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  • Central Bank of Egypt - Posts press releases, news reports and updates from the financial institution together with market statistics on exchange rates and interbank and interest rates.
  • Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency - Provides information regarding the bureau’s institutional framework, principal functions and its various tasks. Also provides summary of services offered.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Government  > Embassies and Consulates 
  • Egyptian Embassy in Berlin - Previews the consulate’s history and background profile together with extensive information regarding the country’s bilateral relations with Germany.
  • Belgium - Provides general information about the country as well as useful details and guidelines regarding its education and tourism sectors.
  • Denmark - Cites different commercial services offered by the consulate ranging from market overview and sector analysis to international project monitoring.
  • Finland - Provides background information regarding consular services offered at the embassy as well as the transition strategy and action plan between the country and Egypt.
  • Germany - Presents the country’s foreign and European policy as well as its economy and development cooperation sections. Includes information for German nationals.
  • Japan - Previews general information regarding the consulate and its hours of services and contact details, with comprehensive outline of the country’s assistance projects to Egypt.
  • Norway - Contains articles detailing various events and occurrences related to business, culture and society and other sectors of the North European country.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > News and Media 
  • Radio Station World – Egypt - Contains listings of broadcast media agencies and radio networks in the country, which includes web radios and short wave broadcasters.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Travel and Tourism 
  • Africa Guide – Egypt - Supplies comprehensive information about the country, as well as useful details for visiting travelers and tourists. Includes details regarding accommodations and car rentals.
  • Egypt Travel Information - Contains extensive resources and tips for new and old travelers and visitors to the country, such as entry visa, weather conditions and other useful data.
  • Egypt Voyager - Consists of information for tourists, comprehensive overview of the country’s different attractions as well as the country’s currency.
  • Lexic Orient - Supplies detailed descriptions, photographs and accounts of different attractions in Egypt from the pyramids and temples to its Islamic and Christian sites.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Travel and Tourism  > Lodging  > Hotels 
  • Baron Hotels - Displays photographs and overview of premises, accommodations and other guest facilities offered in various tourist facilities under the hotel group.
  • Minamar Hotel - Showcases different travel packages offered by the holiday and tourist getaway, with information on its services and facilities.
  • Oberoi Hotels and Resorts - Provides a list of the groups different holiday and tourist getaways around the world as well as online reservation forms advance deposit guidelines.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Services  > Cruise Operators 
  • Pharaoh Hotels - Introduces the hotel management Egyptian company involved in operating and supervising various Nile Cruise ships and travel and tourist establishments.
  • Royal Cleopatra Dahabia Charters - Introduces the traditional Egyptian sailing yacht, with illustrations and photographs on its deck plan and cabin layout. Also provides descriptions of different destinations and itineraries.
  • Le Steam Ship Sudan - Overview of the sea vessel’s background profile and detailed information on various Nile cruises offered. Includes details about other tours in Egypt.
  • Travcotels - Contains the Nile cruise company’s profile and extensive information regarding facilities and deck plans for different sailing vessels.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Services  > Tour Operators 
  • Egypt Highlights - Offers online reservation services for different tour packages to different destinations in the country, includes comprehensive information and guidelines for each.
  • Egypt Top View - Previews background information regarding the travel organization and provides travel tips for visitors on appropriate attire, driving and other pertinent details.
  • Egypt Travel - Provides overviews and lists of tour programs and services offered by the company, with available reservation form for interested tourists.
  • Egypt Travel Online - Features the company’s profile and its offered tour packages, Nile cruises and excursions. Also provides lists of lodging establishments in various cities.
  • Egyptian Express - Overview of the travel company’s background and comprehensive information regarding different tour packages offered.
  • Egyptian Rose Travel - Privately owned company that offers different types of program packages ranging from classical trips to Nile and honeymoon cruises.
  • El Madina Tours - Comprised of the company’s profile, overview of its travel packages and information database regarding different features of Egypt.
  • Executive Travel - Introduces the tour company and supplies useful information regarding Egypt and its many features and regions. Includes photo gallery showing previous excursion groups.
  • Fujy Travel - Lists detailed itineraries for different excursion programs provided by the company as well as enumeration of different hotels from various cities.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Weather 
  • Weather Underground – Egypt - Presents a weather table showing temperature, humidity and other data relating to the climate of various areas in the country.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Karnataka  > Education  > Colleges and Universities 
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > Luxembourg  > Society and Culture 
  • Rita’s Homepage - Presents the author’s credentials and skills. Also contains links to related pages and articles.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Recreation and Sports  > Equestrian 
  • Thoroughbred Village - Caters to the interest of Australia's horse racing community. Contains news, a stud directory, and a discussion forum.
  • Exposures Online - Online resource for New Zealand racing information. News and images provided.

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