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When you have termites or other pests, you want them eliminated quickly. To do that, you’ll need to find a local pest control service. The best place to find a qualified pest control service near you is on Best of the Web. It’s the only place you need to look for quality and trustworthy professionals.

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Agent Pest Control

Agent Pest Control is the premier pest control company in Utah servicing the Greater Salt Lake City area. We use all the latest technologies…

Beeline Pest Control

Insects and other common household pests can be a problem for Beehive State residents all year-round. Once these pesky invaders take up residence in…

Moxie Pest Control

Moxie Pest Control SLC will protect you from these pests by completely eliminating their infestation and preventing future attacks. We offer rat control and…

Pay Less Pest Control

Pay Less Pest Control offers the most through yet affordable Salt Lake City pest control service you will find. We do our best to…

The Spider Man

The Spider Man pest control was founded in 2005 and is currently based out of Bountiful, Utah. Aside from being a nuisance, pests can…

Truly Nolen

Truly Nolen Pest Control provides guaranteed quality pest control services to the residents and businesses of southern Utah. We are a locally owned and…

HomeGuard Pest Control

Residential and commercial pest control. Interior and exterior, pet and people friendly products, high end pest service with low cost.

AB Pest Control

AB Pest Control and Lawn Care services the Utah county area on the east side of Utah Lake. We use the latest technology to…

Bug Off Pest Control

Bug Off Utah is a safe, reliable pest control company. We focus on providing not only the best pest control, but also quality customer…

Shakespeare Pest Control

Shakespeare Pest Control


Shakespeare Pest Control

Shakespeare Pest Control is your first and best line of defense when it comes to pests and household services. We proudly service St. George,… Unclaimed: Claim this business

Robinson Pest Solutions

The dedicated team at Robinson Pest Solutions is experienced in eliminating unwanted pests both quickly and effectively, and we do it at affordable prices.…


Tanner Pest Control

At Tanner Pest Control we are a family-owned and operated company based in Riverton, UT. We have a reputation for providing a detailed, reliable,… Unclaimed: Claim this business


Tanner Pest Control

At Tanner Pest Control we are a family-owned and operated company based in Riverton, UT. We have a reputation for providing a detailed, reliable,… Unclaimed: Claim this business

Pickett Pest Control

Vernal Pest Control. Family Owned and Operated Pest Control Services Serving Vernal and the Uintah Basin! Our licensed and experienced technicians will keep your…

Vinx Pest Control LLC

We offer the absolute best guarantee in the entire state, if not the whole industry. Some Pest Control services make you pay for extra…

Western Pest Control, Inc.

Western Pest Control, Inc.

Arete Pest Control

Whether you want a bug-free home or office, we've got you covered. Our pest control services are both convenient and affordable, and whether you…

Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark is a Family Owned Pest Control Company that has been operating in Arizona since 1999. A trio of brothers and their father set…

Pickett Pest Control

Vernal Pest Control. Family Owned and Operated Pest Control Services Serving Vernal and the Uintah Basin! Our licensed and experienced technicians will keep your…

Top Pest Control Services

You may contact a pest control service for many reasons, but some of the most common ones are:

  • Inspections: If you are selling a home, buying a home, or getting a loan against your home, you may need to have it inspected for termites and other pests.
  • Mice and other rodents: Sometimes you’ll see evidence of a rodent infestation long before you see the rodents. If you see mouse droppings or see gnawed holes in your walls, a pest control expert can take care of it.
  • Bed bugs: You should call a pest control service if you find any bugs that you suspect are bed bugs. If you find small bite marks on your skin or see a lot of tiny dark spots on your mattress, there is a good chance these are what you have.
  • Termites: If you can see grooves or tunnels through the floor joists or you find pinholes in your wall and some of the wood is buckling, you just might have termites. You might also find small piles of wood dust near any damage, you may have hollow-sounding wood, and you may see discoloration on wooden surfaces.
  • Cockroaches: Live roaches are a definite sign of an infestation, but you may only see their droppings, which are a dark color and are the size of pepper or slightly larger. You may find egg casings near leaky pipes or around the refrigerator. The egg casings are oblong, yellow or brown, and around ¼ inch long or a little larger.


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Sharon Owen Tuesday, November 30th -0001
prompt and efficient; leaving no bugs.. Happy to have Victor!
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Warrior Pest

Roger Mantis Tuesday, November 30th -0001
Kenny runs a great pest control business at Warrior Pest. I have been using them for quarterly service [...]
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Terminator Termite & Pest Management

jennifer johnson-henry Tuesday, August 29th 2023
Having a issue with bees and carpenter ants, Sergio came out and assessed the problem and immediately [...]

Pest Control Cost Guide

When you hire a pest control service your money goes toward the chemicals and other supplies required for treatments, as well as for the labor. Expect variation based on location, and the price will depend largely on the size of the area treated. Here are the costs of some common treatments:

  • National Average Pest Control Service: $140-345
  • Cockroach Treatment: $120-275
  • Flea Extermination: $145-305
  • Ant Control: $140-320
  • Mouse Extermination: $165-305
  • Termite Inspection: $80-205

Tips For Finding Pest Control Services

Check Reputation And Reviews

When you go searching for pest control service, the first thing you should do is check their reputation and reviews on Best of the Web. You’ll find a list of verified local professionals, and take a look at services and details. Best of the Web is the only place you need to look for quality, trusted local pest control service.

Ask About Their Warranty

When looking for a pest control service, ask about what kind of warranty they offer. Most will offer to treat the area again if an infestation occurs during the warranty period. Many warranties last one year from the initial treatment, but some can extend as long as five years.

Ask If They Are Licensed

Every state requires a license for pest control professionals. An unlicensed pest control service may not have the level of knowledge necessary or know the required safety protocols. They may not be insured for damage. The licensing exams cover these topics, ensuring the licensed professionals have the necessary knowledge to safely perform the job.