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The 2009 Pulitzer Prize Winners Editorial Cartooning

View a slide show of award winner Steve Breen's political cartoons.


Includes comic strips, catalog details, art galley, links, biography, and contact facts.

Alvine, Ken

Background information about the Creative Comic Productions, plus other educational resources, comic syndication, cartoonist profile, and contact details.

Andersson, Max

Learn about the life of Max Anderson, comic strips, film reviews, gallery, links, and additional information.

Annable, Graham

Presents news updates, biography information, art gallery, and mailing list.

Baillie, David

Biography information of David Baillie, plus photo gallery and contact facts.

Beerends, Piet

Presents comic strips, sketchbook details, and other Atomic Death productions.

Bertozzi, Nick

Information site about the life and works of Nick Bertozzi.

Biggs, Brian

Artists information, plus featured illustration, characters, books, comic strips, links, and contact details.

Blum, Geoffrey

Articles, career details, interviews, news update, photos, poems. Comic details and contact particulars are featured in this site.

Bodé, Mark

Presents information about Mark Bode, plus artwork and tattoo gallery, studio details,articles, animation, store details, events, links, and contact features.

Brereton, Dan

Resource site about the life and works of Dan Brereton.

Cloonan, Becky

An award-winning cartoonist and illustrator. beckycloonan

Dance Macabre

Portfolio site of Kate Brown, comicker and illustrator.

Drew, Weing

Webcomic creator, illustrator, and journalist best known for the depth and color of his beautiful drawings.

Haines, Lurene

View listings on children’s books, comic art, written work, hanes shop, joint works and other art.

Hanuka, Tomer

View Tomer Hanuka’s illustrations, portfolio, previews, art blog and original arts for sale.

Harwell, Marcus

Sketch postings, date archives, information postings and category entries are provided on this page.

Hasbudak, Flint Fatih

Contains profile, gallery, message board and sketch of the day.

Haward, Jon

Provides latest news and updates, art for sale, commissions, and biography.

Hayes-Chute, Ethan

Take a peek on the 2D, 3D, and books art stuff by Ethan and other stuff and information.

Helm, Stuart

Provides custom art and design for web and print that includes graphics like musical cheese, smoked goods, specialty of the house, comics and writing.

Hook, Jeff

Features weekly cartoon, cartoon archives, book details, and other art works.

Hosler, Jay

Cartoonist and biologist who combines his work in science and art.

Hsieh, Dean

Comics and illustrations from this artist. Read Aeon of the Dead and view his latest flash animation.

Immonen, Stuart

Features Immonen illustrations where you'll find online comics, appearance information, project updates, and galleries of sketches.

J Bradley Johnson

Features illustrations, comic strip links, games and fortune information.

Jackson, Tim

Showcases the Art of Tim Jackson through the Creative License Studio Inc.

Jay, Damien

Collection of comic art titles and sketch works of Damien Jay.

Jensen, K. Thor

Presents posted e-mails along with online comic strips, contact details and other stuff.

Jensson, Ingi

Contains illustrator information, picture gallery and featured merchandise.

Johnson, Cole

Provides comics, weekly, shop and contact details.

Katchor, Ben

Features weekly strips, books, events, music theatre, postcards and posters and more.

Kelso, Megan

Browse through comics, illustration, news updates, and proprietress.

Kerschbaum, John

Official site and home to The Wiggly Reader, Petey and Pussy, and Cartoon Boy.

Kiely, Molly

Contains personal information about Molly, art, writings, and contact details.

Kitchen, Alexa

View Alexa’s place and check out this children cartoonist and graphic novel storyteller.

Kolarov, Vlad

E-Toon provides cartoon pictures, custom printed cards, e-cards, cell phone wallpaper, and screensavers.

Kraus, Robert

Features Chakan the Forever Man, RAK art gallery, and Dragon war board game and part cards.

Krigstein, Bernard

Site dedicated to preserving the works of artist and painter Bernard Kristein.

McCloud, Scott

Artist's official site, featuring experimental online comics, and book ordering.

Niles, Steve

Site of the comic writer responsible for several titles including the popular 30 Days of Night. Features a bio information on his work, and news.

Oliver, J. Edward

Provides biography, history of the strip, historic episodes, and information about the main characters.

Onsmith, Jeremi

Offers comics, illustrations, and doodles from his blog. Plus his recent newsworthy items.

Orff, Joel

Features comics, drawings, and artworks.

