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Tenchi Muyo Fan Pages

Absolute Tenchi Muyo

Informs about the series and the English and Japanese versions of the characters names.

Dustin's Page O' Tenchi

Contains details about the story, the characters, and also provides downloadables in the form of animated GIFs, and MP3s.

JTG's Web Site About Tenchi Muyo

Provides character details, images, and sound clips from the anime.

Little Washu's Cute Homepage

Character descriptions, songs and lyrics, and cosplay images.

The Mrs Tenchi Masaki Shrine

Provides information about the anime, character descriptions, and episode summaries.

Pretty Sammy's Homepage

Provides anime links, character bios, and humor.

Sasami's Scrapbook

See galleries of pictures each dedicated to a specific character in the series.

Shikichi no Ryoko

Provides an episode guide, a gallery, as well as character and series information.

Tenchi Muyo Homepage

Details the TV series, the OVA, and the movie versions of the anime Tenchi Muyo.

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