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Shakespeare's Macbeth

  • Early Modern Literary Studies: The Custom of the Castle

    Commentary on Charles Ross' comparison and contrast of Macbeth and Malory.

  • Enjoying Macbeth

    Provides details on various print and film adaptations of the play. Includes background information.

  • Grade Saver: Macbeth

    Features study guide on the play and of its playwright. Contains summaries on each of the five acts as well as its plot.

  • Legends: Shakespeare's Stories - Macbeth

    Discusses its historical elements based upon the death of King Duncan. Introduces characters such as Malcolm, Banquo, Fleance and Macduff.

  • Macbeth's Castle

    Situated at Inverness in Scotland. Contains image gallery with details on the scene of which the area is being presented in the play.

  • Roman Polanski's 1971 Macbeth

    Highlights film adaptation of William Shakespeare's tragedy play by Macbeth. Showcases review of the performance Kelsey Grammer at Colonial Theatre in Boston, USA.

  • Theatre History: Macbeth

    Presents analysis of the play. With links to further reading and studies on William Shakespeare and his plays.

  • Titles on Macbeth

    Outline of titles inspired by the play. Features online or print materials as well as paintings and other film adaptations.

  • Very Large Textual Object

    Features literary analysis on the play William Shakespeare by Jonathan Hope and Michael Witmore.

  • Witches and Jesuits: Shakespeare's Macbeth

    Commentary on the paperback adaptation Shakespeare's Macbeth.

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