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Trigun Anime

Angel Stampede

Fansite dedicated to Vash contains information about the character, pictures, and fan art.

Drenched In Red

View image galleries each dedicated to a character in the series. Also contains images and details of the weapons used in the animation.

Gunpowder Tea

Features fan art and fan fiction that borrows from the Trigun and Trigun Maximum story arcs.

Gunslinger Typhoon

Provides reviews about the series, and images.

Haunting Garden

Features a fansite devoted the Trigun character Knives, the rival of Vash.


Provides synopsis, images, screensavers, wallpapers, and MP3 files related to the Trigun series.

Trigun Realm

Massive fansite imparts episode summaries of all the 26 episodes of the anime version as well as a guide to all the issues of Trigun and Trigun Maximum of the manga version.

Trigun World - Love & Peace Always

Huge fansite contains details on the characters, the episodes, and also provides an image gallery, fan fictions, and even a portion where episode spoilers can be viewed.

Turaigan Makishimamu

Provides sound clips taken from the Trigun series.

Wolfwood: Smoking Man - Wolfwood Shrine

Learn about Wolfwood in this fansite that contains the character’s biography, pictures, and history.

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