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  Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Amateur Astronomy  > Amateur Contributions to Science 
  • Center for Backyard Astrophysics - Features an international organization of astronomers studying the measurement of the properties of light coming from catastrophic explosions of stars. Also shows constellation statistics, article collection, and facility information.
  • MBCAA Observatory - Displays a collection of observation reports of variable stars and transient phenomena. Also shows a description on the features of AstroMB, an astronomy database software.
  • Transitsearch - Features an article depicting the discovery of highly unusual planets orbiting the sun-like stars HD 156846 and HD 4113. Also displays an astronomical table showing data of discovered transits of the objects.
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Amateur Astronomy  > Astrophotography and CCD Imaging  > Images 
  • Universe in Color - Showcases images of deep sky and solar system objects. Also contains articles on creating mosaics and editing the brightness of the pictures using Photoshop.
  • Celestial Wonders - Exhibits image galleries of planets, sun, moon, eclipses, extraterrestrial objects and stellar bodies with details of discovery and equipment used.
  • Guy Campeau’s Astronomy - Features pictures of the sun, moon, lunar eclipse, Saturn, Jupiter and nebulae. Displays related links.
  • Willemen’s Astronomy - Contains articles showing images and details of solar events. Also includes photos of deep sky objects and atmospheric activities.
  • Astrophotography by Willis Greiner - Features articles depicting reports about sky observations and tips on charge-coupled device imaging. Also shows photo galleries of the Hale-Bopp comet and other celestial bodies.
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Amateur Astronomy  > Classifieds 
  • Astronomy-Mall - Displays a plethora of links to pages that advertise tools, accessories, charts and other related items for sale.
  • Astronomy Pinboard - Displays lists of astronomical equipment, application programs, literature, observatories and other related items available for lease or purchase.
  • Canada-wide Astronomy Buy and Sell - Presents a venue where sellers and buyers can place and renew advertisements of items for sale. Also includes FAQs, terms of use, and ad archives.
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Education 
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Manned Exploration 
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Manned Exploration  > Apollo 
  • Apollo Program 1963-1972 - Outlines the significant events concerning the space exploration project. Includes details on related activities.
  • Apollo Expeditions to the Moon - Compiles articles pointing out relevant information and record of events about the mission.
  • Exploring the Moon: Apollo Missions - Documentation that serves as reference for the events, landing and technical data of the lunar exploration activities.
  • Apollo Program - Presents data on the lunar missions with details on landing locations and results of the exploration.
  • Apollo Saturn Reference - Technical data on the specifications and related information updates about the structure.
  • Apollo Training Team - Indicates the different working groups organized to administer the instructions for astronauts to be exposed in space missions.
  • Contact Light - Accounts the views and opinion of Kipp Teague on the Apollo mission to the Moon. Mentions related references.
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Manned Exploration  > Gemini 
  • Gemini 10 - Definition of the spacecraft's functions in orbiting the Earth. Includes other specifications.
  • Gemini 11 - Data from the master catalog display of National Space Science Data Center providing details of the space structure's operations.
  • Gemini 12 - Presents the other terms used in defining the space structure. Indicates the profile of its mission activities.
  • Gemini 3 - Cites the subsystems and other components of the cone-shaped spacecraft capsule. Provides measurement details.
  • Gemini 4 - Specifies technical data regarding the structure's components and functions in space missions.
  • Gemini 5 - Explains the communication systems, power, propulsion as well as other instrumentation aspects of the spacecraft.
  • Gemini 7 - Defines the structures and other components installed in the spacecraft. Includes an overview of its mechanisms.
  • Gemini 8 - Profiles the exploration activities of the spacecraft aiming to conduct docking tests and other related purposes.
  • Gemini 6A - Detailed measurements of its launching as well as data on instrumentations installed onboard.
  • Gemini 9A - Catalog data providing information on the space missions conducted by the spacecraft as well as other aspects of its operations.
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Manned Exploration  > History 
  • - Collection of images from space exploration scenes. Contains classified searching for pictures.
  • World Space Flight - Historical reference for space flights conducted by different countries such as America, China and even Russia.
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Manned Exploration  > Mercury 
  • Mercury Atlas 6 - Details the space mission conducted by the spacecraft as well as technical specification on its instrumentation and components.
  • Mercury Atlas 7 - Explains the activities of the spacecraft. Includes links to relevant data sources.
  • Mercury Atlas 8 - Indicates the functions of the spacecraft including details on successful launching.
  • Mercury Atlas 9 - Specifications of the spacecraft's instruments and other mechanisms. Includes details on its improved components.
  • Mercury Redstone 3 - Indicates the flights conducted by the spacecraft as well as experimentation and technical specifications.
  • Mercury Redstone 4 - Detailed specifications of the spacecraft's functions and orbital flight activities.
