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Helping people move and store their belongings is hard work, but you’re a professional who is always up for the challenge. And you’re ready to help more people get their stuff where it needs to go. It’s time to spread the word about your moving or storage business.

In today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever for you to have a solid digital marketing strategy in place. But with everything else on your plate, you may not have the time to deal with marketing. That’s where Best of the Web comes in. Our team of digital marketing experts puts our energy and expertise to work improving your digital presence, while you focus on the day-to-day operations of your moving or storage business.

Best of the Web Online Marketing Services for Moving & Storage Professionals

Your business is your baby, you don’t want to turn your marketing strategy over to just any digital marketing company. The best mover in town needs the best digital marketing firm on their side. That’s us.

Since Best of the Web launched in 1994, we’ve helped over 16 million businesses boost their bottom line with our digital marketing services. We know how to increase traffic, generate leads, and help movers, storage pros, and other professionals close deals. And now we are ready to partner with you.

Digital Marketing Services

Leads, SEO, Directory Marketing, and Reputation Management

Moving Company Websites

Cost effective & powerful websites, domains, and web hosting

Trust Seal

Verified trust seals and badges to give your prospects confidence

Digital Marketing Services for Moving & Storage Companies

When someone needs to hire a mover or find a new storage company, they turn to the web. To get their attention in the sea of options, you’ll need to show up in the top results of search engines, have a website that highlights your expertise, and have glowing reviews for them to read. Without all of those things, your business will stall while your competitors grow.

Best of the Web knows exactly how to optimize your online presence and grow your business. We know what people are searching for when they’re looking for moving and storage services online, and we know how to make your business their #1 choice.
To accomplish that, we offer the following marketing services for moving and storage companies.

directory marketing

Directory Marketing for Moving & Storage Experts

Moving is stressful, and homeowners get nervous when someone else is handling their treasured possessions. They need someone trustworthy and dependable. And they’ll turn to an online directory to find the right company.

But not just any directory. They’re going to open the Best of the Web directory because it’s the best. As the world’s oldest internet directory, it has stood the test of time. People keep coming back to it, looking for professionals to hire because they know we verify every single business that’s listed.

Directory marketing is a fairly simple strategy that lets you see some traction and improve your visibility without investing a lot of money.

Moving Leads

You probably already know that it’s important to have lots of visitors to your website, but if you want those clicks to translate to an increase in business, you need qualified leads. Those are people who live in your area who are actively looking for moving and storage services.

Some sleazy marketing firms will get people from other countries to click on your website so they can try to impress you with an increase in your web traffic. But Best of the Web doesn’t cut corners like that. We know that the whole point of marketing is to increase your bottom line, so we offer customized, effective lead generation services that help connect qualified leads to you.

Once we’ve worked together to establish your marketing plan, you can sit back and leave the rest of the work to us. We’ll send a steady stream of potential clients your way and prove our worth to your business.

lead generation
search engine optimization

SEO Services for Moving & Storage Businesses

If someone does an online search for movers or storage facilities, does your business show up at the top? If not, don’t worry. Best of the Web knows exactly what it takes to make your business move up in the results. Those actions involve SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

With a strategic, customized SEO strategy in place, you’ll be more visible when someone searches for moving or storage services. If you’re not completely comfortable with the rules of SEO, or if you’re too busy to take on yet another task, you absolutely need Best of the Web on your side. We know exactly what people are typing into the search bar when they’re looking for a mover to hire.

We are passionate about SEO, and we work hard to stay up to date with the ever-changing algorithms. We’ve spent decades helping business owners grow their companies through strategic marketing, and we know that we can help you, too.

Local SEO for Moving Companies

Local SEO is a key piece of Search Engine Optimization. When someone in your area searches for moving and storage services, they only want to see the ones closest to them.

When searching online for local businesses, most people include location-specific terms. Or they might add “near me” to their search bar. This narrows the results down to ones within their geographic location. But without the right SEO strategy in place, you might not show up at all.

Best of the Web strategically integrates location-specific keywords into your marketing plan, making it easy for people in your community to find and hire you.

local search engine marketing
Online Reviews

Reputation and Review Management for Moving Companies

No one wants to hire a rude mover who’s careless with their furniture, or a storage “pro” who wants to take advantage of them. They want to work with someone polite, professional, and trustworthy. To find that company, people are going to read reviews.

What impression will someone get of your business if they read your current reviews? Will they be eager to give you a call, or scared to let you go anywhere near their things? If your reviews are in bad shape, you are not doomed forever. You simply need to get proactive with your online reputation. And Best of the Web can help with that too.

Our reputation and review management services allow you to easily solicit reviews from your customers. You can also respond to negative reviews to show that you try to make things right. We do everything we can to make your online presence shine.

Moving Company Websites

Your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. If you don’t have a professional-looking website, no one will waste time trying to learn more about you. They’ll just move on to your competitor’s website instead.

To attract new clients, your website needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate, and your contact information needs to be in all the right places. If you’ve never created a website for your business, or if your site hasn’t been recently updated, Best of the Web is here to help. We can set you up with an impressive business website to help you stand out from the competition.

However, a website is not a “set it and forget it” marketing tool. Once your site is up, it’s important to publish regular content on a blog. This blog content will help educate your clients about the moving or storage services you offer and teach them more about your business. Best of the Web has a team of professional writers who know all about moving & storage. You’ll get all the benefits of regularly-scheduled blog posts without having to lift a finger.

Trust Seal

As more people search for help with moving and storage, shady businesses pop up. These scammers are always one step ahead, trying to trick people out of their money. With so many imitators online, you need to make sure that your website visitors know they can trust you.

Placing a trust seal on your site is a simple and effective way to give your clients peace of mind. The Best of the Web trust seal is a well-known icon that is synonymous with trustworthy. We only let verified businesses use it, so customers know it’s reliable.

We have a handy step-by-step guide that makes it easy for you to add this icon to your website. Get your trust seal today to make sure potential customers feel comfortable working with you.

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Let Best of the Web Handle the Digital Marketing for Your Moving & Storage Business

You’re a professional who works hard to make your clients’ move go smoothly. Running your business keeps you busy, and with everything already on your plate, you don’t have the extra time it would take to master digital marketing and keep your strategy running.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it all yourself. When you work with Best of the Web, we’ll do all the heavy lifting on digital marketing so that you can focus on lifting your clients’ chairs and boxes. We can’t wait to contribute to the success of your business. If you’re ready to find new leads and close new deals, get in touch today.

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