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  Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Open Season 
  • Open Seasaon - Official site of the film offering a trailer, a collection of online games and activities, and information on the story and characters.
Top  > Arts  > Photography  > Styles and Methods  > 3D  > Photographers 
  • Konstantin's 3D Page - Features 3D photographic techniques, tips on editing stereoscopic photos, and an article on using paintings and drawings for stereoscopic images.
  • Artnerwork Productions - Independent media production company based in the San Francisco, Bay Area that is engage in visual documentation of indigenous and nomadic cultures.
  • Berezin Stereo Photography Products - Manufactures viewers, archival stereo slide boxes, and other products used by stereo photographers.
  • International Stereoscopic Union - Lone international 3D association in the world and is a club of individual 3D enthusiasts as well as a club of stereo clubs. With members currently numbering at 800 from 34 countries world-wide.
  • 3D Stereo Photography WebRing - Webring for any business or person that is involved in 3D (Stereoscopic) Photography.
Top  > Arts  > Photography  > Styles and Methods  > Alternative Processes 
  • Cyanotypes - Technical article about cyanotypes and the process of creating cyanotypes blueprints.
  • Taking Pictures with Blueprint Paper - Technical article about taking pictures using blueprint paper by Matthias Wandel.
  • FotoSearch - Contains over 700 alternative process stock photos and images.
Top  > Arts  > Photography  > Styles and Methods  > Digital  > Resources 
  • Malek Tips - Features over 400 digital camera and photography tips for digital camera buyers and owners.
  • Digital Photography Forum - Digital photo community that feature digital photos for critiquing by the members and host forums that discusses all aspects of digital photography.
Top  > Arts  > Photography  > Styles and Methods  > Documentary 
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Galleries  > North America  > United States  > Oregon 
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Galleries  > North America  > United States  > Pennsylvania 
  • Avatar Galleries - Online gallery features fund raising art auctions, artist’s biography, and event calendar.
  • Bach and Company - Provides company information, art pages, framing gallery, and direction guide.
  • Carol Schwartz Gallery - Lists of featured artists with gallery of artwork collections and services.
  • Central Market Art Gallery - Virtual gallery presents event calendar, shop page, exhibit details, and represented artists.
  • Chadds Ford Gallery - Showcases artist’s information, exhibit facts, online catalogue, and artwork orders.
  • Dutchland Galleries - Cover recent news update, gallery information, artist’s profile, and contact information.
  • Eyes Gallery - Store details plus art and soul tour are being presented.
  • Gallerie Chiz - Page content includes exhibit facts, artist’s profile, services, and ordering facts.
  • Gratz Gallery and Conservation Studio - Online gallery featuring painting conservation, restoration details, services, and artist profiles.
  • Gross McCleaf Gallery - Features the finest in contemporary realist paintings as well as a growing body of organic abstract work.
  • I. Brewster and Company - Compilation of artist’s artwork collections.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Galleries  > North America  > United States  > Texas 
  • American Fine Art & Frame Company - Fine art and frame company offers art gallery, event calendar, artist’s facts, and location guide.
  • Buchanan Gallery - Offers lists of featured artists, exhibit details, gallery facts, and contact information.
  • Craighead-Green Gallery - Provides gallery information, event schedules, artist’s page, and submission details.
  • DaVinci Artists Gallery - Artist’s owned gallery that offers information, event calendar, and contact facts.
  • Davis Hardware - Online resource features prints and oil gallery, mirrors, gift items, and artist’s profile.
  • Empty Walls Gallery - Art gallery by featured artists with art resources.
  • F8 Fine Art Gallery - Contains exhibit and event details, artist’s profile, news update, and photo gallery.
  • Fine Arts of Texas, Inc. - Online gallery features artist’s information and artwork collections.
  • Focal Point - Features gallery information, news update, promotion updates, and additional facts.
  • Gallery 3 - Online portfolio of artworks with artist information.
  • Gallery Lombardi - Artists page featuring exhibit details, archives, reviews, and resources.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Galleries  > North America  > United States  > Washington 
  • The American Art Company - Art gallery with featured artist’s profile, exhibit facts and news updates.
  • ArtForte Gallery - Online collection of paintings, prints, sculptures, and glasses.
  • Blue Whole Gallery - Provides artist’s detail, gallery events, membership facts, and additional resources.
  • Davidson Galleries - Presents contemporary and antique prints and images with artist profile.
