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Thomas Paine

Agrarian Justice by Thomas Paine

Showcases article by Paine. Includes author's inscription and editorial notes.

American Crisis by Thomas Paine

Encloses thirteen chapters of the book written by Paine.

Answer To The Bishop Of Llandaff

Editorial note on Thomas Paine's answer to the bishop's accounts on "The Age of Reason.".

Bartleby Collection - Common Sense

Features Thomas Paine's "To the Inhabitants of America." Also contains bibliographical record.

Common Sense by Thomas Paine

Presents article addressed to the Inhabitants of America. Contains four chapters on various subject.

Essay on Dream

Features last work that Paine for the media. Published in New York in 1807.

From Revolution to Reconstruction

Encloses article entitled, "Thomas Paine The Crisis, Number One, 1776." Written by Richard DeStefano.

From Revolution to Reconstruction - Common Sense

Provides accounts on one of Thomas Paine's known literary and historical contributions.

From Revolution to Reconstruction - Thomas Paine: American Crisis

Highlights 13 chapters of the book written between 1780 and 1783.

Grand Lodge

Highlights essay by Thomas Paine entitled, "Origin of Free-Masonry.".

History Place

Features essay entitled, "Common Sense" written by Thomas Paine.

National Historical Association - Thomas Paine

Accounts on the life and death of the author. Provides details on his literary contributions.

Page by Page Books - Common Sense

Presents chapter contents of the book by Thomas Paine. Includes introduction and appendix.

Thomas Paine

Highlights portrait by Punkerslut. Showcases books and essays about his life, with written accounts and critics.

Thomas Paine Archive

Encloses written accounts of the author. Includes "Common Sense" and "Age of Reason.".

Wired - The Age of Paine

Features Thomas Paine as one of the first media journalist who used his influence against power structure. Presents literary critic by Jon Katz.

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