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Oceanic Myths

Hawaiian Legends of Old Honolulu

Presents a study on legendary places of the area and the temple of the god Pakaka. Contains pronunciation guides for terminologies of Hawaiian origins.

Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes

Anthology of various tales on the origins of volcanoes. Provides geological facts.

Hawaiin Legends of Ghosts and Ghost-Gods

Anthology compiled by WD Westervelt in 1916. Contains a collection of various stories of Hawaiian traditions and origins.

Korero O Nehera

Collection of various tales taken from oral traditions of the Maori culture. Presents creation myths.


Creation chant transcribed and translated by Martha Warren Beckwith. Presents prose notes and references.


Presents various gods and goddesses of Polynesian origins, Introduces Ruahatu, the god of the ocean or the sea.

Legends of Guam Part II

Compilation of various legends which originated from Guam. Includes stories on the origins of the carabao and the cow and the Chamoru ancestral spirits.

Legends of Maui

One of the demigods of Polynesian mythologies. Provides English translation in prose.

Maori Religion and Mythology

Transcribed by Edward Shortland in 1882. A study on Polynesian and Aryan myths and culture.

Oceanic Mythology

Research conducted by Roland B. Dixon back in 1916. Presents English translated prose of Polynesian,Melanesian, Indonesian, Micronesian and Australian myths.

Polynesian Mythology...

Anthologies of various myths and stories from ancient traditions of New Zealand. Contains an appendix on native songs.

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