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Surrealism Literary Movement

Benton Jay Komins

Provides accounts on the life and works of the author; an American surrealist. Includes studies on his literary write-ups.

Exact Change

Features books on the visual and literary arts under Surrealism, a movement that begun in mid-1920's.

History of the Cadavre Exquis

Provides information on the techniques used by the Surrealist, be it in visual or literary arts. Also contains sample excerpts.

No More Words

Index of articles on various themes supported by the Surrealism movement. Involves subjects such as corpse, absentmindedness, undertakers, and nonconformity.


Features authors and artists involved under the Surrealism Movement such as Paris Peasant, Comte de Lautreamont, Martin Heidegger, and Shelley Wall.

Paul Colinet

Compilation on selected prose and poems by the Belgian surrealist. With translations provided by Rochelle Ratner.

Sampling of French Surrealist Poetry

Compilation of poems under the surrealism movement. Originally written in French language translated by Amy Levin and Johannes Beilharz.

Surreal Coconut

Introduces themes on contemporary surrealism arts and movements. Provides updates on the author's works and gallery of images.


Literary movement that delves into radical ideas or the products of the unconscious mind. Provides information regarding automatic writing and critical paranoia.

Surrealist Love Poems

Contains 3 poems with themes about love during the surrealist period. Features the works of Jacques-Bernard Brunius, Pau Eluard and Joyce Mansour.

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