  • Edge of Glass Gallery - Gallery features many different styles of glasswork, including blown glass, slumped glass, sand blast etched glass and glass jewelry.
  • Flury and Company - Online gallery featuring over 100 images collection of vintage photogravures and photographs.
  • Garde Rail Gallery - Garde Rail Gallery displays artworks with contact information.
  • Greg Kucera Gallery - Features artist’s page, exhibit facts, print inventory, gallery, and catalogs.
  • Jeffrey Moose Gallery - Featuring contemporary artists and artworks from the Pacific Northwest.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Abstract Expressionism 
  • Burnett, James - Offers abstract paintings and Oaxaca series watercolors for sale plus featured abstract expressionist gallery.
  • Bytebier, Chris - Abstract expressionist paintings by Chris Bytebier includes expositions, picture gallery, and news update.
  • Federici, Ovidio - Biography of the artist with details on his abstract expressionist paintings.
  • Frehm, Lynne - Abstract expressionist painter in New York works with inspiration from models.
  • Gillard, Paul - Displays a gallery of abstract, watercolor, digital, and paintings.
  • Goldenberg, Roger - Artist profile, art gallery, artist’s statements, and reviews are being presented.
  • Griffith, Sarah - Contemporary art collections that demonstrates emotion on canvas. Includes artist biography and exhibit details.
  • Hanson, Marcus - Compilation of art works by Marcus Hanson.
  • Hastenteufel, Zdenka - Contains virtual gallery of pictures and ceramic images by the artist Zdenka Hastenteufel.
  • Hauge, Mary - Watercolor expressionist painting collection with artists profile and background.
  • Hayakawa, Tadashi - Gallery of featured works from 1992-1996 with plus artist resume and inquiries.
  • Hicks, Kole - Recent blog postings with portfolio, artist biography, and commission information.
  • Hodges, Jennifer - Retail art gallery with experience images of original paintings ranging from whimsical, contemplative to gently sensual.
  • Hollins, Lisa - Collection of abstract expression art works with information by Lisa Hollins.
  • Horiati, Vicky - Presents various galleries of paintings by Vicky Horiati.
  • Humphreys, Brett - Various collections of paintings with written interpretation plus exhibit details.
  • Kang, Ehja - Biography information, abstract painting collections, essays and articles, exhibit details are provided.
  • Kazavchinski, Mark and Mila - Internationally acclaimed artist and professional musician showcases their collection of original art works.
  • Kedrin, Alexander - Offers an art gallery of abstract and symbolic oil paintings, sculptures and ceramics.
  • Khoury, Sari - Official repository for the artwork of Sari Khoury and a tribute to the artist’s work and life.
  • Koller, Kathy - List of entries include abstract information, strengths, sculpture details, and madwetclown facts.
  • Krebs, Katie - Portfolio of oils on canvas and gouaches on paper with biography and contact details.
  • Krebs, Patsy - Visual artist features abstract works on paper. Offers exhibitions, bio, and awards info.
  • Kunze, Eva - Exhibits gallery of monochromatic oil paintings by Eva Kunze.
  • Lande, John A. - Artworks by John Lande that uses applied mixed media and explorative techniques. Also includes show information and artist resume.
  • Lannoo, Marie - Canadian visual artist and abstract painter since 1984 features exhibit information and collections of original art.
  • Larsen, Gerville - Fine art gallery with artist Gerville Larsen also includes curriculum vitae, biography, and art collections.
  • Larviere, Mark - Contemporary artist presents online gallery of original art collections plus reviews and artist information.
  • Laurini, Anna - Features art works in different types and various styles of expression by Anna Laurini.
  • Lebedynets, Petr - Personal page of the Ukrainian artist with gallery information, exhibitions, reviews, updates, and bibliography.
  • Lefens, Tim - Information about the artist, original artwork gallery, book facts, and contact particulars.
  • Lerín, Silvia - Showcases photo exhibitions, curriculum details, original paintings, and contact details.
  • Lopez, Raida - Artist biography, gallery of oil, monotypes, and mixed media paintings, plus digital artistry, and drawings.
  • Lota, Kathleen - Features oil painting gallery, artist profile and statements.
  • Marigmen, Bernardo - Artist and director with a diverse background in the fine arts and architecture offers original art gallery, photos, and studio details.
  • Martinez, Soraida - Puerto Rican feminist artist and graphic designer known as the creator of Verdadism.
