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Comic - X - Men

Cerebro: Guide to the X-Men

Graphically intense site that provides an entertainment and education to all X-Men fans.

Page provides a full text description and chronological entries about fictional stories for any medium or language. Site also includes news and announcements.

Confessions of a New X-Men Reader

Full text information on comments and compliments about the confessions of a new X-Men reader.

The Continuity Pages: Ultimate X-Men

Learn about the new Ultimate X-Men series. Check out books and volumes editions, cover arts and titles.

Fall of the Mutants: Anatomy of the Crossover

View reader’s overview on editions of X-Men crossover fall of the Mutants, running through Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, and New Mutants.

Uncanny X-Men.Net

Provides information on character bios of heroes and villains. Also an interactive site for X-Men fanatics. And check out links on Cerebro files, X-universe and multimedia entries.

X-Men: The Continuity Pages

View X-Men contents on books and periodicals. Check out links on X-Men eras.

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