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Women In Music Personal Pages

Aideen O’Donnel

Contains reviews, schedules, and details of the recordings of the Irish harpist.

Collected Sounds

Focuses on independent women singers, and composers. Also contains reviews, news, articles, newsletter, and links to related sites.


Features articles and websites on folk music. Also includes advertisement of CDs and sheet music.

Dana Reason – Pianist and Composer

Features a synopsis of the artist’s life and profile. Also includes music, schedules of appearances, and contact details.

Harriet Schock

Contains links to song, artists, awards given, and contact information.

Jane Brockman: Composer

Contains profile, announcements, updates, and schedule of the artist. Also includes selected works, recordings, and contact information.

Jennifer Fowler – Composer

Details the life and career of the artist, her accomplishments, and news about her. Also includes list of works, and contact information.

Julie Giroux Concert Band Music Site

Details the career and life story of the artist. Also includes news, updates, and contact information for suggestions, and comments.


Features the biography and work of the music artist.

Kill Yr TV

Tackles alternative music meant for women musicians. Also includes recommended links to other related sites.

Kitty Brazelton

Emphasizes the life story, and the career achievements of the musical artist. Also includes sample of works, list of related sites, and contact information for queries.

Lara Saint Paul

Shows the artist's life story, career track record, upcoming performances, and contact information.

Liz Zelvin

Details the artist's career and her qualifications. Also contains articles, sample works, and contact information for inquiries.

Mary Jane Leach

Features a summarized life story of artist and her career track record. Also includes downloadable documents, list works, albums, and contact information.

Monique Berry

Details the music and the life of the musician. Also includes articles, news, reviews, and contact information.

Nancy Bloomer Deussen

Presents a summary of artist’s life and career. Also includes audio clips of her music.

World of Molecular Music

Offers audio clips of sample compositions "derived from herbs, medicinal plants and the human body". Also includes profile of study, answers to frequently asked questions, list of related sites, and contact information.

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