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  • B4Step - Runs under X11R6 and can read XPM, GIF, JPEG and PNG files for graphic themes. Includes download and FAQs.
  • Evilwm - X Window system minimalist window manager, with small binary size and virtual desktops.
  • Fast Light Window Manager - Combination of ideas from different window managers. Designed to be point-to-type and understands KDE, Motif and Gnome window manager hints.
  • FluxBox - Based on blackbox with similar window placement, styles and colors. Includes overview, list of features and sample screenshots of application with descriptions.
  • Generic Window Manager Manual - X11 window manager client application, composed of two modules the GWM and WOOL. Includes overview, standard packages and references.
  • JD4X - GUI windowing environment to support Java programming and build to control native desktop system. Contains download, news and overview.
  • LinuxPlanet: Window Managers - Includes opinions, reviews and tutorials on window managers under Linux.
  • Official AfterStep Website - Unix X Window system window manager, provides desktop configuration. Includes list of features, FAQs and brief overview.
Top  > Computers  > Software  > Operating Systems  > Graphic Subsystems  > X11  > Window Managers  > Window Maker 
  • Wmakerconf - Window Maker window manager configuration tool based on GTK+.
  • OpenStep Specification - Describes application programming interface (API), includes major components.

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