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Saxophone Players

  • Aaron, David / Short Memory

    Contains biography, audio and video clips, downloads, and reviews.

  • Abair, Mindi

    Biographical information along with discography, tour schedules and gallery are being featured.

  • Actis Dato, Carlos

    Italian saxophonist’s discography, recitals and photo gallery are being presented.

  • Alaadeen, Ahmad

    Award-winning artist’s site includes biography, recordings, gallery and booking information.

  • Albright, Gerald

    Displays biography, discography and photo gallery along with fan forum and tour dates.

  • Alexander, Ariel

    Offers details of events with discography and biography.

  • Ashu

    Offers personal fan mail, journal, photos and repertoire.

  • Baker, Shannon

    Contains music career background and details on private lessons.

  • Beasley, Walter

    Displays news updates, newsletter, interviews and tour dates with photos.

  • Béney, Jean-christophe

    French saxophonist’s site includes biography, discography and events list with excerpts from albums.

  • Bergonzi, Jerry

    Details on biography, recordings, reviews, books, discography and gallery.

  • Bissell, Shelton

    Artist specializing in country and gospel sax music has brief personal background, CD catalog and music samples.

  • Bogart, Ben

    Sax artist offers saxophone lessons and Argentine tango with his biography.

  • Bootman

    Multi-instrumentalist site includes biography, tips, and audio and photographic samples.

  • Brough, Bob

    Contains bibliographical information, discography, and overview of the artist’s band.

  • Buckingham, Katisse

    Displays photos, biography, and details of artist’s shows.

  • Burns, Charles

    Updates of music and photos are being featured with biography.

  • Butler, Johnny

    Features downloadable music, biography and photographs with performance information.

  • Canter, Pete

    Modern Jazz performer’s site displays gig diary and photos with overview of recordings.

  • Coleman, Steve

    Steve Coleman’s performance schedules, resume, recordings and interviews are being presented.

  • Colon, Cliff

    Colon’s gigs and personal profile are being presented with forum and news updates.

  • Cunningham, Tim

    Contains biography, discography, and schedules with facts and favorites relevant to the artist.

  • Cutler, Jim

    Displays biography and events calendar with online shopping details.

  • Dalton, Joseph X.

    Provides private lessons to beginning and intermediate band students in St. Louis, Missouri area.

  • Darcy, Alan

    Contains biography, tour dates, audio and video clips, and photos. With order and contact info.

  • DeAngelis, Bob

    Toronto-based instrumentalist’s site includes biography, performance schedules, and bookings. With links to group bands.

  • Delano, Andre

    Displays artist’s music information, gallery, biography, news, and notes. With bookings, press kit, and Delano’s e-mail group.

  • Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet

    Performs arrangements of jazz standards. Includes publishing, mailing lists, webmail, press, links, photos, and contacts.

  • Endemann, Katja

    Details of upcoming concerts, biography, teaching, audio clips, resume, and online CD and iTunes order. With blogs and contacts.

  • Fraser, Ryan

    Information repository contains promotions, sax lessons archive, list of new online lessons, journal, and biography. With contact details.

  • Gairo, Tony

    Philadelphia-based performer’s biography, performances, discography, and guestbook. With links and contact info.

  • Garland, Tim

    UK-based musician known for ensemble writing, chamber ensembles, choirs, and many commissions. With diary, recordings, music samples, and gallery.

  • Geller, Herb

    Homepage with biography, discography, photos, news, mp3, and real audio.

  • Gillespie, Valerie

    Details of tour dates, biography, and music. With links and contact info.

  • Gordon, Jon

    Alto player’s site contains biography, music, endorsements, gigs, and compositions/instructional books. With contact details.

  • Greco, Chris

    Displays biography, discography, news, essays, schedules, and links. With order and contact specifics.

  • Hadro, Andrew

    Specializes in baritone playing. Site contains biography, press reviews, news, projects, and booking info. With mailing list and contact details.

  • Handy, John

    Displays biography, discography, and list of performances on recordings by other artists.

  • Hanson, Nathan

    Details of performances, recordings, and press reviews. With contact info.

  • Hassay, Gary Joseph

    Includes resume, music profile, reviews, and photos. With links and contact specifics.

