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Shakespeare Literary Reviews

"A Double Spirit of Teaching": What Shakespeare's Teachers Teach Us

Showcases article by Patricia Winson. Focuses on the learning one gain from studying Shakespearean plays.

Arden Shakespeare CD-ROM: Texts and Sources for Shakespeare Study

Reviews on the database presented by Jonathan Bate. Written by RG Siemens.

Bibliography of Secondary Texts Relating to Early Modern Literature and Geography

Joanne Woolway Grenfell 's bibliographic accounts of printed or online materials on William Shakespeare.

Cambridge King Lear CD-ROM: Text and Performance Archive

Features review on the study guide presented in CD format. Written by Michael Best.

Common Reader's Shakespeare

Encloses one of Ian Lancashire's commentary on the article.

Dictionary of Sexual Language and Imagery in Shakespearean and Stuart Literature

Features review on the 3 volumes of the dictionary by Gordon Williams.

Did Shakespeare Consciously Use Archaic English?

Literary study on the language structure of Shakespearean plays. Written by Mary Catherine Davidson.

Disparate Structures, Electronic and Otherwise

Features formulation of the electronic compilation medium with regards to Shakespearean plays.

Dizzying the Arithmetic of Memory

Article written by Alan Galey from the University of Western Ontario.

Early Modern Literary Studies: William Shakespeare

Comparative analysis on "The First Quarto of Hamlet" and of "King Edward III".

English Shakespeares

Features study on the language structure of staging Shakespearean plays in modern periods of the 1990's.

Fat King, Lean Beggar

Presents literary study on the characterization of poverty during the time of William Shakespeare.

Hamlet: Undiscovered Country

Features books by Steve Roth. A critic on the various allusions and references used in the play by William Shakespeare.

Image of America in Montaigne, Spenser, and Shakespeare

Study on "Renaissance Ethnography and Literary Reflection." Written by Donna Woodford.

SAA Hyperessay on Electronic Shakespearean Criticism

Presents illustrations and slideshow together with some essays featuring critics on Shakespearean plays or poems.

West Virginia Shakespeare and Renaissance Association Selected Papers

Showcases volume 21 under 1998 edition by Byron Nelson. Presents various critics and essays on Shakespearean plays and sonnets.

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