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Slayers Anime

Celes Star's Slayers Page

Informs about the Slayers Royal video game, Lina’s early adventures, and fan fiction.

Creepy Copy Wizard: Vrumugun

Shrine to the character provides fan art and fiction, and images.

The Psyco Cat-Girl's Slayers Page

Highlights shrines to the characters Zellos and Zelgadis, and pictures and information about the character Amelia.

Slayers Buffet

Provides a series guide, roster of powers used in the animation, and an image gallery.

Slayers Universe

Features a massive database for all things Slayers. Also provides a forum for fans.

Zelas's Slayers RPG

Features a forum-based Slayers RPG. Allows Player-vs-Player (PvP) duels.

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