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  • Show Stop Farm - Overview of the farm's line of quarter horses including details on its sales offerings and contact references.
  • Simpson Quarter Horses - Presenting the ranch's quarter horse stallions and its sales offerings. Details on breeding contract also provided.
  • Sulphur River Ranch - Breeding and selling various quarter horses. Site includes sales list and details on facilities.
  • Tom Miller's Red Oak Ranch - Overview of the ranch's foundation bred quarter horse breed program. Comes with barn details and sales information.
  • Triple Cross Quarter Horses - Equine facility specializes in breeding, training, raising, and promoting quarter horses.
  • Waggoner Ranch - Account on the ranch's history with news and information on its facilities.
  • Wagon Wheel Ranch Quarter Horses - Official website presenting details on the ranch's quarter horse breeding program as well as sales information.
  • Edgewood/Lanning, Inc. - Includes stallion profiles, sales list, and contract details.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing 
  • UK Jockey - Overview of the jockey including news and a message board.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Chariot and Chuckwagon 
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Harness Racing  > Organizations 
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Partnerships and Syndications  > North America 
  • Azalea Stables - Brief history of the facility with trainer profiles and equine portfolio.
  • Castle Village Farm - Racehorse syndicates holds information on results, trainers, and partners. Answers to frequently asked questions provided.
  • Cedar Meadow - New York thoroughbred racing and breeding stable. Site offers information on horses and members area.
  • Dogwood Stable - Resource for information pertaining to thoroughbred racing partnerships. Includes stable news and race updates.
  • Emerald Racing Stable - Guide to thoroughbred racing partnerships information. Comes with trainer profiles and ownership details.
  • Fantasy Lane - Group devoted to racehorse syndication. Includes details on racing partnerships and horse sales.
  • Peachtree - Overview of thoroughbred horse racing partnerships including links and competition updates.
  • Team Valor - American thoroughbred horse racing stable. Site offers team information, statistics, and partnership details.
  • Winners Circle Partners - Managing thoroughbred horse racing partnerships. Site includes racing links as well as a glossary of terms.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Partnerships and Syndications  > Oceania 
  • de Kabat Bloodstock - New Zealand-based company devoted to racehorse breeding. Site includes information on pedigree analysis as well as links and sales.
  • New Marc Bloodstock - Specializes in providing yearling selection, training, and horse management services.
  • Tremon Stud - Australian equine facility dedicated to breeding racehorses. Site includes article archives along with details on training program.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Services  > Pedigree Search 
  • TesioPower8 - Software program and database developed for racehorse breeders and analysts.
  • Pedegree Online - Overview of the thoroughbred horse database. Comes with registration details, message board, and fees.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Services  > Products 
  • Simtrack - South Australian company dedicated to producing products for racecourse runnings rails and starting gates.
  • Watt Fences - Supplies racecourse products in the UK and Ireland area.
Top  > Sports  > Extreme Sports  > All-Terrain Boarding 
  • ATB Club of Canada - Resource for information on various techniques of all-terrain boarding. With events listings and discussion forum.
  • Dirtheads - Includes photo gallery, related links, and information on upcoming events.
  • RockBoarding - Contains photos and results of the annual boarding competition.
  • Streetsailing - Presents various photos as well as video clips and pointers on how to pull-off tricks and techniques.
Top  > Sports  > Extreme Sports  > Base Jumping 
  • Base - Features articles, photo gallery, and discussion forum for base jumping enthusiasts.
Top  > Sports  > Extreme Sports  > Magazines and E-zines 
  • Armchair Hero - Group of bikers that converted an abandoned warehouse into an urban park. With image gallery and publications.
  • Doctor Danger - Information on various types of extreme sports. Comes with contact details and links to related pages.
  • Nifty Tricks - Resource for tips and pointers on how to pull-off various skiing, kayaking, skateboarding, and snowboarding techniques.
  • Sandboard Magazine - Contains event calendar, photo gallery, video clips, and discussion forum.
Top  > Sports  > Extreme Sports  > Parkour 
  • Isra Parkour - Presents history as well as team profile, related links, and contact information.
  • Parkour Freerun - Presents the history of the extreme sport along with gallery of pictures and video clips.
Top  > Sports  > Extreme Sports  > Personal Pages 
  • Birthday - Highlights stories of people that performed extreme endeavors as their way to celebrate their birthdays.
  • Dave's Outdoor Adventures - Showcases facilities for scuba diving and powered parachute flying. Comes with pictures and links to related pages.
Top  > Sports  > Walking 
  • Danata's Walking Club Ideas - Resource of information on shaping and maintaining fitness through walking. Also includes tips on how to select the proper gear.
  • eMedicine Health - Walking for Fitness - Provides tips and pointers on the fundamentals and techniques of the sport.
  • The Walk Zone - Features highlights of the athlete's walks from various locations in the United Kingdom. With news updates and photos.
  • Walkablock Club of America - Provides membership details as well as information on fitness programs that focus on the sport of walking.
  • Walking - King of Exercises - Provides information on the various health benefits of the sport.
  • Walking at - Resource for tips and pointers on techniques and benefits of the sport on one's health.
  • Walking Holidays in England and Spain - Contains photo galleries of various walking expeditions as well as endeavors on other modes of sports.
  • Walking on Skopelos - Offers guided walking tours on this Greek island in the Northern Sporades. Includes news and photo gallery.
Top  > Sports  > Walking  > Freestyle Walking 
  • New York City Soapers - Posts pictures, video clips, related links, and index of freestyle walking tricks.
  • SOAP Shoes - Features index of tricks in freestyle walking as well as contact details and gallery of various shoe designs.

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