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Bubblegum Crisis Series Anime

Animetric.com: Bubblegum Crisis

Read through a synopsis and a review of the series. Also contains a number of screenshots.

Another Bubblegum Crisis FAQ

Answers common queries about the original series and Bubble Gum Crisis 2040, and the BGC newsgroup.

Bubblegum Crash Synopsis Index

Read synopses of the complete plot of the anime OAV series Bubblegum Crash, a sequel to Bubblegum Crisis.

The Bubblegum Crash! Website

Provides background information, the connection between the first series and the second, and information on the Knight Sabers and the villains.

The Knight Sabers: To Defend Peace and Justice, and Rid the World of Evil

Shows a synopsis of the series and the eleven regulations of the Knight Sabers.

Professional Anime RPGs

Descriptions and links to the sites of several anime-based roleplaying games.

Soldier Blue Translation

Read the story that takes place between Bubble Gum Crisis and Bubblegum Crash.

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