downloadable materials related to the actor like pictures, wallpapers, interviews, and more. Plus list of actor’s films.

  • Duel, Pete

    Memorial site with gallery, biography, filmography and remembrances. peteduel

  • Duty, Kenton

    Official Website of Kenton Duty, actor, musician and star of Shake It Up on The Disney Channel. kentonjduty

  • Duvall, Robert - IMDb

    Provides a biography, a list of film and TV credits and a message board.

  • Eckhart, Aaron - IMDb

    Provides a filmography, messageboard, trivia and details of award nominations.

  • Egan, Chris - IMDb

    Provides photos, filmography, and trivia.

  • Ehle, Jennifer - IMDb

    Provides birthdate of Jennifer Ehle, pictures, and filmography of the actress.

  • Ford, Harrison - IMDb

    Features biographical information and a comprehensive filmography.

  • Fuller, Lili

    Official website for actress and choreographer Lili Fuller.

  • Ganyo, Scott

    Official site of Scott Ganyo with information on Scott's career as an actor and producer as well as his work as a technologist.

  • Ghaffari, Vida

    Presents the actresses resume, news, photo gallery, reels and press coverage.

  • Greig, Tamsin - IMDb

    Features short biographical details, filmography, and related facts about the artist.

  • Hawn, Goldie - IMDb

    Furnishes biography, filmography, awards, and trivia.

  • Hoffman, Dustin - IMDb

    Offers a biography, filmography and trivia.

  • Hoffman, Philip Seymour - IMDb

    Provides an image gallery, biography and list of film and TV credits.

  • IMDb - Tommy Lentsch

    Presents the TV, Film and Commercial roles Tommy Lentsch has performed well as photos. tommylentsch

  • IMDb: Kirstie Alley

    Includes a biography, filmography, and photo galleries.

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Official website presents the biography of the singer-actress including a media gallery, message boards, and merchandise items.

  • The John/Andrew Bucket Brigade

    Provides myriad newsletters about the Mississippi-raised actor.

  • Kato, Sergio

    Brazilian actor presents his resume and biography. SergioKatofilm

  • Keira

    Provides a biography and filmography of Keira Knightley with archived articles and quick facts.

  • Kirkland, Sally

    Official site with biography, her artwork, articles and interviews.

  • Law, Jude - IMDb

    Presents a biography, details of awards, trivia, image gallery and filmography.

  • Leah Thompson

    Official website for this young female actress, singer, and YouTube sensation. LeahCatThompson

  • Leigh, Vivien - IMDb

    Provides a filmography, biography, trivia and messageboard.

  • Lester, Kelly

    Provides a biography, resume, pictures and reels for the actress and singer. TheSingingCEO

  • Lester, Loren

    Los Angeles actor presents video, photos and resume. actorLL

  • Lopez, George

    TV actor and talk show host also doing movie voiceovers and stand-up comedy. Includes his profile, tour dates, photos and videos.

  • McCormack, Mary - IMDb

    Includes mini biography, filmography and messageboard.

  • McCutcheon, Martine - IMDb

    Read a mini biography about the actress’ personal and career life. Plus film listing.

  • Mercurio, Paul

    Well known Australian actor, TV presenter, and dancer who also was a judge on Dancing with the Stars in Ausralia and New Zealand.

  • Meske Deanna

    Presents demo reels, commercials, trailers, resume, and photos. DeannaMeske

  • Mokae, Zakes

    Theater and film actor with reviews and photos.

  • Mori, Barbara - IMDb

    Presents a biography, filmography and trivia.

  • Moye, James

    New York City based actor presents his resume, audio, biography and reviews.

  • Mumy, Bill

    Actor of "Lost in Space" fame. Highlights for his acting career, music, voice-overs, and films given.

  • Neeson, Liam - IMDb

    Features a comprehensive filmography, photo galleries, and a message board.

  • Nosuchinsky, Joeanne

    Actor, model, and co-host of Redeye with Greg Gutfeld. Wit, fun, talent, and beauty is what this New York beauty queen has to offer. Find a bio, resume, and blog. JoNosuchinsky

  • Ormond, Julia - IMDb

    Features a comprehensive filmography, biography, and personal message board.

  • Palacio, James

    New York actor presents resume, gallery and film reel.

  • Parrish, Janel

    Presents a biography, video, gallery and resume of the actress and singer-songwriter. JanelParrish

  • Patel, Dev

    Video of the interview with the actor on his role in 'The Last Airbender'.

  • Phillippe, Ryan - IMDb

    Provides a filmography, message board, and biography.

  • Pindar, Julian

    London and Los Angeles based actor who is a Film, TV and theatre actor.

  • Pleasence, Donald - The Man With The Hypnotic Eye

    Tribute site with interviews, biography and photo gallery.

  • Pulos, Jenni

    Actress, rapper, voice-over artist, and co-star of Bravo's TV series Flipping Out.

  • Raggi, Florencia

    Argentinian actress presents her biography, photo gallery and video.

  • Reid, Wallace

    Complete filmography of American actor Wallace Reid from 1910 to 1922.

  • Robert Downey Jr., Robert - IMDb

    Offers a brief biography, filmography plus message board facility.

  • Robles, Sergi

    Trained actor, singer and dancer presents his resume and photo gallery.

  • Ross, Rusty

    Presents resume, photos, reviews and news on the actor.

  • Ryan, Jeri - IMDb

    Features a comprehensive filmography, photo galleries, and a message board.

  • Saldana, Zoe - IMDb

    Presents a number of photographs, biography, trivia, awards and filmography.

  • Seagal, Steven

    Official website actor's biography as well as information on his films and music.

  • Searcy, Nick

    Consumate actor offers a look at his bio and credits, acting reels, and acting school shots. yesnicksearcy

  • Spacek, Sissy - IMDb

    Provides a biography of the Oscar winning actress plus filmography and image gallery.

  • Steel, J.A.

    Official site with biography, downloads and details of awards and performances.

  • Tishby, Noa

    Israeli actress, producer, model and singer, presents biography, photo gallery and video.

  • Tyler, Aisha

    African-American TV and movie actress and comedienne. Includes biography, credits, and tour schedule.

  • Vassileva, Lilia

    Actress Lilia Vassileva's resume, photo gallery, and video gallery.

  • Vedder, Kara

    Photo shots and resume of the actress and model. karavedder

  • Watson, Scott

    News and updates concerning the current and future projects of American actor/playwright Scott Watson as well as play samples, videos, and pictures.

  • Weisz, Rachel - IMDb

    Read biography and filmography.

  • Yotty, Beau

    Presents a biography, videos, details of projects and a photo gallery. BeauYotty

  • Zellweger, Renee - IMDb

    Features actress information and a comprehensive filmography.

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