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Sailor Moon Inners

Ami-chan no Hatsukoi Multimedia Page

Contains in-depth description of the character, downloadables, and music.

Crescent Beam Corner

Character biography, roster of abilities, and voice actor information.

Look Out Venus

Spotlights a site dedicated to Aino Minako. Art, character history, and list of attacks.

Minako's Gallery

See numerous thumbnailed images of the character. Also contains links to other sites, which include image galleries of Sailors Venus and Neptune.


Browse through opinions about the character, gallery, and a frequently-asked-questions portion detailing the character.

The Sailor Mercury Shrine of Water

Informs about the personal life of Ami and the powers of her Mercury persona.

Sailor V: Before Awakening

Site dedicated to Takeuchi Naoko's Koodoneemu wa Seeraa V, the prelude story to Bishoujo Senshi Seeraamuun informs about the origin of the series as well as the characters including Aino Minako.

Society For the Promotion of Mars

Fan site for Sailor Mars contains rules, a forum and codes for members.

Stray Thunder!

Shrine to Jupiter provides quizzes, MIDIs, and HTML tips.

Sweet Innocence

Provides facts about Tsukino Usagi and Sailor Moon alter egos of the main character of the animated series.

To Forget Lost Love: A Kino Makoto Shrine

Contains facts and opinions about the character, quotes, and lyrics.

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