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Stratfordian Theory of Shakespeare Authorship

Did Shakespeare Really Write Shakespeare?

Highlights affirmative affirmation on the authorship of William Shakespeare.

Examining the Shakespeare Authorship Debate

Presents list of documents that proves that William Shakespeare of Stratford was an actor. Also discusses the case of Oxford.

Forsooth, it Doth Behoove Us to Debunketh Shakespeare

Answers the controversies on the credibility of William Shakespeare’s authorship.

His Last Years

Provides information on the four plays written by William Shakespeare during his last years: Cymbeline, Henry VIII, The Tempest, and The Winter's Tale.

Shakespeare Authorship

Attestations on the credibility of authorship of William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon.

Stromata: Querulous Notes - February 15, 2004

Highlights Shakespeare's possible Catholic ties according to the articles of Peter W. Dickson entitled “The Roman Plays?” issued under The Weekly Standard.

Stromata: Querulous Notes - March 11, 2002

Debate against the scribbles presented by anti-Stratfordians.

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