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Manned Exploration  > Mir Space Station 
  • Mir Orbital Complex - Specifications of the module of the space structure with analysis on re-entry procedures.
  • MIR Space Station 1986-2001 - Time line presented by a media company covering significant events in the facility during those inclusive years of operations.
  • Nova - Terror in Space - Contains references for activities in the outer space as well as guide materials for instructors.
  • Orbital Complex Mir - Archive of articles providing relevant data regarding the structure used in outer space missions.
  • NPR: Mir Retrospective - Article detailing related problems and other facts about the mechanisms of the space observation structure.
  • Shuttle-Mir: An Experiment in Science and Politics - Exposes the decisions and other considerations of government and other institutions involved in the space facility's functions.
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Manned Exploration  > Mir Space Station  > Re-entry 
  • Complete Coverage of Mir - Article compilation providing details of the destruction processes of the structure.
  • Mir Today, Gone Tomorrow - Archive of articles exposing details of the structure's disposition procedures. Features an archive of pictures as well.
  • Mir: The End - References for the policies involving the destruction of the artificial object as presented by the media company.
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Manned Exploration  > Shenzhou 5 
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > Manned Exploration  > Skylab 
  • - Skylab - Chronological record on the events that happened during the installation and operation of the space station program that orbits the Earth.
  • Master Catalog Display - Skylab - Details the operations of the spacecraft including description of its components with technical data provided.
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > National Space Agencies  > Chinese 
  • China in Space - References for the country's activities relating to space explorations. Includes project updates.
  • Chinese Lunar Base - Presents updates on recent developments of the nation's efforts in developing space programs.
  • Project 921-2 - Relays developments of the space program supported by the country. Includes an index of related topics.
Top  > Science  > Astronomy and Space  > National Space Agencies  > Russian 
  • First 12 Cosmonauts, Bios, Photos and Signatures - Indexes the profile of featured astronauts including gallery of images and related data.
  • Soviet Manned Lunar Program - Documentation on the country's efforts in space exploration projects including orbital developments.
  • Space History Notes - Archive of various articles and references for exploration missions in the outer space.
  • Zarya - Fact sheets presented detailing the spaceflight programs of the country. Also provides updates on project developments.
Top  > Science  > Directories 
  • Norwegian Research Database - Searchable database featuring a wide range of science projects, research institutions, and researchers.
  • Strategian - Features links and resources for biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, medicine, physics, and psychology information.
Top  > Science  > News & Media  > Radio Programs 
  • Engineering Works - Weekly podcast providing an overview of the whimsical, unusual or just little-known sides of engineering.
  • The Naked Scientists - Media savvy group of physicians and researchers utilizing the radio and Internet to promote science.
  • Science and Society - Radio show promoting public awareness and understanding of science. Features conversations focused on medical breakthroughs, energy, environment, and space exploration.
  • Science Update - Daily, 60-second feature presenting the latest discoveries in science, rechnology, and medicine.
Top  > Science  > Publications  > Magazines 
  • Australasian Science - Australian monthly publication devoted to science. Site presents sample articles as well as links to current and previous issues.
  • Berkeley Science Review - Online forum for graduate student research, news, and policies centered on science.
  • The Irish Scientist - Comprehensive guide to Ireland’s scientific and technological activities.
  • New Zealand Science Monthly Online - E-zine presenting the innovations of New Zealand’s science and technology.
  • Scitizen - Open science news source aiming to provide the public with accurate, balanced, accessible information in science.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Aerospace  > Launch Vehicles  > Experimental and Futuristic 
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Aerospace  > Launch Vehicles  > X-prize 
  • X Prize Foundation - Archive of news updates presented covering recent events. Also provides details on competitions.
  • Bristol Spaceplanes Limited - England-based company focusing on providing consultancy services and assistance for the technicalities of commercial space operations.
  • Canadian Arrow - Details the operations of the company in developing resources for space expeditions.
  • DreamSpace Group - Da Vinci Project - Updates on the participated space tourism competition as well as an archive of newsletters presented.
  • Rocketplane, Inc. - Focuses in manufacturing space vehicles with reusable characteristics. Indicates management structure and news updates on activities.
  • Interorbital Systems - Developer of orbital launch vehicles to be used in various applications and low cost operations. Features updates on other projects.
  • Starchaser Industries Ltd. - Presents news articles providing updates on recent developments by the company involved in commercial space technologies.
  • TGV Rockets - Firm specializing in research for the development of related fields in aerospace engineering and design concepts.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Biomedical Engineering 
  • Biocompatibles - Details on the products, programs and partners of the association that provides drug combination merchandise.
  • Biophan Technologies Incorporated - Contains company profile, news, and details on featured products and technologies.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Welding 
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Welding  > Organizations 
  • American Welding Society - Nonprofit organization that advocates the science and technology of welding. Site contains news and related links.

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