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Serial Experiments Lain Anime

Alive in Cyberspace

Informs about the tale of a young girl who explores the world of the dead and cyberspace. - Serial Experiments Lain

See plot synopsis, the review, and a number of screenshots from the animation.

ANN: Serial Experiments Lain

Read the plot summary of this psychological, science-fiction romp through the genre of cyberpunk.

Distortion Gallery

Showcases a personal gallery of memorabilia from the anime Serial Experiments Lain.

Lain: The Navi Homepage

Provides episode guide and information, explanations, and character information.

Layer 10

Contains episode synopses, lyrics, images, and links that focus on the anime.

Sakusha's Serial Experiment: Lain

Features several image galleries each focusing on a different facet of the animation.

Serial Experiments Lain

View Lain dolls made by Chiaki Konaka and read a long interview of the same person.

Thought Experiments Lain

Informs about the relationship between Apple and Lain and provides images, series overview, and a glossary.

Ya's serial experiments lain

Informs about the fictional world of Lain through the perspective of the site creator.

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