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Musical instruments — devices or mechanisms for producing musical sounds — refer to anything that generates sounds and can be used to create music. Artifacts dating as old as 67,000 years provide evidence to man's knowledge, appreciation, and culture of music. Variations can be observed in different parts of the world and in different time periods.

The widely used system for classifying musical instruments is of Greek origin, grouping instruments into wind, strings, and percussion. Instruments of music are also classified according to the Mahillon and Hornbostel-Sachs systems, the Andre Schaeffner classification scheme, as well as by range and sound quality.

This category features a variety of online resources involving musical instruments including references for specific instruments, learning guides and tutorials, classes, discussions, and groups.
  • The Glass Armonica

    Offers a history of glass instruments and their use in music, particularly Benjamin Franklin's armonica; includes a discography, blog, and resources.

  • Institute of Musical Instrument Technology

    Aims to advance musical instrument technology through the exchange of information and ideas among individuals and groups.

  • Mechanical Music Press

    Details of many mechanical music instruments from the 1800s and early 1900s, including band organs, coin-operated pianos and orchestrions.

  • MX Tablatures

    Searchable database of guitar, bass, and drum tablatures.

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