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Shakespeare Authorship Debate


Presents article by Ron Heisler entitled, Two Worlds that Converged: Shakespeare and the Ethos of the Rosicrucians.”.

Shakespeare Authorship Rountable

Discusses the authentication of the authorship of William Shakespeare of Stratford against a man or a group of writers under the name Shakspere.

Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography

Features book by Diana Pierce. Provides evidences on the authorship issues on William Shakespeare’s works.


Features the courts of Queen Elizabeth which provided a literary venue during her era.

Stromata: Deconstructing the Stratford Man

Features a book by Diana Price entitled, "Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography: New Evidence of an Authorship Problem.".

Stromata: Querulous Notes - April 20, 2003

Provides information on the annotation that supports the theory that William Shakespeare might be a fraud.

Stromata: The Shakespeare Authorship "Controversy"

Delves into the possibilities of the false authorship of some known works under the name of William Shakespeare.

Stromate: Querulous Notes - April 16, 2004

Delves into the literary investigations on “Who Wrote Shakespeare? An Evidentiary Puzzle.” Features information on the evidences provided by the anti-Stratfordians.

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