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  • Pregnancy Choices - Non-profits organization offering free abortion services and other reproductive health treatments for men and women. Lays-out the possible risks of abortion during and after the procedure. FAQs included.
Top  > Health  > Reproduction  > Clinics and Services  > Abortion  > North America  > United States  > Illinois 
  • Illinois Abortion Clinics - Dedicated to providing modern, confidential, low cost, supportive abortion and reproductive healthcare services. Includes FAQs and details of clinic locations.
  • Anchor Health Center - Offers surgical abortion up to 17 1/2 weeks. Find a brief description of the facility and services. Read the clinic's monthly bulletin online and view map and directions.
  • Advantage Health Care, Ltd. - Health care facility providing a wide array of reproductive health care services including abortion. Details services and provides a listing of other facilities.
  • ACU Health Center - Describes the difference between medical (non-surgical) and surgical abortion. Also find information about other services and check out the center's medical bulletin.
Top  > Health  > Reproduction  > Clinics and Services  > Abortion  > North America  > United States  > New York 
  • New York OB/GYN Associates - Learn about surgical and non-surgical termination of pregnancy, the morning after pills, RU486 and Depo Povera. Also outlines service schedule/hours of operation, general policy and certain features.
  • Dr. Emily Private Abortion - Features assessment guide in choosing between traditional abortion and taking abortion pills. View virtual of the Brooklyn and Bronx facilities and find a list of pricing. Appointments may be scheduled online.
  • - Association of private physicians offering abortion services. Provides pre, during and post operative instructions for the different abortion procedures. Also details other reproductive health care services and FAQs.
Top  > Health  > Reproduction  > Clinics and Services  > Abortion  > North America  > United States  > Pennsylvania 
  • Bruce Berger, M.D. and Charles Benjamin, D.O. Abortion Clinic - Offers complete abortion services including RU468, contraception and the morning after pill. Provides insurance and fees information, including payment options. View FAQs and Spanish version.
  • A Woman's Concern - Find out how to evaluate choices and options in dealing with unplanned pregnancies. Risks in abortion and related FAQs are also provided. Includes a section for male partners.
  • American Women's Services - Operates in Pennsylvania and three other states. Find details about the centers' abortion services, privacy commitment and other gynecological services. Also features FAQs and testimonials.
Top  > Health  > Reproduction  > Clinics and Services  > Abortion  > North America  > United States  > Texas 
  • Fairmount Center - Find information on surgical and non-surgical abortion services, emergency contraception and corresponding fees. Patient instructions and disclosure requirements are also laid-out.
  • Abortion Advantage - Check out the center's abortion services including non-surgical, early and late procedures. Find fee schedule and related state law.
Top  > Health  > Reproduction  > Clinics and Services  > Abortion  > Oceania  > Australia 
  • Nanyara Fertility Control Clinic - Private Fertility Control Clinic offering abortion services. Find a general overview of the clinic and those needing further information may e-mail the attending physician.
  • Options - Find information and description of the clinic's unplanned pregnancy options, abortion care and services as well as infertility treatments.
  • The Private Clinic - Specializes in the termination of pregnancies up to 20 weeks. Contains photos of the clinic, fees schedule and information on procedures and after care. Also has a section for the male partners. Contents also available in Chinese and Korean.
  • Contraceptive Services - Modern day surgery facility offering advanced techniques in abortion. Provides appointment guidelines, details on counseling, pre-operative assessment and the procedure. Includes FAQs.
  • The Pregnancy Advisory Centre - Provides statewide basis services to women with unplanned pregnancy. Features information about how the services can help women and includes links to related sites. Also features testimonials and downloadable brochures.

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