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The Matrix Revolutions

The Corporate Guide: Matrix Revolutions

A film student does an acurate job of breaking down the last chapter of the Matrix series and compares the film to some historical and theological resources that may surprise you.

The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

Read the plot summaries to catch up on the story and take a good look at the photo galleries to be amazed at the technology at work. Also, meet some new editions to the Matrix Trilogy in the cast list.

Matrix Revolutions Explained

Most folks lined up to see this movie for some high-flying kung-fu and theater-shaking explosions, but there is a more profound message beneath the rumbling surface. This scholarly group of essays lays out the symbolism.

Rotten Tomatoes

Reviews for the third installment of the Matrix series paled in comparison to the first two. Read reviews on both sides and check out clips and the movie trailer here.

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