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  Top  > Reference  > Almanacs  > Agriculture 
  • Handy Facts - Collection of facts about a variety of subjects. Includes home ideas, important dates and events details, vocabulary, and more.
  • Farmers Almanac - Informative and entertaining resource for agriculture provides news, tips, and articles.
  • RangeBiome - "Public Rangeland Almanac" – collection of environmental links, tools, news, and insights. Aims to provide information on improving ecological conditions of public rangeland ecosystems.
Top  > Reference  > Almanacs  > Science 
  • Star Date - Serves as a stargazing guide. Presents news, images, a "moon calculator," and other related resources.
  • The Almanack - Serves as a celestial calendar for use in farming, gardening, or homesteading. With articles, a message board, and daily verses.
Top  > Reference  > Almanacs  > Sports 
  • Olympic Almanac - Complete site for Olympics information. Contains game events schedules and overviews as well as directory of websites providing Olympics related particulars.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries 
  • Cool Dictionary - Webster-based dictionary with pronunciation audios. Also makes use of Wiktionary and Wikipedia resources.
  • - Vocabulary database with thesauri and encyclopedia articles. Also presents articles, games, and a host of other language resources.
  • Word Central - Free and fast online word query tool. With word games and daily buzzwords.
  • Newbury House Dictionary of American English - Complete English vocabulary resource containing over 40,000 entries. With pronunciation guides.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > Acronyms 
  • - Searchable directory of acronyms and abbreviations used in a variety of subjects.
  • Acronymfinder - Get to know the meanings or the terms represented by various acronyms and mnemonics in this comprehensive database. Contains human edited entries.
  • Acronym Search - Source for information on commonly and rarely used term or title contractions. Accommodates online submissions for new acronyms as well.
  • Apronyms - "A Pertinent Re-Interpretation of Normality Yielding More Sense." Contains list of mnemonics and education-related word contractions.
  • Dictionary of Quaternary Acronyms and Abbreviations - Lists the meanings of the acronyms and abbreviations used in Quaternary studies. Also presents information on acronyms for societies, government agencies, and laboratory lingo.
  • Frequently Seen Space or Astronomy Acronyms - Plain text presentation listing the different acronym and jargon used in space and astronomy studies.
  • The Great Four Letter Abbreviation Hunt and Acronym - Presents the meanings of four letter word combinations used as acronyms. With links to the three letter version and forums.
  • Learning, Performance, and Training Acronyms - List of training and manpower learning or development jargon and abbreviations.
  • USPS Abbreviations Glossary - Familiarize the jargons and acronyms used by the United States Postal Service.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > Acronyms  > Computer and Internet 
  • Acronym Guide - Compilation of information related to acronyms used in business, online language, education, government, religion, and other fields.
  • eBay Acronyms - Learn more about the eBay language. Check out this list of abbreviations used in item listings and community discussion boards.
  • Freeware Hall of Fame Acronyms - Get to know the meanings of the acronyms and symbolisms used in Internet messages.
  • Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive - Online search for computer acronyms. Also accepts new acronym submissions.
  • Internet Acronym Server - Avenue for sharing and learning about the definitions of a variety of acronyms in present use.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > Acronyms  > Military 
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > By Subject 
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > By Subject  > Agriculture 
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > By Subject  > Architecture 
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > By Subject  > Construction 
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > By Subject  > Humanities 
  • Glossary of Poetic Terms - Guide of the study of poetry featuring a broad range of definitions, pronunciation guides, cross references, examples, and more.
  • The Ism Book - List of words that end with the –ism suffix. Extensive definitions provided.
  • Virtual Salt Glossary of Literary Terms - Presents concise overviews of the different terminologies in the English literature.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > By Subject  > Law 
  • A Law Dictionary - John Bouvier's glossary of legal terminologies as adapted to the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.
  • A Dictionary of Law 1893 - Compendium of American and English jurisprudence. Presents the American and British definitions of the words used in common law prior to 1900.
  • Dictionary - Key in a search word or manually browse for definitions of law terms in this online law language database.
  • Law Dictionaries - Resource for definitions of the terms used in general, commercial, crime, family, and international law.
  • Legal Dictionary - Online resource for legal terminology definitions and legal abbreviations. With links to related pages.
  • Legal Explanations - Free legal resource designed to explain legal terms in plain English.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > By Subject  > Social Science 
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > Collections 
  • One Look - Online database, composed of over 19 million words indexed from 1062 dictionaries. Key in a word or phrase in the provided search bar and find definitions, translations, and dictionaries.
  • All Dictionaries - Online dictionary presents words in different subjects and languages.
  • The DICT Development Group - Searchable database of vocabularies and related diction resources.
  • Dictionary Link - Guide to free online dictionaries and translation services. Also provides links to thesauri and encyclopedias.
  • Dict Search - Dictionary search tool useful for translating words to local dialects of other world languages.
  • Word Web - Free dictionary and thesaurus software for Windows.