  • Hayes, Brian

    Australian saxophonist, composer, recording artist and music educator. Includes recordings, compositions, biography, and FAQs. With links and contacts.

  • Heath, Jimmy

    Tenor saxophonist’s site contains press reviews, discography, and music profiles. With links and contact details.

  • Hemke, Frederick L.

    Details of education, present appointments, awards, distinctions, accomplishments, and recordings. With links and contact info.

  • Higgins, Dan

    Saxophonist’s biography, credits, CD info, events, and music updates. With links and contacts.

  • Hornstein, Michael

    Overview of new CD release, reviews, photos, projects, and recordings. With order details.

  • Jason, Sonya

    Displays reviews, biography, music profiles, awards, and contact info.

  • Juritz, Robert

    Includes brief personal background, education, and photos. With links and contact details.

  • Keller, Steve

    Musician and computer programmer’s page contains journal, studio with equipment inventory, resume, and links. With contact info.

  • Lacy, Steve

    Displays concert schedules, press reviews, biography, interactive discography, news, photos, and audio files.

  • Lake, Oliver

    Provides biography, discography, tour dates, scores, poetry, and art gallery. With links, downloads, and order info.

  • Lulloff, Joe

    Displays critics’ corner, personal profile, and schedules. With downloads and contact details.

  • Maletick, Rob

    Gospel/Jazz saxophonist’s site includes biography, albums, photos, and appearances. With links.

  • Margitza, Rick

    Tenor and soprano saxophonist’s site includes latest CD release, performance schedule, photos, booking information, and links. With English and French translations.

  • McBrearty, Daniel

    Overview of concerts and archive. With subscription details, links, and contacts.

  • Møller, Lars

    Contains recordings, compositions, resume, and links to bands. With booking and contact info.

  • Morgan, Jeffrey

    List of CDs with sample audio clips, reviews, workshops, and resume.

  • Novick, Billy

    Details of biography, recordings, critical acclaims, movie/TV appearances, and upcoming performances. With links and contact info.

  • Oppenheim, Richard

    Contains news, recordings, reviews, press room, and education. With links and contact details.

  • Pereira, Tom

    Displays biography, music, gigs, news, and photos. With links and contact info.

  • Perkoff, Ben "King”

    List of gig schedules, sound samples, lessons, and photo gallery. With contact information.

  • Pollard, Lisa

    Provides list of musicians, recordings, events, and memorials. With links and contact details.

  • Potts, Steve

    Details of biography discography, concerts, photos, audio clips, and links. With English and German versions.

  • Reid, Benny

    Contains news, biography, schedules, audio clips, images, and links. With purchase and contact details.

  • Reynolds, Bob

    Includes news, music profiles, shows, photos, and press reviews. With links and contact details.

  • Ries, Tim

    Overview of biographical information, discography, gigs, equipment, gallery, and MP3s. With contact specifics.

  • Rossi, Rick

    Professional music agency in Southern California specializes live music and entertainment for weddings, corporate events, and private parties. With contact info.

  • Rovatti, Ada

    Contains biography, photos, news, MP3s, press kit, and endorsements. With links and contact info.

  • Santiago, Ric

    Details of biography, affiliations, events calendar, sounds, and images. With booking information.

  • Scott, Andy

    Saxophonist and composer’s biography, projects, and performances. With links.

  • Selvaggio, Bobby

    Displays biography, gigs, music profiles, news, and publications. With contact details.

  • Sherrod, Art, Jr.

    Contains news, events calendar, biography, photos, audio, and video clips. With guestbook and contact details.

  • Soot, Raul

    Contains biography, recordings, compositions, gallery, and equipment inventory. With links and contact info.

  • Spake, Jim

    Provides biography, discography, upcoming events, and links. With contact info.

  • Tomko

    Offers events calendar, discography, and audio clips of Tomko.

  • Walker, Big

    Blues performer’s site contains biography, sound files, lesson information, and gig schedule. With guestbook, links, and contact details.

  • Winther, Christian

    Displays biography, reviews, gallery, and appearances with CD/MP3 samples and contact details.

  • Woods, Tony

    Features saxophonist’s biography, projects, recordings, gigs, gallery, audio clips, reviews.

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