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Comics Titles and Names

A Distant Soil

Features Colleen Doran’s collection of fantasy comics with reader’s compliments. Also includes books, gallery and contact information. ColleenDoran

Canada's premier super hero team. Offers team information, issue details, news room, community links, and contact particulars.

Arne Anka

Swedish cartoon by Charlie Christensson that features brief profile and thumbnails.

Bad Tidings - The Villains Message Board

Site contains message postings for comic book villains, and also provide links on the second string sanctuary.


Official Beowulf graphic novel web page provides online reviews, store site, and sketchbooks.


Consists of blog pages, Bone information, studio features, discussion site, and gallery.

The Continuity Pages: Marvels

Online project study about Marvel comics with listings of other site interests.

The Continuity Pages: Promethea

Provides introduction on Alan Moore’s best selling series Promethea. Features include image covers, titles and description of each series.

The Continuity Pages: The Ultimates

Presents a introduction of the Ultimates line of Marvel Comics. Also provides cover art and titles of book and periodical contents.

The Continuity Pages: Top 10

Site provides backgrounder and introduction on the best-selling comic Top 10.

Deep Fried

Showcases forum sites, comic’s overview, event calendar, blogs and other featured entries.

Doomlord Profile

Presents profile background and history of the 80’s cult sci-fi classic Doomlord.

Dot and Com

Online comic strip provides visitors with background music and an array of display images.

Dr. Strange: Sanctum Sanctorum

View strange news updates, appearances of Dr. Strange, museum and updates of past and new reviews.

Elephantmen Magazine

Monthly comic book series from Image Comics which is prequel to Hip Flask, originally published by Comicraft's Active Images. elephantmen

Fables: The Continuity Pages

Collection of Vertigo series by Bill Willingham that includes images, titles, description and status.


Provide readers information on Finder Aboriginal SF which includes reader’s copies, current trade paperback, and tour dates.

The Flaming Carrot Webpage

View Flaming Carrot character and story information, news and updates, profile, comic prices and more.

Forty Winks

View the dream world of Forty Winks, a place of infinite possibilities and ultimate insight by Oddjobs Ltd. Features include characters and creator details.

G.A.P.-FORCE (Generation at Peace Force)

Consists of prologue and story features, publishers and investors, readers and collectors, and character profile.

Green Arrow Message Board

Series collection has previews, message board, archives, and more featured entries.

Heroes For Hire

Site dedicated for Iron Fist and other Marvel Superheroes.

Howard The Duck Web Page

Tribute site for Howard the Duck which provides information on the movie, comics, articles and creator Steve Gerber.

Jake the Evil Hare

Monthly comic with an online preview.


Official site of Brian Michael Bendis that features the official web message boards for Superstar comic book creators.


Browse over featured stories, gallery, order details, online games, trailer, banners, and contact facts.

Lazarus: the Many Reincarnations

Online shop offering comics on sale, prices options, collectible items and subscription.


Provides character information, forum site, background information of the comics, and unpublished strips.

Milk and Cheese: The Mayhem Page

Discusses information about the comic Milk and Cheese.

The Moon Knight Message Board

Online message board about the Moon Knight character.


Interactive comic using a panoramic format that combines music, animation, text, and illustration. Includes season one and two.

Neurotically Yours

Showcases toon characters, foamy card cults, scripts and shop.

The New Firestorm

Provides a review on the Firestorm series.

Peace Party

Multi cultural comic book featuring Native Americans that includes online links on news and reviews, photos, store and information.


Presents information on the comic book series by Jason Hall and Matt Kindt with cover art and reader’s compliments.

The Poison Elves Home Page

Official home page of Drew Hayes’ Poison Elves with comic information and image preview.

Poke and Gravy

Provides links on kids animation, comics, and art works by Alexander Salsberg and Ellery Harrington. View contact details for more information.

Predator: Race War

Photo, painted covers and text description on the Predator: Race War. Writings, articles, gallery and updates are also included.

Rat Boy

Comic gallery about Tony Walsh’s Rat boy.

Rom, Spaceknight Revisited

Site of the sci-fi comic book series by Stan lee with links on site sections such as action figures, comic book, enemies, friends, and more.

The Saga of Bluewing

View latest news updates, online episodes, special features, movie projects and contact particulars.

Same Old Story

Browse though story features and news updates.

Scud: The Disposable Assassin

Read through information about the Scud, plus book features, merchandise products, mail room, and gallery. Miracleman

Contains profile about the Miracleman. Planetary

View introduction on Planetary, the DC series by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday. Also includes comic cover arts, and comic editions. Transmetropolitan

Features a story of a crazy, chain-smoking, drug-taking, and in-your-face guerilla journalist named Spider Jerusalem. Also includes contents on periodicals and issues.

Space Dog

Detailed overview about the Space Dog book. With summary of the different volumes.

Spilled Milk

Information about Spilled Milk with gallery of featured images.


Offers comic releases, history details, jam sessions, project details, links, activities, reviews, and contact details.

Superhero Sunman

Official site of Superhero Sunman covers online prequel to comic episodes.


Comprehensive website dedicated to Marvel's Taskmaster. Site provides links on biographies, fighting styles, allies and more.

Thor Message Board

Site that contains fan postings, subscription, chat rooms and more stuff about the Thor. Check out site for more information.

Thunderbolts Message Board

Site devoted for Thunderbolt fans and members. View fan postings and related site links.

ThunderGirls Wrestling Comics

Official catalog site for all the tapes, DVDs, comics, and online galleries about the Thunder girls.

Tomb Tales

Provides comic gallery and information, issue archives, chamber covers, and images about the Tomb tales.


Presents background image of the self-published comic with information on how the author came up with the title.

Unofficial Green Arrow Compendium

Presents overview of the Green Arrow Compendium.

Young Heroes In Love

Unofficial mailing list site dedicated to the DC comic book created by Dan Raspler and Dev Madan.

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