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This category is for sites about characters of the Digimon series.
  • All That is Ishida

    Contains extensive information about Yamato “Matt” Ishida including fan art and fiction, Yamato quotes, and images.

  • Chaos Flare

    Contains information about Beelzebumon and Impmon.

  • Digitamamon & Bakumon's House o' Ramen (and digimon)

    Provides information about second season characters, Mummymon and Arukenimon, and also features fan art.

  • Kawaii Light

    Read about Hikari, her wardrobe, relationships, and Tailmon.

  • Mixed Wind

    Read details about the characters Henry and Jenrya, and Rika and Ruki.

  • Takari's Castle

    Spotlights a site dedicated to TK, Kari, and their digimon Patamon and Gatomon. Shows bio and details on the individual digimons.

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