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Sailor Moon Series Anime

Bunny's Tour Through The Silver Millennium

Read information about the seiyuu of the series, mysteries of the animation, and its mythological aspect.

Castle In The Sky

Details the history of the series, character name translations, and a list of the missing and changed episodes of the series.

Favpage: Sailor Moon

Directory of Sailor Moon related websites and online resources. Includes links to image gallery, cosplay, and fan art sites.

Gems ablaze

Informs viewers about the characters of the Sailor Moon universe and provides quotes taken from the series.

Sailor Moon fansite presents episode guides, downloads, reviews, wallpapers, icons, and fan-made music mp3s.

Learn about the Moon Princess Trilogy, a novelization of all the events from Sailor Moon.

Red Tattoo

Spotlights a site dedicated to the Pretty Soldier Sailormoon R Movie.

Sailor Moon Infodex

Features a downloadable program, which is a veritable massive database of things Sailor Moon, including the synopses of each of the 157 episodes of the series.

The Sailor Moon Rainbow Crystal Summary Page

Learn about the seven Rainbow Crystals, including their respective carriers and shadow warriors.

Sailor Moon Resource

Spotlights a site dedicated to the sharing of information, interactivity, and fun with the Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon anime & manga series fan community.

Sailor Moon Universe

Contains information about the Sailor Moon movie, series, character, and other various items.

Site dedicated to fans of the Japanese animation and manga series Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon by Naoko Takeuchi. Includes fan art, fanfiction, activities, and forum.

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