  • Word Assault - Word definition finder sourcing out word meanings from a variety of other online dictionaries.
  • Planet Translation - Gallery of electronic dictionaries and translation software for different platforms. Includes talking dictionaries, full text translators, phrasebooks, flashcards, and more.
  • Lexicool - Collates links to various free bilingual and multilingual dictionaries.
  • World Star Free Dictionaries - Check out this collection of West European and Asian language dictionaries and translators.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > Etymology 
  • Clichés and Expression Origins - Comprehensive presentation on the history of English language's words, expressions, and truisms.
  • Word Origins - Explore the history and emergence of several words in today's language. Learn about the proper usage as well.
  • PrefixSuffix - Lays out a chart of Latin, Greek, and root words that make up most of the words in the English vocabulary.
  • Etymologically Speaking - List of information on word origins encompassing the English, French, and German languages.
  • Word Explorations - Program for Latin-Greek cross references. Aims to facilitate the development of vocabulary skills and word studies.
  • Word Focus - Library of information on words derived from the Latin and Greek languages. With a directory of word resources.
  • Mootgame - Board game presents questions on etymology, semantics, and grammar.
  • Online Etymology Dictionary - Searchable resource for information on what and how today's words meant and sounded in the past.
  • Verbivore - Richard Lederer, a linguistic author, presents his various works that explore etymology and terminology usage this website.
  • Word Quests for Word Seekers - Web-based resource for information on English words derived from Latin and Greek.
  • Word Sources - Peruse through this dictionary of English words listed in thematic units.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > Etymology  > Publications 
  • Take Our Word for It - Biweekly online magazine on etymology. With blogs and book features.
  • The Word Detective - Online version of Evan Morris' newspaper column that answers readers' questions about words and language.
  • World Wide Words - Read through this presentation by Michael Quinion on international English at a British viewpoint.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > Language Dictionaries 
  • All Words - Fast and free English-multilingual dictionary. Also features a crossword solver, posts blogs, and presents quotations and tools for creative writing.
  • A Dictionary of Comprehension - Copyrighted dictionary of words in twenty-eight languages. Also has special presentations on illusions, signs, and symbols.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > Rhyming 
  • Alcor: Rhyming Dictionary - Introduces a program designed for finding an appropriate word rhyme for certain uses.
  • Analog Rhyme - Rhyming dictionary with a searchable collection of over 100,000 words.
  • Lexical FreeNet - Tool for finding related, connected, or rhyming words for particular terms.
  • Rhyme Zone - Learn about the features of this rhyming application. Go over the documents presented as well.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > Vocabulary Lists 
  • Dave's Choice Words - Features free vocabulary building exercises from David Fisco.
  • Grandiloquent Dictionary - Collection of obscure and rarely used English words.
  • Heenan's Universal Dictionary - Alternative dictionary presents the not-so-known meanings of some words.
  • International House of Logorrhea - Free online dictionary of peculiar and weird meaning words. With links to dictionary websites of the similar theme.
  • The Phrontistery - Compiles word lists on a variety of topics along with a host of language resources.
  • Wordsmith - Resource for a variety of dictionaries and vocabulary resources. With links to books, libraries, and word games.
Top  > Reference  > Directories 
  • Directory Library - Content rich world Internet directory listing sites organized by category and including deep links, Facebook and Twitter promotion.
Top  > Reference  > Journals 
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) - Electronic journal service serving as a portal to thousands of journals from different publishers and sources. Provides a search bar for more convenient browsing.
  • Genamics Journal Seek - Large and completely categorized database of open source journal information. Only serving as a gateway, this site does not maintain collections of articles or abstracts.
  • Project Muse - Provides a list of scholarly journals online. Journal alerts also provided.
  • The New Criterion - Features a monthly journal of academics and the arts. With notes and comments.
Top  > Reference  > Time 
Top  > Reference  > Time  > Alternative Systems 
  • New Earth Time - Proposed global time standard making use of the "360 degrees" concept.
Top  > Reference  > Time  > Current Time 
  • World Time Zone - Search utility for getting time information in various parts of the world. With a time map.
  • World Buddy - Get to know the current time in different world locations, including daylight time information/.
  • Time Zone Converter - Serves as a guide for international travel, meetings, and more. Provides answers to queries on time different world locations.
  • The Time Now - Time teller synchronized with the US network of cesium clocks.
  • Local Time around the World - Guide to world time lists time data from around the world. Does not include information on daylight saving time.
  • People Park - Search for time details by world region. Go over the local newspapers presented as well.
  • Clock Genius - Configure a time format and zone and get a list of time details in different world regions.
Top  > Reference  > Time  > Horology 
  • Pocket Horology - US chapter of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. Presents research information, exhibits, and an archive of documents that explore the science of time determination.
  • My Time Machines - Features an array of time devices including tower clocks, skeletons, vault timers, and other related items.
  • Daylight Saving Time - Learn about this time setting concept, its history and its implementation.

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