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Ben Jonson Literary Reviews

Ben Jonson - Every Man in His Humour

Literary critic on one of the plays under Jonson’s folio. Provides historical accounts depicted by its themes.

Ben Jonson and Cervantes

Comparative analysis that aims to provides analogies on the probable response of Jonson upon reading Don Quixote.

Ben Jonson Unmasked

Literary study on Jonson's plays and of the reflection on his changing attitude. Presents citations on some of his writings.

Ben Jonson: Poetry and Architecture

Commentary on Anthony Johnson's book about Ben Jonson's plays.

Ben Jonson's Antimasques

Review on Lesley Mickel's written accounts on the history and declines of Ben Jonson.

Eastward Ho - by Chapman, Jonson and Marston

Features stage play production presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Swan Theater. Provides details on cast and crew.

Fashioning of Ezekiel Edgworth in Jonson's Bartholomew Fair

Critic on the comedy play by Ben Jonson. Written by Jean MacIntyre.

Jonson's Romish Foxe

Delves into the anti-Catholic discussions in Ben Jonson's epistle, Volpone.

On the Famous Voyage

Features literary studies on Civic Spaces as depicted in Ben Jonson’s writings.

Strangest Pageant, Fashion'd Like a Court

Review on John Donne and Ben Johnson. Comparative essays on the lives and written accounts of both authors.

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