Pachoumis, Peter

Contains news, biography, galleries, and art for sale for this Florida illustrator.

Park, Andy

Features biography, gallery, and art for sale.


Showcases gallery of the artist’s artworks.

Penders, Kep

Features biography, gallery, and message board.

Pepy's Coffee Shop

Cartoon creations from radio host, columnist, media commentator, and author Fred Taub.

Persoff, Ethan

Contains gallery of artworks.

Peters, Michael L.

Offers artworks, comic books, and illustrations.

Pham, John

Features original artworks and art for sale.

Phillips, Kevin

Showcases illustrations, cartoons, animations, productions, and comics.

Pien, Lark

Offers online comics, sketchbooks, and portfolio.

Pope, Paul

Ink brush artist creating expressive comics and artworks. Includes drawings and blog.

Potthast, Andreas

Features artworks and comics in German.

Project Kooky

Art and comic project by Dylan Meconis. Find her comic books, biography, news, and store.


Offers archives of comic strips and artworks.

Rainey, Jason

Gallery of sketches, illustrations, and comics.

Rapisarda, Alberto

Contains portfolio of work with complete comics stories, and images.

Raskin, Jordan

Showcases animations, comic book illustrations, and life drawings.

Reid, Mikhaela Blake

Features Reid’s blogs, cartons, and mailing list.


Contains artworks, projects, and profile.

Ricci, Roberto

Italian comic creator who teaches at the International school of Comics in Rome.

Riddle, Theodore

Features gallery of Compu-M.E.C.H. issues.

Riggs, Robin and Elayne

Contains original comic arts for sale, portfolio, and reviews.

Rio, Al

Offers arts for sale, commissions, and biography.

Romero, Enric Badia

Artist Enrique Badia Romero, who worked on the 1960s Lady Penelope annuals, and drew one of The Protectors strips.

Sala, Richard

Features the artist’s artworks, with books for sale.

Scalzo, Kevin

Showcases artist’s paintings, with contact information.

Segrelles, Vicente

Contains artworks, illustrations, and book covers. With artworks for sale.

Senft, Kevin(Blond)

Features digital artworks and portfolio.

Sheets, Abram

Contains artist’s designs, illustrations, and artworks.

Shiga, Jason

Features books, strips, and interactive pages.

Sies, John

Features original artworks by John Sies.

Taylor, James

Resume and portfolio of the comic book artist James Taylor.

Tong Andie

Information about the artist and features its various artworks.

Toth, Alex

The Toth Estate and Family offer information on Alex and his works. Includes articles, comics, and gallery.

Trembles, Rick

Trembles’ original artworks for sale.

Tsai, Francis

Teamgt Studios features artworks, conceptual designs, and comics by this freelance illustrator/concept artist.

Valdez, Danny M.

DMV Comics featuring original artworks by Danny M. Valdez. Includes resume and biography.

Vancata, Brad

Showcases Vancata’s original artworks along with its biography.

Varon, Sara

Features Sara Varon’s books and comics through Chickenopolis.

Vidon, Jean-Philippe

Contains portfolio of illustrations by Jean-Philippe Vidon.

Wallis, Bruce Allen

Features Muggs Mulcher created by Bruce Allen Wallis and along with its various graphic designs and artworks.

Ward, Sean

Showcases The Sean Ward Show and Ward’s comic books.

Watson, Gregbo

Wicked INK offers quick access to the illustrator’s web designs, prints, interactive media, and illustrations.

Weeks, John

Features QuickDraw weekly comic and archive of other comics.

Wilkins, Simeon

Robot Operator Manuals features comics, films, and other artworks.

Williams, Simon

Portfolio, sketch books, and comics like “Disco Tronic Funk Commandos” created by Simon Williams featured by SoulManiacs, Inc.

Windett, Dave

Features the artist/illustrator’s works from Fox, Warner Bros., and Korky the Cat.

Windsor-Smith, Barry

Presents news of current projects, artworks, and story materials by Barry Windsor-Smith.


David Malki's twice weekly old time comic strip.

Wood, Brian

Multiple Eisner Award-nominee who created original series such as DMZ, Northlanders, The Couriers, and The Massive.

Woodring, Jim

Mysterio Simpatico images created by Jim Woodring.

Zeck, Mike

Contains arts and books for sale.

Zezelj, Danijel

Gallery of comics, illustrations, posters, covers, and multimedia by Danijel Zezelj along with its original graphic novels.

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