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Contemporary Composers

Bailey, Christopher Dylan

Provides professional and personal information about the artist.

Beilharz, Kirsty

Displays list of works, biography and research papers by Kirsty Beilharz.

Ben-Amots, Ofer

Picture, biography, list of compositions, publisher, reviews, and news and upcoming events.

Bimstein, Phillip

Information of the artist’s political activities, projects, and music works, with biography included.

Brakel, Christopher

Displays recent news highlights, project details, biography and photos of Christopher Brakel.

Branca, Glenn

Provides details of an ensemble assembled by the composer and guitarist. Contains discography, profiles, and calendar of events.

Carney, James

Displays personal biography and musical scores of the artist, with calendar of events included.

Coleman, Paul

Artist’s personal biography, with details of activities, performances and music excerpt.

Cooman, Carson P.

Contains full biography of the artist, with audio samples, details of musical services and recordings.

Corner, Philip

List of musical scores, writings, recordings and art objects by Philip Corner.

Curran, Alvin

Details on upcoming events, writings, works, and musical scores, with artist’s biography included.

Dashow, james

Selection compositions and recordings, with events calendar, biography and list of awards.

DeMarinis, Paul

Contains details of works, writings and performances, with bibliography and calendar of activities.

Dobrian, Christopher

Personal details of the artist, with overview of the Gassmann Electronic Music Series and services.

Dorff, Daniel

Contains personal profile of the artist and listings by instrument.

Drexler, David

Displays news, music details and personal profile of David Drexler.

Edwards, Ross

Australian composer’s biography, catalogue of works and audio clips.

Einaudi, Ludovico

Overview of the artist’s life, works, live performances and projects.

Einhorn, Richard

Provides personal bibliography of Richard Einhorn.

Essl, Karlheinz

Personal profile of the artist and details of the air borne invention.

Feigin, Joel

Provides personal biography, with list of works and contact details.


Contains latest news and releases, with personal biography and live dates.

Fields, Matthew H.

Artist’s biography, with details of works, press releases and news.

Fields, Scott

Contains details of performances and recordings. With personal biography and reviews.

Ford, Andrew

Displays selected writings, compositions, books and personal biography.

Fox, Christopher

Catalogue of works, with list of recordings and personal biography.

Freeman, Jason

Information of the assistant professor, music department in the institute of Georgia.

Gann, Kyle

Provides information about Kyle Glenn and his works.

Gerber, Jerry

Displays discography details, latest news, personal profile and list of works.

Gerber, Steven R.

Provides articles, list of works, performances details and personal biography.

Glasgow, Scott

Displays news, details of his music and personal profile.

Golijov, Osvaldo

Contains biography, photos, calendar of events and list of works.

Gompper, David Karl

Overview of the life and works of the composer, director, conductor and performer.

Goodall, Howard

Overview of the life and works of the composer of choral music, stage musicals and film.

Grant, James

Particulars of music works, with personal biography and curriculum vitae.

Green, Edward

Personal information about the composer and music director.

Hollinden, Dave

Compositions, recordings, performances, biography and contact information for composer Dave Hollinden.

Minimum Security Composers' Collective

A group of four composers of contemporary music; includes profiles, events diary, audio samples, news, and contacts.

Taub, Bruce J.

List of performances and details, awards, reviews and works. With personal profile.

Taylor, Hollis

Displays latest projects, with audio samples, music catalogue and biography.

Taylor, Stephen Andrew

Official site gives biography, list of compositions, recent and upcoming performances, and writings.

Thomas, Augusta Read

Contains news, details of performances, works and recordings. With biography and images.

Thome, Diane

Display of musical works and details, with personal information.

Truax, Barry

Electroacoustic composer provides biographical information, list of publications and photos.

Trythall, Richard

Overview of the musical works and personal life of the pianist.

Ubieta, Enrique

Selection of musical works in various instruments, with personal information.

Underhill, Nicholas

Contains personal profile and list of cds available.

Uspensky, Vladislav

Particulars of main works and personal information of the artist.

Utz, Christian

Details of publications, lectures and special projects. With personal information.

Van der Aa, Michel

Personal information of the artist, with details of recent works and upcoming concerts.

Van Ness, Patricia

Biography of the artist, with details of performances, catalogue of music and discography.

Vandervelde, Janika

Gallery of photos, with catalogue of works and details of upcoming events.

Vayo, David

Professor of composition and theory, displays personal biography, list of works and audio clips.


Professor of music, media arts and sciences; displays personal information and curriculum vitae.

Vosbein, Terry

Selection of compositions, articles and pictures. With biography and audio samples.

Voss, Vic

Provides notes on one of his pieces, autobiography and mp3 samples.

Vriezen, Samuel

Selection of works, with details and audio samples.

Walker, Gwyneth

Contains catalogs and news, with personal information.

Wallach, Joelle

Particulars of various musical works and recordings. With personal profile.

Wetters, Brent

Selection of compositions and writings. With details of personal life and programming.

Williams, Adrian

Details of recent commissions, works in progress and upcoming events.

Wold, Erling

Particulars of upcoming events, works and personal life. With photos.

Yakub, Roman

List of compositions and composers, with personal biography.

Z, Pamela

Overview of the personal life and musical works of the composer, performer and sound artist.

Zapf, Helmut

Personal bibliography and details of works and compositions.

Zemlinski, Lev

Composer, arranger and songwriter, contains personal profile and details of works.

Zimmerli, Patrick

Overview of the emergence, with history, philosophy and audio clips.

Zivkovic, Nebojsa Jovan

Overview of works and personal life of composer, percussionist and concert artist.

Zuckerman, Mark

Contains catalog, program notes, review and recent highlights. With personal profile.

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