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Anime Fansubbers

Anime Coalition

Discuss titles to be subtitled, and queries about upcoming fansubs in this forum.

Ct3 Fansubs

Provides Malay subtitles for anime shows and the Kamen Rider series of Japan.

Live Evil

Group of mostly female fansubbers who share the common goal of bringing, for free, Japanese animation to non-Japanese speaking audience. Site includes forums, project status, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Mystech Productions

Spotlights a group dedicated to bringing fansubtitled anime to American fans.


Independent anime fansub group with members not affiliated with other fansubbing groups. Site presents Ray=Out's projects and lists of team members.

Soldats Net

Features a group that seeks to make original Japanese anime available to the English audience by providing accurate subtitles.

Static Subs

Provides updates on new releases, project details, forum, and IRC chat.

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