  • Minciel, Eugeniusz - Displays original artworks, artist biography, and exhibition information.
  • Natkin, Robert - Premier abstract painter in America that presents original works of art, exhibition details, and public collections.
  • O'Brien, Kellianne - Contains artist statement, profile, and collections of various art expressions.
  • Olmstead, Marla - Covers available work, gallery information, articles, and news updates.
  • Penuel, Jean - Biographical information about the artist with featured works, picture gallery, and exposition detail.
  • Perrault, Benoît - Collections of art portfolio and original art work paintings.
  • Petryk, Marek - Online gallery presents abstract art created by artist Marek Petryk.
  • Porter, Cynthia - Collage and mixed media paintings by Cynthia Porter.
  • Pregon, Joanna - Emotional portraits created by Joanna Pregon includes news update, artist biography, and contact details.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Abstractism 
  • Bleckner, Ross - Features selected works on remembrance, artist biography, press releases, and contact details.
  • Balsamo, Vincenzo - Contemporary abstract artist provides current and upcoming exhibits, artist information, and work gallery.
  • Bush, Martin - Showcases Martin Bush’s gallery of contemporary abstract paintings.
  • Bellanca, Todd - Abstract painter features artworks for sale with gallery full of abstract paintings.
  • Bilu, Asher - Painter and sculpture artist that aims to create visual ecstasies presents his collection of artworks.
  • Blender, Gerda Maria - Gallery of abstract and cubist oil paintings by the German artist Gerda Maria Blender.
  • Bietlot, Chantal - Features artist itinerary, biography, news, and gallery of abstract paintings.
  • Barnett, Helmut - Information about abstract paintings, drawings, archive details, and artist background are presented in this page.
  • Bergmann, Dagmar - Gallery of abstract mixed media paintings in blue hues with artist information and studio details.
  • Cullen, John - Gallery of religious and spiritual artwork with paintings and assemblage.
  • Collins, Robert - Large gallery of paintings with the artist’s biography, awards, and collections.
  • Couvrette, Dan - Canadian artists gallery of oil, acrylics in 3D paintings and sculptures.
  • Cavalieri, Corliss - Gives the artist’s statement and resume, and a small gallery of art.
  • Cavalli, Mirko - Overview of contemporary abstract paintings and sculptures from this Italian artist.
  • Cutajar, Godwin - Maltese abstract painter showcases his work, and gives a curriculum vitae.
  • Callery, Kathleen - Oil and mixed media paintings. Site includes artist biography and portfolio.
  • Chipman, Jack - Offers a gallery of paintings, mixed media, and sculptures. Includes an artist statement.
  • Cimini, Stephen - Gallery of abstract paintings from recent exhibitions. Offers artists biography and resume.
  • Clark, Edward - Features the artist’s profile, abstract works, upcoming shows, and museum collections.
  • Chagnon, Louis - Artist tests the boundaries by oil painting canvas and pasting it on oil painted wood, using corrugated paperboard and paper collages.
  • Cho, Mika - Collection of oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings with the artists profile.
  • Day, Scott - Artist creates abstract art with mathematical structures and compositions.
  • Dean, Kim C. - Objective and non-objective modern abstract art gallery. Offers artist profile, solo exhibits and performances.
  • DeFrancesco Smith, Katherine - Gallery of colorful acrylic abstract paintings. Includes artist biography and statement.
  • Dixon, Mark - Collection of abstract paintings with resume, reviews, and a blog.
  • Doemer, Frank - Features paintings and photography of this German artist. Links to English translations.
  • Engles, Kalani - Describes the artists monotype works, painting collections, and offers an artist biography.
  • Faith - Artist creates abstract murals in graffiti style.
  • Finsen, Susan - Provides abstract drawings and paintings along with artists published book collection.
  • Friess, Peter M. - Features abstract and representational art and gives an artist profile and recent works.
  • Frye, David - Supplies a gallery of artwork plus the floor plan for the Fryeworks Museum.
  • Gee, Sharon - Modern abstract art gallery and contemporary works from this British artist.
  • Gill, Siegfried - German self-taught painter offers a gallery of abstract paintings.
  • Gockel, Alfred - Bright colors and graceful motion dominate this abstract artists works. Includes artists profile, editions and a FAQ.
  • Godfrey, Richard - Features mixed media art through paintings. Offers a bio and site specific installations.
  • Goodwin, Joe - Large collection of paintings and donated works with an artist biography and contact information.

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