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  • Ellis University - An online university offering more than 50 different accredited online college degrees, certificates and specializations.
Top  > Reference  > Education  > Educators 
  • Rate My Teachers - An online rating tool for high school students, parents and teachers.
Top  > Reference  > Education  > K through 12  > Home Schooling  > Curriculum  > Mathematics 
  • Math Vids - Provides free instructional math videos for students. Math lessons, tutorials, and even math history are offered.
Top  > Reference  > Maps 
  • ThoughtCo: Maps - Collection of references and resources related to maps and cartography. Includes blank maps and guides to understanding them.
Top  > Reference  > Maps  > Collecting 
  • Infography about Map Collecting - Presents recommended sources for map collecting including links to pertinent references and a map forum.
  • International Map Collectors' Society - Site provides information about the society's membership, events, map fairs, council and committee, and national representatives.
  • Map the Universe - Personal site on antique map collecting. Presents a glossary of cartography and mapping terms, news, and links to references, blogs, and online map collections.
  • Road Map Collectors Association - Posts newsletters, association bylaws, directory of officers, and master lists of official and petro maps. With map buying, selling, and trading links.
  • Tips for Prospective Map Collectors - Information on types of map collections, factors and conditions that affect map value, map coloring, detecting reproductions, and storage.

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