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Contemporary Composers

  • Beilharz, Kirsty

    Displays list of works, biography and research papers by Kirsty Beilharz.

  • Ben-Amots, Ofer

    Picture, biography, list of compositions, publisher, reviews, and news and upcoming events.

  • Brakel, Christopher

    Displays recent news highlights, project details, biography and photos of Christopher Brakel.

  • Branca, Glenn

    Provides details of an ensemble assembled by the composer and guitarist. Contains discography, profiles, and calendar of events.

  • Carney, James

    Displays personal biography and musical scores of the artist, with calendar of events included.

  • Coleman, Paul

    Artist’s personal biography, with details of activities, performances and music excerpt.

  • Cooman, Carson P.

    Contains full biography of the artist, with audio samples, details of musical services and recordings.

  • Corner, Philip

    List of musical scores, writings, recordings and art objects by Philip Corner.

  • Curran, Alvin

    Details on upcoming events, writings, works, and musical scores, with artist’s biography included.

  • Dashow, james

    Selection compositions and recordings, with events calendar, biography and list of awards.

  • DeMarinis, Paul

    Contains details of works, writings and performances, with bibliography and calendar of activities.

  • Dobrian, Christopher

    Personal details of the artist, with overview of the Gassmann Electronic Music Series and services.

  • Dorff, Daniel

    Contains personal profile of the artist and listings by instrument.

  • Drexler, David

    Displays news, music details and personal profile of David Drexler.

  • Drummond, Dean

    List of works and performances, plus reviews, sound samples, photos and biography presented.

  • Edwards, Ross

    Australian composer’s biography, catalogue of works and audio clips.

  • Einaudi, Ludovico

    Overview of the artist’s life, works, live performances and projects.

  • Einhorn, Richard

    Provides personal bibliography of Richard Einhorn.

  • Essl, Karlheinz

    Personal profile of the artist and details of the air borne invention.

  • Everett, Isaac

    Audio clips, details of events and personal profile of the pianist and composer.

  • Fennesz

    Contains latest news and releases, with personal biography and live dates.

  • Fields, Scott

    Contains details of performances and recordings. With personal biography and reviews.

  • Ford, Andrew

    Displays selected writings, compositions, books and personal biography.

  • Fox, Christopher

    Catalogue of works, with list of recordings and personal biography.

  • Freeman, Jason

    Information of the assistant professor, music department in the institute of Georgia.

  • Gerber, Jerry

    Displays discography details, latest news, personal profile and list of works.

  • Gerber, Steven R.

    Provides articles, list of works, performances details and personal biography.

  • Glasgow, Scott

    Displays news, details of his music and personal profile.

  • Golijov, Osvaldo

    Contains biography, photos, calendar of events and list of works.

  • Gompper, David Karl

    Overview of the life and works of the composer, director, conductor and performer.

  • Goodall, Howard

    Overview of the life and works of the composer of choral music, stage musicals and film.

  • Grant, James

    Particulars of music works, with personal biography and curriculum vitae.

  • Hollinden, Dave

    Compositions, recordings, performances, biography and contact information for composer Dave Hollinden.

  • Minimum Security Composers' Collective

    A group of four composers of contemporary music; includes profiles, events diary, audio samples, news, and contacts.

  • Taub, Bruce J.

    List of performances and details, awards, reviews and works. With personal profile.

  • Taylor, Hollis

    Displays latest projects, with audio samples, music catalogue and biography.

  • Taylor, Stephen Andrew

    Official site gives biography, list of compositions, recent and upcoming performances, and writings.

  • Thomas, Augusta Read

    Contains news, details of performances, works and recordings. With biography and images.

  • Thome, Diane

    Display of musical works and details, with personal information.

  • Tillis, Frederick C.

    Selection of music compositions and poetry books, with personal profile.

  • Truax, Barry

    Electroacoustic composer provides biographical information, list of publications and photos.

  • Trythall, Richard

    Overview of the musical works and personal life of the pianist.

  • Ubieta, Enrique

    Selection of musical works in various instruments, with personal information.

  • Underhill, Nicholas

    Contains personal profile and list of cds available.

  • Uspensky, Vladislav

    Particulars of main works and personal information of the artist.

  • Utz, Christian

    Details of publications, lectures and special projects. With personal information.

  • Van der Aa, Michel

    Personal information of the artist, with details of recent works and upcoming concerts.

  • Van Ness, Patricia

    Biography of the artist, with details of performances, catalogue of music and discography.

  • Vandervelde, Janika

    Gallery of photos, with catalogue of works and details of upcoming events.

  • Vayo, David

    Professor of composition and theory, displays personal biography, list of works and audio clips.

  • Voss, Vic

    Provides notes on one of his pieces, autobiography and mp3 samples.

  • Vriezen, Samuel

    Selection of works, with details and audio samples.

  • Walker, Gwyneth

    Contains catalogs and news, with personal information.

  • Wallach, Joelle

    Particulars of various musical works and recordings. With personal profile.

  • Williams, Adrian

    Details of recent commissions, works in progress and upcoming events.

  • Wold, Erling

    Particulars of upcoming events, works and personal life. With photos.

  • Z, Pamela

    Overview of the personal life and musical works of the composer, performer and sound artist.

  • Zapf, Helmut

    Personal bibliography and details of works and compositions.

  • Zemlinski, Lev

    Composer, arranger and songwriter, contains personal profile and details of works.

  • Zimmerli, Patrick

    Overview of the emergence, with history, philosophy and audio clips.

  • Zivkovic, Nebojsa Jovan

    Overview of works and personal life of composer, percussionist and concert artist.

  • Zuckerman, Mark

    Contains catalog, program notes, review and recent highlights. With personal profile.

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