Art and Entertainment Directories in the Best of the Web Directory

Art and Entertainment Directories

Shows guides to streaming videos and their prime websites. Includes the latest news and contact details.


Film and media directory providing a search tool. Also features sites of the week.

Eye on the Industry

Provides news about the information center and its roles. With details about the film makers alliance and the Indie film.

Renegade Webpagelords

Presents a directory of sci-fi TV series including Babylon 5 and Andromeda.

Rotary Action

Provides a reference to the links relating to cinemas and aircrafts. With photos of its recent movies.


Highlights a list of the new movies. Includes information on the random movie sites and the local events.

Talk Entertainment

Showcases commentaries and news about the films, music, and television. Includes related links and contact details.

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