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Creation Myths

  • Creation Myths and Sacred Narratives of Creation

    Collection of world mythologies by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D. Presents a study on the similar themes found in creation myths of both the east and the west.

  • Creation Myths from the Philippines

    Presents various tribal creation myths of the country. Includes versions from the Igorots, Bagobo, Bilaan, Bukidnon, Mandaya, and Tagalog.

  • Norse Creation Myth

    Discussions about the three worlds called Muspell lights and heat, the vast void Ginnungagap, and the cold realm Niflheim. Also introduces mythological characters and their descriptions.

  • Phoenician Creation Story

    Provides an account on the creation based upon the civilization of ancient Canaan. Includes information on history, cultures, and early settlements.

  • Samoan Sensation: Creation Myths

    Reproduction of two versions of the creation myth of the Samoans. Features the god Tagaloa as the almighty.

  • Samoan Story of Creation

    Contains a journal about the Polynesian society that includes the society's transactions and proceedings.

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