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  • Terri's World of Egyptology - Explore different subjects about Egypt such as pharaohs and queens, information on daily lives of ancient Egyptians, monuments and temples, dynasties, mummies. and more.
  • A Time Line of Ancient Egyptian History - Explain details about early Egyptian settlers, hieroglyphic script, pyramid details, various kings, and other related information.
  • Virtual Egypt - Collection of photo gallery, plus tour details, articles, books, events, related movies, special interests, texts, hieroglyphics and more.
  • Drinking Along the Nile - Navigate through archives, subscription details, merchandise, columns, links, and contact information.
Top  > Society  > History  > By Time Period  > Ancient  > Africa  > Egypt  > Amarna 
  • Akhenaten - Contains important facts about the life and works of Akhenaten.
  • Queen Ankhesenamen's Palace - Features the queens life and family, that includes royal names, glossary, artworks, and links.
  • Children of the Sun - Showcases the daughters of the sun, princely addendum, the lost children, dedications, gallery, works cited, readings, links and site map.
  • King Tut One - Online gallery which contains clip arts, kids corner, message board, postcards, and online shopping.
  • The Land of the Aten - Tackles different personal biographies of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, city information, royal tombs, subjects, princesses and more.
  • Tell El-Amarna: Capital of the Disk - Provides introduction, details on the resurrection of akhenaten, historical facts, hymns, links and books.
  • Tutankhamen, Pharaoh of Egypt - Browse over articles about pharaohs life, books about King Tut and his family, documentaries, related topics and other web sites.
Top  > Society  > History  > By Time Period  > Ancient  > Africa  > Egypt  > Mathematics 
  • History Topics: Ancient Egyptian mathematics - Provides an overview of Egyptian mathematics, papyri, numerals, history of zero, and alphabetical listings mathematicians born in Egypt.
  • Egyptian Fractions - Presents math sources, algorithms for Egyptian fractions, transcriptions of network conversations and other sites of interests.
  • Egyptian Fractions - Math World - Browse over history and information about Egyptian Fractions.
  • Egyptian Math - Features a brief introduction and information about numbers and Egyptian decimal system.
Top  > Society  > History  > By Time Period  > Ancient  > Africa  > Egypt  > Royalty 
  • Egyptian Kings (Pharaohs) - Site details include general topics related to kings, dynastic period, Egyptian kingdom links, roman emperor listings and others important information.
  • Kings and Queens - List of Dynasties - Offers a wide array of dynasty listings from the old kingdom to kings and queens plus other special features.
  • Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt - Link to the ancient pharaohs in Egypt, this includes pyramid facts, queens, mummies, and other important particulars.
Top  > Society  > History  > By Time Period  > Ancient  > Africa  > Egypt  > Texts 
  • Demotic Texts on the World Wide Web - Internet guide to Papayri texts that includes legal and administrative texts, religious texts, projects, literatures, directories, bibliographies, articles and more.
  • Egyptian Love Poetry - Explore lines taken from ancient history source book about Egyptian love poetry.
  • Hymn to Ra - Article that offers a glimpse at the Egyptian reverence for their gods.
  • The Love Songs of the Chester Beatty - Publishes lines and articles taken from Egyptian love songs and links to hieroglyphic transcription poems.
  • The Memphite Theology - Theological insights about Memphite that features facts about the preserved slab of basalt in the Egyptian gallery plus special links.
  • The Papyri Pages - Navigate through topics relating to ancient Egyptian papyri plus site links, exhibit facts, articles and other book details.
  • The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep, c. 2200 B.C.E. - Excerpt lines and features about The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep taken from ancient history source book.
  • Princess Ahura - The Magic Book - Details about Princess Ahura and verse coming from the Magic Book.
Top  > Society  > People  > Women  > Business 
  • Asian Women in Business - Features this corporate of women; includes calendar of events, business reference library, directory of business owner and organizations.
  • Biz-e Women - Contains small business ideas, directory, articles, and resources.
  • Woman Owned - Collation of information, tools, networking opportunities and advice for various women who want to start their own businesses.
  • Career Women - Resource of information for job seekers, employers and recruiters. Comes with corporate members and resources.
  • Catalyst - Research and advisory organization for women at work. Lists services, award, and membership.
  • Globe Women - Convenes business, professional, governmental and entrepreneurial women leaders from around the world, global summit and subscriptions included.
  • Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work - Introduces the program, and get to know the workplace coordinators, teachers, educators, parents and mentors. Includes resources and activity center.
  • Financial Intimacy - Promotes women’s understanding and participation in terms of marital finances. With details about the book and seminar for women. .
  • Webmaster Woman - Menu of information include marketing and promotion, web design, development, search engines and technology.
  • Institute for Women’s Leadership - Compilation of leadership and coaching programs for women-owned companies. Plus get list of events and calendar. .
Top  > Society  > People  > Women  > Business  > Organizations 
Top  > Society  > People  > Women  > Business  > Organizations  > Business Owners 
  • Digital Women - Offers loans and grants for women, business e-books, business ideas, and membership information.
  • Women’s Leadership Exchange - Delivers particulars regarding organization events, resources, sponsors and press exchange.
  • National Association of Women Business Owners - Overview of the group, business resource center, corporate partners, links to various chapters, events, and membership directory.
  • Women’s Business Network - Malaysia’s association of women entrepreneurs; with group profile, community services, news, events and business links. .
Top  > Society  > People  > Women  > Business  > Organizations  > By Industry 
  • Women in Sports Careers - Worldwide online business and career network for women in sports related field. Comes with list of networks and events.
  • Automotive Women’s Alliance - Convention of women in automotive careers. Offers the foundation, sponsors, news, events and membership information.
  • Northern New England Trades Women - Database for various programs for girls and women. Also include news and announcements.
  • Women in Trades - Founded to convene women in trades areas; features trades fair, apprenticeship, resources, and sponsorship.
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