3 Tips for Water Damage Companies Who Want to Stay Relevant

Stay Above Water and Relevant

It’s hard out there for a restoration company owner. Typically, people don’t even think about your services unless they need them – NOW. It’s important for your company to be top-of-mind when they do need something though; that’s the tricky part. Here are three tips on how you can stay relevant in the eyes of […]

5 Steps To A Better Water Damage Website

It should be no secret that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars from your water damage restoration website. Heck, we routinely have customers who make $50,000+ from just ONE job. Forget plumber referrals. Forget TPA’s. Websites have the highest return on investment out of any marketing program you have. Unfortunately, most restoration company […]

Difference Between SSLs

If you’ve ever looked into SSL certification for a website, you may have heard of the terms domain validated, organization validated, or extended validation. You may also have heard of wildcard and SAN SSL certificates. Find out which is right for you and learn more about what these terms mean.

Best Email Accounts for Small Businesses

Email is a digital innovation which has stood the test of time – millions of businesses still use it on a daily basis to communicate with customers, handle orders and send out email marketing. If you’re on a tight budget or are a new business, you could benefit from a free email account – but […]

Best Online Directories in 2022

Hands up who remembers the heady days when online directories seemed to rule the world? Back in the day, when DMOZ was THE place to submit your website when Google used DMOZ to inform its search results? I certainly do: I was an Admin and Meta Editor at DMOZ and, with tens of thousands of […]

The Ultimate Cyber Monday Checklist for Small Businesses

By Rieva Lesonsky  Yes, it’s early, but due to the coronavirus pandemic the official holiday shopping season is underway. Already we know many of the big box stores won’t be open on Thanksgiving Day, so online sales are expected to soar this year.  In recent years, holiday sales were kicked off during Cyber Week, starting […]

How to Choose the Right Accounting Software for Your Small Business

There are lots of accounting software options available on the market, and accounting software packages vary significantly in price. So how do you know which will be the best solution for your small business? The first thing to bear in mind is that accounting software is not all the same, so even if you are […]